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Alex’ view – Power of positivity

Dear all,

God bless you all! I wish all the best for you and your loved ones for this coming week!

We are living in a time with a lot of things going on and not always in a positive way. But we cannot let our circumstances or surroundings dictate our happiness. When it comes down to it, we are solely responsible for our own happiness.

Of course, it sometimes can “feel good” to have a pity party for ourselves, but in the end it will not help us at all. Even more so, its not even good for us. Because if you realistically look at those moments, you can at least draw one conclusion: at the end of the one-man pity party, you still feel horrible.

What is the reason for this? Because when we really strip down our lives down to the bare minimum, you will discover that we are nothing more than energy. Of course, this might seem a little “new age”, but is actually far from it. This is our reality, although we cannot really see it. When you do something negative, than most of the time you will see something also negative come back to you. But luckily the same apllies with positive energy. The more you decide to generate positive energy in yourself and around you, the more positive energy will come back to you.

I want to suggest to you to start (from now on) to generate as much positive energy for yourself, but even more so for people around you. Give that word encouragement to someone near you, help that colleague our class mate. Do you have the ability to help someone to come closer to realize to his / her dream, do so! The power to success is positive energy and believing that you will realize goals purely by faith and determination. You have to believe that reaching that goal is an inevitability and that start picturing the moment that you realized that goal! And more and more you will see goals being achieved.

But why then also help others? Again it is positive energy you are sending out, which will also come back to you. But also to have success, you need others. Stop thinking that you can do it all by yourself and start building your network in which you can help each other.

God bless!

Alex’ view – George Floyd

George Floyd

Dear brothers and sisters,

My blog is based on telling you on the Word of God and on positive speech and affirmations. But this doesn’t mean I will not speak on important matters, that affect all of us. Although this matter impacts our black brothers and sisters the most! And especially as a Christian and one that truly believes in the power of the word and affirmations, I will not be silent!

Everyone by now knows who George Floyd is and what happened to him. A person of which more and more comes to light what a devoted Christian he was and really doing Gods work in his community killed by a sadastic white person that is truly a disgrace for the police uniform he was wearing. As a white person myself I feel so much anger to see how one man can kill another man with even a look of satisfaction on his face, while he is being filmed. There was no shame or anything in his body, that could stop him from killing this innocent man. But next to anger it also fills me with a lot of shame. Someone with the same color as me, killing someone just because of his skin color. I know that I (also) have no hard proof that it was a racially motivated murder, but in a society that is the current-time USA, with a racist president like Trump, and a police force that is known for its racist blood running through its vains, you cannot come to any other conclusion that this murder is racially motivated!

Slavery has been abolished for a long time in western countries, but this doesn’t mean that the underlying problem is also gone. Slavery was possibly by the horrible conviction of people that consider them better than others. This has never been really dealt with and has been allowed to be a festering wound allowed to become worse and worse. How many people need to die before we say enough is enough? We have seen unknown people die like George Floyd and a long list of (mostly) innocent people before him, often just for the mere “crime” of being black in a white society! But even famous people like Martin Luther King and Malcom X were not save for the festering wound called racism. This needs to stop now!

Although I also feel anger, I don’t want this to be a blog post where I only showcase my anger. No, I want to see good things come from this horrible moment (the murder of George Floyd and all the riots going on – and know that its the US president and the US police that are behind these protests turning violent, helped by white nationalist groups). God makes it very clear that we are ALL created equal and in His image. You will find nothing in the Bible that states that one race is superior above any other! Yet, somehow we see so many examples (not only white people and not just now, but through the whole world and through our whole history) of groups of people that have deemed themselves superior and as a consequence allowed for a hate to be built against other races. So we need to go back to the Bible and stop any excuse or conviction that we might have built that we are somehow better or superior to other races, because we are not. Again, God made it clear that we are created equally!

Throughout history a part of mankind always looked for an excuse to blame another group for its own misfortune. Or even started to hate another group, because of the mere misconception that if another group will flourish, that you will go the opposite way. That is such a lie! We need to help each other to see all of use rise and become succesful. Its “the powers that be” that don’t want to see people of all races to life in peace and work together to have everyone to become succesful. Even now we see how the likes of Trum and the US police use the death of our brother in faith, Floyd George, as a way to divide and conquer. But we will use this moment to come out stronger with all races combined! We will not be divided and will not be conquered!

Even if you read this and come to the conclusion that you have also allowed any form of prejudice or even racism, than let today that you throw these things out of your life! Stop believing these lies and start working on reprogramming your way of thinking. Start to treat everyone the same (just like you wanted to be treated by others) and don’t use another race to blame your misfortune or fears on! They are not responsible for them! Stop fearing someone because you don’t have the same skin color or you don’t understand each others cultures. Stop believing the lie that if you help someone from another race that this would somehow affect you negatively. It will not .. start helping to lift each other up!

Black lives matter

One of the most debated sentences of our times, but also (I believe) one that is very misunderstood. If a black person says “Black Lives Matter!”, than this is not in any way to say that other lives don’t matter! It is even an insult to their struggle to say “All lives matter”. This is actually a way to fight for the same rights and treatment of black people. Instead of opposing or trying to downgrade their statement, join and support them to move forward in life and having the same life!

White privilege

First note on this: stop trying to convince yourself and others that it doesn’t exist, because it does! As a white person, I know this to be a fact. I don’t have to fear for my life if I am being stopped by a police officer and hope that I won’t get killed. When I apply for a job, I do have an advantage (of course not all employers are like this). We need to see through this and make sure that this goes away and that everyone has the same privilege.

What now?

We need immediate change and no longer accept racism anymore. But what more needs to change? The tone at the top needs to change. Currently, the USA is led by a very racist president (Trump), but also on lower governmental levels and in other countries there is enough examples of racist and prejudiced people. We should no longer tolerate racists to hold important positions. For Christians: stop protecting Trump and all his horibble actions/crimes, just because you think that he is a Christian, just because he is against abortion. The whole reasoning is wrong as God does not say that your government should forbide abortion. No, God is telling you personally that you are not allowed to do so! So voting for a horrible person, just because (for the only purpose to get your vote) he supports that one thing, is wrong. You can’t just close your eyes for all the horrible things he also does. It is keeping our eyes closed for injustice, what is wrong with mankind. We need to address things by what they really are and start working to solve any kind of injustice in the world! Helping someone is a good thing and you will actually be blessed for it!

We also need to stop being quiet on racism and fight it and demand that our governments and police forces are fully cleaned from any kind of racism and injustice. I am not advocating violence, no I am calling everyone to action to do whatever you can to no longer tolerate racism in any form.

God bless you!

Affirmations – Family

Dear brothers and sisters,

We have already talked about the importance of speaking (and living) in affirmations. I understand that we have been programmed to believe that positive persons are “a little bit odd” or are charlatans. But actually they are not! Look in the Bible and see how positive Jesus always was (and still is). One good thing of programming is, that we can also reprogram ourselves and our loved ones!

In the Bible it says that we have to have faith like a child? The reason that God tells us this is because God knows that the faith which children is so amazing. They still have the ability to believe something, just because it is told to them. They don’t start questioning it, they have still naturally have this amazing level of faith of having faith without any compromise. How beautiful is this. But know that we can reprogram ourselves to again have this kind of faith!

Today I want to share with you affirmations, which you need to speak out over your family and you will see amazing changes happen in your family!


I am a good and loving husband / wife

I am a good parent

I love my spouse with all my heart

I support my spouse and help to achieve the best in life

I am in love with my spouse and have an amazing love love life with her/him

I support my spouse emotionally, physically and spiritually

I speak positive to my spouse

I have a positive relationship with my spouse and we are a team and positively solve any situation together


I love my children

I am a good example for my children

I protect my children and give them the best youth

I support and motivate my children to be the best in school and reach the best career

My spouse and me are the best example for a good marriage and my children will also have a good marriage

Our children are focussed and love to learn and are serious

Our children don’t spent time with things like games, television, music and such other then for short times for relaxation

Our children love reading, hobbies and spending time developping themselves

Our children only have friends that love them and are challenging them to be the best they can be.


We are an amazing family and have a good relationship with each other

We love to be together as a family

We love to spent them as a family

Affirmations – Positive speech

Dear brothers and sisters,

Affirmations are not just words, but they need to be a way of living. There is really power in affirmations! In my past two blog posts I have given you numerous affirmations that will improve your life.

But to really benefit from affirmations, you will need to change your whole way of living. In this world we are too much influenced to speak and think negatively. To counteract this we need to learn and train ourselves to start thinking and speaking positive. Why? Because (as the Bible also states: there is power in words) and also our body does not see the intention with which we speak certain words, but your body will react to the exact words your speak.

A good example is when you would say I won’t get sick. It might seem a positive affirmation on your health, however it actually isn’t . Just think about what you are telling your body: sick. No, the right way to say this is: I am healthy.

If you want to be without debt, then you don’t say: I am debt-free, but you should say: I am financially prosperous!

See the difference in words. But for myself it also gives my body a whole other energy.

And this is something that is very important to understand: everything is energy. Learn to understand that everything is energy and vibrations and than you will start to understand why and how your body will listen and react to all your words.

Today I want to challenge you to start changing your vocabulary to a affirmative vocabulary.

But it is not just your words that are now important in your life. You also have to change everything even your thoughts. Has someone done you wrong, send them love (doens’t have to be litteraly by saying it to them), by speaking it out in the privacy of your own room. As soon as you think and speak positive about them, then you will sent out positive energy of which I believe that the other person will feel it. But more importantly it will have a positive impact on you: you are now releazing any negative energy from your own body. And the thing your body really doesn’t need is negative energy.

One thing that will make this happen is growing in faith! The more you have faith, the more positive your body and life will be.

I am interested in hearing your stories on how you experience the way you think and talk. What you think of affirmations. And how you have already start changing your habits in this!

God bless!

Affirmations – Health

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this weeks affirmations we will focus on health. A lot of time we tend to focus all our hopes on our healthcare systems. But are you aware that most of the time our healthcare systems are not their to keep you healthy or to remove your pain, but it is there to just minimize pain.

Therefore it is important that for our health we start relying first on God, but also start to change our mind and we will see that these are the two most important factors for better health:

Staying healthy

My body is fit and strong

My mind is calm and at peace

My immune system is healthy and strong

My mind and body are healthy and vibrant

I radiate confidence, joy and health

I nourish my mind, body, and soul everyday

I choose health and wellbeing, because I am worth it

My body is in great shape


My body is strong and healing

My immune system is healing my body

My health is getting bettter each day

I am surrounded by healing energy

I am healed

I am healthy and whole

I have a perfect health

Appreciating my body

I am grateful for my body

I respect my body

My body is my vessel

I only put my healthy foods into my body

My body is strong and resilient

My body is beautiful just the way it is

I love myself and my body

I am confident and comfortable with my body

I am grateful for my body’s power and strength

Healthy aging

I am aging gracefully

I choose good health for my entire life

I take good care of my body

I embrace the wisdom of my body

I look and feel youthful

I am grateful for good health at every age

Healthy eating

I nourish my body with healing foods

I release emotions that are creating unhealthy habits

I choose healthy foods for good health

I only consume foods that are good for me

My body gets all the vitamins and nutrients it needs

I love eating healthy foods

I choose to eat healthy foods

Energizing myself

I am full of energy

I am grateful to be alive

Life is beautiful and amazing

Source is flowing through me

I am excited and happy right now

I allign my intentions with the energy of God

I find energy in purposeful work

Health and happiness

I am happy to be alive

My life is filled with health and happiness

Energy flows to and through me freely

I radiate positive energy and vitality

Every day is filled with joy and good health

I am excited to start the day

Affirmations – Abundance and Prosperity

Dear brothers and sisters,

Speaking affirmations over your life are very important. When you speak them in full faith and knowing in your heart and mind that all that you speak are inevitable for your life, then these positive affirmations will become reality in your life. But also know that the source of all these blessings are God. Give God all the praise!

Speak the following affirmations for at least 21 days two times a day and then your mind and body will start seeing at as a habit and it your body and mind will start being those affirmations.

Affirmations to attract prosperity

I easily create abundance and prosperity.

I have the right to be rich and successful.

I have a constant flow of money.

Success and prosperity are all around me.

I am attracting great financial opportunities.

I believe in my abilities to attract financial abundance.

Being rich and successful is natural to me.

I am attracting wealth and prosperity more and more.

I am grateful for my prosperity.

Affirmations to attract more income

I am increasing my income every day.

My bank account is flowing with income.

The money I spend comes to me multiplied.

I am determined to attract more income.

I believe I can create a stronger financial ability.

I find it easy to attract more money.

Money comes to be continiously and effortlessly.

My actions attract a bigger income every day.

Affirmations to deserve more wealth and prosperity

I deserve good things in my life.

I am worthy of abundance and prosperity.

I am worthy of having financial stability.

I deserve to be financially free.

I am worth of being rich, successful and wealthy.

I let go of my money restrictions.

I release my resistance towards wealth.

I deserve to enjoy a financial abundance.

Being rich and wealthy is my birthright.

Affirmations – Basic

Dear reader,

Today I will be talking with you on the subject of affirmations. In this first blog I want to discuss with you on what affirmations are and how they work. But also I want to show the link with God (and the Bible).

Because, as a Christian, it is very important that all that I do is in accordance with Gods word and teachings. I know that some Christians strongly oppose to the whole concept of affirmations, but I consider this to be for all the wrong reasons. An common argument is that affirmations / Law of Attraction are a new age principle. And I do understand where they are coming from. As soon as we speak affirmations from the believe that all the positive effects are to be contributed to ourselves (and thus making us a god), then I fully agree! However, as a Christian we need to understand that affirmations need to be spoken out of over our lives in the full believe that it is God that is working those positive affirmations in our lives.

Affirmations require a deep believe that all that we speak will come to fruitition in our lives. And as Christians we should be well familar with the concept of faith. Doens’t God ask from us to have the faith of a child? The reason that God asks this, is because children still naturally have the ability to believe something, because that is wat they have been thought. And through that believe they accept it as truth. We also need to return to that kind of believe.

Secondly, you need to believe that everything is about energy. Not only your own life, but everything. That explains when you speak out negative things over your life, then they will happen. This same law can however be turned around: when you speak positive about your life, then it will also work, but this time it will be in a good way for you.

But again, I need to emphasize that we need to always remind ourselves is that all positive changes are because of God and not because of ourselves. Doesn’t the Bible tell us that ask and you will be given? This is actually the whole explanation on the principle of affirmations.

Write down all affirmations you want for yourself. Think about your relationship, your family, your career (both work and education), your finances, your health and so much more. And speak them out twice a day. Because you are speaking them out, they will start working in and on your life and changes will come.

From my personal experience I know this to be true. When I just became a teenager, I told myself (and everyone) that I would be an external auditor. And I did not just say it, but I already saw it and lived it. And I did everything to ensure that I would get there. And when I was 23, I started at one of the largest auditing firms in the world! But unfortunately I also have the consequences of the opposite. My whole education went very easy and I was always the best or amongst the best of my class. When I started working I also had to do an academic study. And from that moment (for what ever reason), I did not spoke the same confidence, I did not see my graduating with the same belief as all my educations before that time. And low and behold things didn’t went to smooth, while in my work life I always got good reviews on my work, that was actually the same as the subjects. Why did it not work? Because my faith decreased and I no longer saw this as inevitable.

And that is one of the keys: when you speak affirmations , you need to speak them with full faith and also see it as something inevitable. You are in debts, speak out: I am financial prosperous! And see yourself there and see it as inevitable! And this applies to all parts of your life!

God bless.

And I look forward to your comments and questions!

Current affairs – Coronavirus (3)

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I will be talking about the coronavirus again. First of all, the (impact of) this virus is real and being careful until the virus has left, is still very important. However, I do believe that the whole (cover-up) story is quite shady.

Not only do I not believe that it originates from the Wuhan market, but that it came from the nearby Wuhan institute of virology. I believe that either 1) an employee of the Institute was deliberately infected and it spread via him or her visiting that infamous market or 2) the Institute sold those bats.

I know that a lot of those virologist across the whole world are very eager to assure us that it is not man-made, but originating from bats. Even if this is to be true, then it is very strange that information is coming out that this particular string of the virus is said to be from a set of caves, which is actively used by the Institute for their research. Even so, I can’t shake the feeling that their is quite some human involvement in this outbreak.

Why do I think so? Not only are they financed by several governments, like the US government, but also by the likes of Bill Gates. WIth governments it is well known that they tend to finance this kind of virology research for military purposes. But what is also surprising that Bill Gates is also a financier of this Institute. It is even confirmed by the Institute on their website.

The reason that I mention Bill Gates in particular is because of his beliefs, but also because he has been talking about a large virus outbreak since the 90’s. And now he is trying to act like he is our savior and is financing the research and development of a vaccine. This will very likely make him billions in profit, but what is more scary is his beliefs in eugenics. Bill Gates father was heavenly involved with the eugenics movement in America (called Planned Parenthood), but what we know from the 2nd World War is that eugenics is a very demonic ideology that Hitler was following and basing his Endlösung on. From Bill Gates it is known that he sees a lot of the population on this world as “useless breeders” and he beliefs that the world population should be smaller and would be better without them.

The whole idea that there are to much people on earth is incorrect. This world has enough space and resources for everybody, but it is through these wicked governments and large multinationals that this is not distributed fairly.

What also is quite evident is how easily New World Order ideology is pushed through our throats. We are forced insight, they are trying to force a wicked vaccine on us. While we don’t even known if it is safe or will make things much worser. And Bill Gates even went so far to suggest that we should get a sign if we have the vaccine. And if we do not, then we are not allowed to buy things or take public transport … sounds familiar? We are limited in the possibilty to pay cash and are more and more forced to pay digitally.

I urge all of you not to take any vaccine that they will come up with, because I believe it is part of a bigger plan …. and not a good plan!

Always keep your eyes open and stay alert !

Behind the Music – The Beach Boys

With some artists it is very easy to point out their satanic connection, because it shows in everything they do and make like for example Black Sabbath. There are however some artists and bands of which a lot of people might be surprised to find out that they also have (very) satanic connections. One of them is The Beach Boys!


The Beach Boyes are an American band, which was founded in 1961 by brothers Brian and Dennis and Carl Wilson together with their nephew Mike Love and schoolfriend Al Jardine.

Looking at their picture above you wouldn’t directly link these “All-American Boys” with satan. But please don’t let looks deceive you. It is said that the devil himself is also a very beautiful “man” and looks nothing like the depection we made of him. And bands like The Beach Boys are actually a very “clever” way to influence people. They don’t look like satanist (e.g. Ozzy Osbourne) and they even seem harmless, so luring people into a satanic scheme is actually much easier .. because people will probably have their guards down when listening to these guys.


The strongest information on their dark satanic influence comes from interviews they did themselves:

Brian Wilson quoted in Nick Kent’s “The Dark Stuff” (page 27):

We were doing witchcraft, trying to make witchcraft music.

This same, Brian Wilson, has later on in his career done gospel music, but coming from a man that has stated several times that he doesn’t know for sure if God exists is not a very believable born-again Christian. Probably the money in religion (not faith) was too good to pass on.

But based the words of former Warner Brothers Records President, Larry Waronker, he has witnessed at least 5 different entities possessing Brian Wilson’s body (Rolling Stone, August, 1988, page 51-52):

Brian Wilson hears voices. They talk to him. They frighten him, distract him, confuse him … the voices are calling. His eyes roll toward the ceiling : they’ve gone blank. His brow is furrowed with thick worry lines. He is silent. Gone. He looks up, jerks his head back and forth for a few seconds, as if physically shaking away the voices.

Brian wilson is a “perfect” (by lack of a better word) example of the consequences of selling your soul to the devil. Yes, you will see a brief moment of fame and fortune, but the price will never be worth it (for one, you will not go to heaven), because there are enough cases in which the person let’s us know that they are being tormented by demons.

Charles Manson

Also something very disturbing about the Beach Boys is the the short friendship between band member, Dennis Wilson, and Charles Manson during the summer of 1968. Of course, it can be argued that the Manson murders took place later than this time. However, the very agressive nature was already known, also by Wilson … which actually led to Wilson beating up Manson and kicking him out of his house. But Manson actually has an influence on the music of The Beach Boys as some songs are actually (partially) created or based on songs written by Manson.


In this blog on the Beach Boys I decided to keep it short, but more investigation in to them will reveal more. But the above shows that their was definitely demonic influence in this band. Which shows that we shouldn’t just trust even the most “normal” or innocent bands and artists, because sometimes they are the worst!

Behind the Music – Jimi Hendrix

Dear brothers and sisters,

After quite a long time I once again decided to write a new post in my “Behind the Music” blog. Even with the increasing amount of information becoming available on this subject, it saddens me to see that still alot of people don’t take it seriously. I think this is caused by a mix of underestimating (the existence of) the devil and his interest in music, but also because who wants to hear that his or her favorite artist of band is actively involved in spiritualism, satanism or that they secretely (of sometimes openly) have an agenda of disrupting / destroying Christian values. But I also can understand that it could be difficult to comprehend that some people are willing to sell their soul for temporary fame and riches on this earth and buy it with a one-way ticket to hell.

Today I will be discussing Jimi Hendrix. He is considered to be one of the most gifted guitarists of all time. And this in itself already raises the question on how he gained his talent. To me it is evident that he sold his soul for it. I know that some of you will immediately think: “Oh no, there is one of those Christians again, telling us that all secular artists are devil worshippers, which sold their souls for their talent”.

And yes, that is exactly what I am telling you. How much I have listened to secular music and can still appreciate secular music, I have come to realize (through studying this subject thoroughly) that satanism is heavily involveld in secular music, even in classical music! And in fact it isn’t logical, because before the devil was casted out of Heaven, he was responsible for music! So, the devil knows exactly how to use music for his own agenda! Also, there is scientific prove that only music is able to activate both the left and right side of our brain. Even if you don’t want to read my blog posts about all this celebrities, then at least take the above to heart and be more concious of this when you decide to listen a secular song.

But let’s move away from the more general discussion on this topic and let’s have a closer look at the artist of today: Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix’s quote:

Music is my religion

This quote already shows the importance of music in his life. Someone stating is indirecly also rejecting God. Because no Christian would make this statement. But even more, it also shows where his allegiance lies with music. And by know you also know the link between the devil and music.

Jimi Hendrix’s quote (2):

Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.

Again we see the importance music had in Jimi’s life. But with this quote he is also confirming that music is a powerful tool to change things in the world. What he however fails to mention is the fact that it seems to only be used for bad changes! Also, it is an insult to God as He is the only One that really makes (positive) changes to the world and our lives!

But also people close to him stated that he was indeed involved in satanism/occultims.

Road manager and producer, Alan Douglas stated:

One of the biggest things about Jim was what he believed in. He believed that he was possessed by some spirit and I got to believe it myself and that is what we had to deal with all the time. And he was very humble about discussing it with people, because he didn’t want people to feel he was being pretentious and so on, but he really believed it and he was wrestling with it constantly.

Not only do we have a witness of Jimi stating that he was possessed by a demon, but it also shows one of the bad things of selling your soul: that demon will wrestle/fight with you constantly and will make you unable to life your life in peace. Know that selling will always come at huge price ..

His long-time girlfriend, Fayne Pridgon, stated the following:

He used to always talk about some devil, something was in him and he didn’t have any control over it. He didn’t know what made him act the way he acted and what made him say the things he said and songs and different things like that just come out of him.. you know. It seems like to me he was so tormented and so torn apart and he really was obsessed with something really evil.. you know…

And also from a conga player, Kwasi Dzidzornu, from a village in Ghana. In that village his father was a voodoo priest.

One of the first things (Kwasi) asked Jimi was where he got that voodoo rhythm from…. that many of the signature rhythms Jimi played on guitar were very often the same rhythms that (Kwasi’s) father played in voodoo ceremonies. The way Jimi danced to the rhythms of his playing reminded him of the ceremonial dances to the rhythms his father played to Oxun, the god of thunder and lightening. The ceremony is called “Voodooshi.

I don’t think it was a coincedence, but it shows from which satanist ritual Jimi got his talent, fame and fortune. Not suprisingly one of his major hits is called: Voodoo Chile.

The last thing before ending this posts is the fact that Jimi is part of the 27 Club. A “Club” of celebrities dying at the young age of 27. And if you investigate those others celebrities, then you will see a lot of satanic influences in their lives.

It should be quite evident that his career was influenced by satanic elements and it seems more than evident that he sold his soul and has paid a huge price for it.