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Alex’ view – Don’t let racism impact you


Don’t let racism impact you

Dear brothers and sisters,

Although I don’t consider it something specifically from this current time. It is unfortunately a fact that racism is a very actual problem. The way racism has become so actual has a lot to do with the current presidency of Donald Trump. The way how he is and acts, has brought a very ugly side of a part of white US citizens to our attention (but also outside the US borders if you ask me).

Yes, I believe Trump is a racist and that the current climate in which people are becoming more and more aggresively racist, is really to be blamed on him. But is it fair to put all the blame on Trump? No, defintely not. Racism is something that has already been part of human history long before Donald Trump. Donald Trump only brought racism to the foreground. What has shocked me very much is the number of Christians following Donald Trump and showing also to be racist. Let it be clear that in the Bible you will find not justification for being racist. Genesis 1:27 (NIV) states very clearly that mankind was created in Gods image. Not only are we ourselves created in His image, but also every other human is also created in His image. This already shows that God would never allow racism, because did God not create all of us in His image? Then why is there still racism? Very simple because in 1 Corinthians 12 we can read about the importance of unity in Gods body (Christians). And isn”t racism a good way to create exactly the opposite?

Realizing this, will help you to be more aware of your own world view. Because racism has been around so long, you should not downplay the impact racism can have on your life and your worldview. In the history of white people, we are always taught how we were a vital part in how the world changed  and how we discovered the rest of the world But how can you discover a country or continent that already has people living on it? See, how we are being programmed by our own history books to built some kind of arrogance on ourselves? Why don’t the history books give a more honest presentation of what happened when the white men “discovered” Africa. Did the white men really helped Africa or just created more ground for racism to flourish on? When I look back then I have to come to the conclusion that a lot of problems that the African continent is faced with even today, are also the caused by the colonial expansion of European countries, taking parts of Africa on which they had no claim. Stealing resources that they were not entitled to. Or the impact of slavery? I know that in white history (by lack of better word) it is hard to talk on this subject in full detail (although it has improved somewhat), but a fact is that slavery is a very wicked thing and that is caused a lot of misery.

I think that this actually an important thing we need to realize. Racism is not a new thing, but has been around for a long time. That our history books don’t always give a fair and complete view of how racism has developend. And most important that the devil is the driving force behind racism!

Knowing the above, we should also be aware how racism knowingly or unknowingly can impact our own life. First of all, I want to address all those that openly are racists, because they need a group to blame something on. For me racism is always a way to blame negative things in your own life on another group. Is it really the fault of your African or Asian neighbour that you lost your job? Or are there are there other factors that lead to you loosing your job?

I believe that through the years all of us have been impacted in our thinking to some extent. It depends on God, ourselves, our upbringing and our surrounding how we let it impact us. If you grow up hearing that the white man is the fault of everything, then how you will you not develop a certain resentment or hate for white people? Or if you are continously persecuted and treated less because of your black skin color? How will that not impact on how you view your own race and will it not develop some kind of hatred for white people (in this specific example). But please don’t think this racism discussion is limited to only black and white people, no it has its impact all over the world.


If you hate racism, then you need to fight against it and not take it over. How much you feel justified to hate white people for all the racism, if you also react in the same way than you also allow racism to grow. I know that for some the reasoning is that only white people are racist. Wrong. Everyone can be a racist or have racist beliefs. And reacting racistly is just as wrong.

We need to stop seeing the difference in skin color and race as someting more than just a difference in just that. Another skin color doesn’t make you any more or less than another race. Everybody is created in God’s image! So we are all the same!

Stop being racist to others and blame the devil for things that don’t go right in your life. And also take your own responsibility. Was it really your neighbour with another skin color that made you lose your job, or was it due to the economy or because you didn’t perform well?

Be aware of your thoughts? Is every white person racist? No. I am white myself and I hate racism and for me everyone is the same. I don’t feel superior because of my skin color. For me I already dislike it when people treat a CEO better then the secretary. Why? Because of his/her position? Don’t think less of someone because they have a lower functon than you, or because there skin color differs.

But also be aware that you don’t rule out a person of another race to be friends with or even to marry. Even recently, my wife told of a friend that is from Surinam decent and also lifes in the Netherlands. And for some reason she really has something against white men, to the extent that she believes that all white men kill and rape children (and more of such things). This is probably something that has been taught to her while growing up, but see how it impacts her now. She believes that she can only be happy with a black and is not even open to the possibility that God might have a husband for her from another race. We should allow our own taughts and upbringing  to allow racist thoughts to determine our actions, because they can even limit your luck and joy in life. Also don’t let those thoughts limit your view on getting friends and a partner. Do you have to have a partner of the same skin color or race? No, nowhere in the Bible it says that we should. Are you betraying your own race if you do? No, you can embrace your culture just the same! If a white man fits better with you as a black woman, why then force to marry a black man? Or if you are a white man and you feel that a black woman (you can replace my examples with all diferent races of course) is what really the woman that really is the best for you. Is it not better to be with the woman or man that you love and desire or do you really want to be forced to be with someone of your own race, just because history and the current times still want to keep that lie alive?

Please be aware that racism can have more an impact on your life than you think? Do you feel contempt for another race? Or do you blame another race? Do you feel better than another race? Do you not feel free to mingle with people from another race? Do you somewhere belief the outrageous stories about another race? Then racism has more an impact on you than you think. Don’t allow it and ask God to change our way of thinking and allow Him to restore your thinking to be in line with God’s teaching!

God bless all of you!

Alex’ view – Child protection services

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I have decided to write my view on the child protection services, because these kind of organisations should protect children, but they rarely do.

In the Netherlands they are called “Raad voor de Kinderbescherming”, Bureau Jeugdzorg, Salvation Armies Jeugdzorg and more of such organisations. These organisations should be there to protect children, but over the years I have come to understand that these organisations really don’t care about children, nor their families.

Don’t get me wrong in the purest form I think it is important for any society to have such an organisation to protect the children in the most terrible of situations. But I feel that these organisations should be very reluctant to be involved and take actions. They don’t seem to understand that their actions often have the worst of consequences. For example see the following Youtube-movie:


But also I have come across more stories on how these kind of organisations really abuse their position and really wreck families, where there is actually nothing going wrong. But because they see themselves as saviors or something like that, they think they have to come and rescue everyone. They can just rip children from their parents and making it very hard for the parents to get to see their children. Parents that prove over and over again that the lies from the child protection services are lies, have to see how these child protection services know that they are wrong, but they still continue their foul actions. Because imagine that you should just admit your fault. No, they rather pursue a witch hunt against these innocent parents. And the judges are also not any better, because they will follow the child protection services most of the time. I really pray that God really bring change in this kind of injustice and removes the incompetent people at the child protection services and replace them with skilled people that won’t immediately take unneeded actions.

Also, it seems that they also have a tendency to treat non-white people differently than others. I am not saying that they will always treat white people better, but I have seen enough examples where racism really played a factor in the choices of the child protection services.

I really urge a change in child protection services. First of all they need to be continually monitored by an organisation that can really hold them accountable for all their actions. But also I pray that they stop to wreck families and really take their time to analyze everything before taking any actions.

Happy birthday, Cindy!


Happy birthday!

Today (16 April 2016) we celebrate the birthday of my beautiful and amazing wife, Cindy.

Cindy, you are the love of my life and I love being on our journey of life together every day! I wish you all the best and know that God will bless you in this new year to come and He will open a lot of doors and help you grow in all aspects of your life!


God bless and love you!


Daily word for 22 March 2016 – Revelation 21:5-6

Daily encouraging word

Daily word for 22 March 2016 – Revelation 21:5-6

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I want to encourage you with the words from Revelation 21:5-6 (NIV):

5 He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” 6 He said to me: “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life.

Know that how much the world seems to be changing for the worst, we already have the promise of God that all this will be followed by something good! God makes our lives new, so always rest your faith on that! And God is greater than everything in the world, so never think that our problems are unable to be solved by God! God is the beginning and the end and He will gives us water to life for free!


Behind the music – Justin Bieber

Behind the music

Behind the music – Justin Bieber

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this blog I will discuss Justin Bieber as he is currently the most successful artist in the world. Did he receive this fame through an good way, or did he sell his soul to gain all this success?

The more and more I see his career progress, the more it becomes clear to me that he sold his soul for this success. Not just because of signs like this:


Although they are not made by mistake and are clearly satanic / illuminati references, there is much more to Justin Bieber that shows that his rise to fame is solely by selling his soul for this success.

The signs we see above are (left) the “el diablo” sign (which means to show that you love the devil) and the (right) is the eye of horus. If you look into a lot of him, then you will see that he more often shows his allegiance with the devil (also with his shirts). As we can see below he loves to insult God:


Justin Bieber was raised in a Christian home and claims that he is a Christian. But what born again Christian would actively insult God? He wears a shirt from Marilyn Manson (one of most satanic persons currently alive) and with an insult to Jesus.

But as we will see below, he not only insults God through his hand signs and clothing, but also in his song. And in his songs he does it in a more wicked way: subliminally!


In 2015 Justin released his song: Where are you now. This is a very evil song, as it is made to really sound innocent and have a nice feel to it. But if you really take the time to watch the real agenda with this song. If you pause this clip you get to see his real agenda:


If you closely you see a upside-down cross on his forehead. The upside-down cross is a reference to satan. And in Revelations we can also read that in the end times people wear the satanic signs on their right hand or their forehead!


See how he embraces evil and insults God! See how he has really given his life to satan to get the current fame is has.

We should be very close to God and stay far away from worldly music. Because when you really take the time to study the artist and the message they follow, then you will see how many of them sold their soul for their fame.

Don’t let your mind be polluted by wicked messages!



My view: racism


My view: racism

I have spoken about this subject before, but then from a Christian view. And I truly know that God hates racism, as He created us all to be equal.

The reason for writing a new blog on this subject is the increasing racism in the world. In the last months the most news comes from the USA, where racism is seemingly getting worse and worse by the day.

I am white man and I am married to an African woman. Due to our relationship we are very busy with this subject. We are confronted with more than one side on this subject. Not only because of the way a part of the American police force is dealing with black people, but also because it seems to be a matter between white and black.

But also outside of the USA you can see racism between groups increase, and I see it as something very alarming, but unfortunately also as part of the way the world is turning to its evil ways and getting closer to the situation in “the days of Noah”.

Considering God created us, He did so without putting hate for others in us. That means that our hatred is something that came in some of us through this wicked world. It could be because of what our parents and friends have told us, bad experiences and such things. Whatever the reason, nothing justifies of hating someone purely based on the color of their skin.

I really feel pain for all the news that comes out of the USA of white police men killing black people, and most of the time the killing isn’t even justifiable. Not that killing should ever ben justifiable, but if it was to prevent greater danger. This week I read on a police man that killed a black man that didn’t want to show his drivers license. I am happy that he is charged with murder and that his own equipment recorded this, because he lied about the incident (that it was to protect him, while the video clearly shows that he liquidated him. When looking to the race issue in the USA, I see that it becomes clear again that the deep race issue that has been there for centuries is still there.. Why? Because the USA never really dealt with all that happened and did not do enough to destroy the roots of the racism between the races.

As long as we pretent that racism is not from this time anymore, the more easily it can stay. We need to come together and learn from each other, to talk to each other, to understand each other, but also learn to see that we are all the same and that a different race or color of skin is no reason to hate someone else.

Another reason that will also not stop racism is the fact that I see that alot of people seem to think that racism is a white thing. It is not, throughout history we see how groups hate each other. Also hate against white people exists. As long as we keep prejudice against each other, then racism will have no problem to stay in each other. Instead of hating each other, take the time to learn to know each other. To learn from each others cultures. To take away prejudice about the other person.

As soon as we will all take the effort to get to know each other, then God can help us to remove any form of prejudice and hate towards each other.

God bless you all!

Behind the music – Umbrella by Rihanna (featuring Jay-Z)

Behind the music

Behind the music – Umbrella by Rihanna (featuring Jay-Z)

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I want to take time and talk about a song in which the presence of satanic and Illuminati is very much there. Don’t think that within secular music there are songs that are not influenced. Also not this song.


Both artists in this music video have been connected to satanic and Illuminati influence very often. First of all Jay-Z all his producing company Rockafella which is referring to one of the biggest families associated with the Illuminati: the Rockefellers. Why choose this name? To show your alliance of course. I a previous blog in this serie we already showed how deep Jay-Z is in this satanic and Illuminati. Also He shows to be a student of one of the most satanic persons every alive: Alyster Crowley. Even his motto for his clothing brand, holds the phrase ‘Do what dou willst’, which is from this satanic man.

Also looking to the music videos and live perfomances of Rihanna will show satanic references like the triangle or baphomet … see the clip on 2:41 were she is in a unusual / unhuman position and in the triangle she is standing as baphomet!


See the following lyrics and see how the satanic influence is very present in this song:

Rain man is back, with little miss sunshine, Rihanna where you at?

In my next blog of this serie will be about rain man. But for now I want to point out that rain man is mentioned in a lot of songs and is said to be referring to an entity these artists and the illumunati are serving. Why mention this entity?

You had my heart.
And we’ll never be world apart.

Here she admits that her heart is owned by this rain man and that she will never be apart of him. Is she admitting to be loyal to satan (or one of his demons)?

Said I’ll always be a friend.
Took an oath, Ima stick it out to the end.

Here she even openly admits that she has took an oath and will not desecrate that oath. A lot of musician are claimed to have sold their sold for their success and Rihanna seems to be no exception.

See how also this song and these artist are very much linked with the satanic and the illumanti. Never think that secular music and their artists are not bad. You will see that somewhere along the road the signs will “pop up”. Rather listen to Gospel songs which will honor God and bless you!

My view – Charlie Hebdo


My view – Charlie Hebdo

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I want to talk about Charlie Hebdo. This week the world was shocked by the news which came from Paris: 3 muslim extremist that attacked the headquarters of a magazine just because they were criticizing islam. For days now the news keeps coming and it shows how the world is moving more and more to its end (because this incident is not alone with ISIS, Boko Haram and such).

Trust on God

First of all let nothing that happens in the world bring you worry or stress. The devil will try his best to bring things in our life that can bring us stress and worry. But no matter how much terrorism and war (and all sort of things) there will be, you still need to fully trust on God and even in these times be free from worry and stress.

This incident / act of crime shows that we should never place trust on ourselves or others, because it is only God that can really keep us save. Also see this incident as an extra reason to grow closer to God.


This attack is also viewed as an attack on democracy. Why? Because simply by having an opinion, these people got killed because these islam extremist did not accept any critic on them. They way they want to silence all critic on their faith is very wrong and shows a direct difference between Christianity and Islam.


We should never allow anyone to lose our faith, because they have critic on our faith or on God. We should grow every day in our faith to be more determined in our faith, but as Jesus never used violence we should also never use violence to “protect” our faith. You won’t honor God by shedding blood in His name. Also we life in a time that people will have more and more critic on our faith as the devil is pushing more and more, because he wants as many people as possible to reject faith in God by any means! But never allow the devil that victory, because God is almighty!

Also stay calm when you talk with someone and they insult Christianity or God. Explain your faith and tell them about Jesus. If someone stays aggressive then just stop the conversation, because you should never be put in a hostile conversation.

So never let any of this kind of news scare you, but see it as extra reason to grow closer to God.

My view: blessings


My view: blessings

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today God has blessed me with already the 300th post on my blog Alex on Faith. It wasn’t more then a year ago I didn’t even knew that I had such a passion for writing these blogs and talking about faith in this public way. But now after 300 posts I feel so much blessings through this work I can do for God. Not only do (I hope) am a blessing to others that can read about faith, but also I have experienced growing in faith, while the Holy Spirit was leading me through all this posts.

And although not all things in my life are always easy, I do see still a lot of blessings on our way. This also gives me extra strength that God will get me through all challenges. And also I know He allows those things, so He can help me grow even more in faith and prepare me for even greater blessings in life.

I would like to know what kind of blessings you have received from God and how it changed your life’s.
God bless all of you!

My view – Persecution of Christians


My view – Persecution of Christians

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I want to write this blog with my view on the persecution of Christians. God really gave this subject on my heart as more and more we see how Christians are openly persecuted in all sorts of way.

Momentarily the most shocking way is by the terrorist organisation ISIS, that is openly targetting Christians in Iraq. They way they kill Christians by beheading them and killing babies! But also more and more we see that just being a Christian in our society is becoming more and more difficult. Just being open about the fact that you are a Christian can bring a lot of hostile reactions from others, while even Islamic terrorist groups don’t get that kind of treatment. Why? I firmly believe that because God is real and we have chosen to follow Him, they feel because of their sinful nature they feel threatened by our God!

What does the Bible say about persecution?

2 Timothy 3:12 says:

12 In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted,

First of all God tells us that we should not fear persection, but that we need to know that persecution will come. Why this warning? To scare us? No, I believe it is to prepare us for it. Because we are living in this sinful world and more and more the devil will try and get us to reject our faith.

1 Peter 4:12-14 says:

Suffering for Being a Christian

12 Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you. 13 But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed. 14 If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you.

Also in Peter God lets us know that we never should be taken by suprise when suffering will come. In the midst of that suffering praise God and don’t let those circumstances dictate your happiness. Also God will bless all those that are persecuted and insulted in His name. We are not on this world for other people, but for our Lord!

These two parts of the Bible confirm that suffering is part of being a Christian. The devil hates everyone that decides to follow Christ and he will do anything to get us to reject our faith and to get us to reject Christ. But never let that happen as anyone that dies in Gods name will be rewarded in heaven. And I am not saying it is easy to give your life, but as we have seen with these beheadings by ISIS all those people did not reject Christ so they are a testimony that when in that situation is possible (very possible) to not give up your faith!

Don’t get discouraged by all the ways that we are being persecuted. Not only by ISIS but also by atheist and homoseksuals (those groups in particular) that will attack Christianity at every way they see possible. Even trying everywhere to marry (while this is Christian institute) with someone of the same sex is already a clear attack from them on Christian values. In the Netherlands they (on purpose) target Christian workers at City Hall when they want to marry. In my country you can choose your own person to do the wedding for you and in a lot of instances gays have deliberatilly chosen a Christian person, because they knew that he or she would reject. And we have laws here that if you reject to same-sex marriages then you have to leave that job.

Please put your trust and find peace in God especially in situation where you are being persecuted. God has not forgotten you and will give you the strength to endure that storm!

God bless you!