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Bible study on Romans – Chapter 7

Bible study on Romans

Bible study on Romans – Chapter 7

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 7th chapter on the book of Romans we will go through the following parts:

  • Stephan’s speech to the Sanhedrin
  • The stoning of Stephen

Stephan’s speech to the Sanhedrin

This chapter starts with the high priest asking Stephen if the charges are true. Instead of directly answering their question he tells about Moses, Abraham and Joseph and how people like that of the Sanhedrin have a long history of refusing and disobeying the Holy Spirit. And that they even killed prophets that proclaimed the coming of Jesus. When people condemn other people it will not always be righteous and fair especially when it comes to children of God. Don’t be surprised if you ever come in a situation (even be other people that can call themselves believiers)  that you can be falsely accused or even persecuted, but know that God always has the Holy Spirit with you to guide you through those oments and the victory will always be on your side!

The stoning of Stephen

And after the hearing, instead of being put to shame they just got angry. See the devil can use other people to do the wrong thing. But instead of being in despair Stephen trusted on the Holy Spirit and knew that he was going to go to heaven. And indeed instead of letting justice be done, they let the devil come in their hearts and stoned Stephen. And the most amazing thing? Instead of cursing them, Stephen asked God not to hold this sin against them before he died.


Bible study on Romans – Chapter 6

Bible study on Romans

Bible study on Romans – Chapter 6

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 6th chapter on the book of Romans we will go through the following parts:

  • Dead to sin, alive in Christ
  • Slaves to righteousness

Dead to sin, alive in Christ

When you are baptized, than you have died to sin. That God will forgive us for our sins, does not mean that we have a “wild card” to sin, whenever we want. If we do sin, than it is an insult to God if we decide to sin again. Know that your baptism is very important and should never be taken lightly. From the moment you were baptized, you have been set free from sin, so do your best to life without sin!

I love God very much and I thank Him, that He freed us from sin and that sin is no longer our master!

Slaves to righteousness

Paul continues onthe subject of sin. He asks us, if we can continue to sin, because we are no longer under the law, but under grace? He is very clear on this subject: NO!

What happens when you sin? Then you choose to let sin be your master again. And the master called sin will lead to one thing: dead!

But now Paul lets us know that we should not be in despair, because through God we became slaves to righteousness! As long as you are a slave to sin, then the only benefit will be death! But from the moment that you become a slave to righteousness, then you will be reaping the benefit which lead to holiness and the result of that will be eternal life!

Bible study on Romans – Chapter 5

Bible study on Romans

Bible study on Romans – Chapter 5

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 5th chapter on the book of Romans we will go through the following parts:

  • Peace and hope
  • Death through Adam, life through Christ

Peace and hope

This chapter begins with one of the most important lessons of the Bible: it is through faith that we are justified. And therefore we are also not justified by anything else. And it is only through Jesus Christ that we have peace. So, if you seek peace in your life, than know it is only to be received by accepting Jesus Christ as your savior.

Paul even tells us that we should glorify in our suffering, as it builds/brings perserverance, character, and character will bring hope. And don’t think you will be ashamed by having hope, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit!

Furhtermore, know that God shows us so much love for us, because although we were sinners Jesus Christ died for us. Never take this mildly, because dying (in an earthly body), and the way that He had do die, must have been so horrible to comprehend. So never take Jesus Christs dying for our sins lightly!

Death through Adam, life through Christ

Death entered into the world by one man (Adam), and death through sin, and in that way death came to all people, because all sinned! This means that no matter who you are, you have also sinned! So everyone needs Jesus Christ and faith to come before God!

But luckily we have not despair, because although sin and death came to us through one man, it was by one man, Jesus Christ, that it was by God’s grace came over all of us! And this gift is much bigger than sin! So have full faith in Jesus Christ!

Bible study on Romans – Chapter 4

Bible study on Romans

Bible study on Romans – Chapter 4

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 4rd chapter on the book of Romans we will go through the following parts:

  • Abraham justified by faith

Abraham justified by faith

This chapters shows that even the likes of Abraham could not come before God and boast on their works. No, even Abraham only come before God based on his faith. This shows that we also can only expect to get into heaven by our faith and not our works. Not even if we have the best of the works. This should make us very humble before God and make us know that no matter what we do, we can only come in heaven through our faith.

Furthermore, our works should never been seen as a gift to God, but as an obligation to God. Although it is by faith that we can enter heaven, God still expects us to fullfill our obligations towards Him. Therefore, it is very clear that just faith is not good enough. No, God makes it very clear that we also need to obey His commandments, also the ones that are in the Old Testament. How much we love the New Testament, there can be no discussion if the Old Testament is still applicable for us. It is very clear that even after Jesus died on the cross for us, we are still to obey the Old Testament as well!

Next, Paul mentions David (another great man of God). David stated that:

Blessed are the those whose transgressions are forgiven, who sins are forgiven. Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord never count against them.

This shows that we need forgiveness, which we can receive by faith due to the fact that Jesus died for our sins on the cross.

It is mentioned that it was not by Abraham’s circumcission that he received the promise for him and his offspring. No, the circumcission was done after he received this promise. I believe that God wants to show us in this chapter that if even the great men of God needed faith to receive forgivenes and be granted acces to heaven, that we also need our faith to receive the same.


Bible study on Romans – Chapter 3

Bible study on Romans

Bible study on Romans – Chapter 3

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 3rd chapter on the book of Romans we will go through the following parts:

  • God’s faithfulness
  • No one is righteous
  • Righteousness through faith

God’s faithfulness

Paul starts this chapter in discussion with the Jews in Rome. Based on chapter 2 you could indeed raise the question if it then is any advantage in being a Jew or Christian, when we still have the chance not to get into heaven even if we believe in God. Paul immediatelly lets them know that there are much advantages. Why? First of all, if we practice our faith, than we are also raised continiously with His word. And I have found out that I need His word in every situation. I used to think that I knew so much (maybe knew it all, I did not say, but I certainly acted like it), but without God I know nothing. For this reason God gave us the Bible to make sure that He teaches everything we need to know. But that He makes is available doesn’t make it automatically that we take the Bible and life by it. I wish that I had done so my whole life and lived my life accordingly, I believe that it would have saved me so much trouble. But I think that is one of the weaknesses we have as humans.

This discussion is ended by the conclusion that we should never think that because our unrighteousness shows God righteousness, that we can do evil and that good will result from it. Know in that case that your condemnation is just!

No one is righteous

Paul continious to ask them if then there is actually any advantage to being a Jew (or Christian). To me it is a bit confusing, because no he tells them not at all. I think it is both true. We already determined that there is not difference between Jews (and Christians ) and gentiles under the power of sin. Something we might want to think otherwise, but there is NO ONE under is that is righteous! When we go to heaven it only due to the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross dying for our sins.

God is determining my attention that they way that Paul is talking about the current time in which he lives, does resemble our current time as well:

10 As it is written: “There is no one righteous, not even one; 11 there is no one who understands; there is no one who seeks God. 12 All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one.”13 “Their throats are open graves; their tongues practice deceit.”“The poison of vipers is on their lips.” 14 “Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.” 15 “Their feet are swift to shed blood; 16 ruin and misery mark their ways, 17 and the way of peace they do not know.” 18 “There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

Does this description sound (even remotely) familiar over our current time. Don’t think that 2,000 years later we are doing it even better. Why not? Because we life in a sinful world. Even in my own life I can pinpoint enough moments that I really insult God by sinning. But the beautiful thing about God is that if we truly repent, we can always come to Him and ask (and receive) forgiveness.

Paul ends this part of the chapter with a very important conclusion: no ONE will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law, rather, through the law we become conscious of our sin.

Righteousness through faith

This chapter is concluded by explaining that righteousness will never come through our works, but is only given through faith and only to the ones that believe. It is beautiful to see how God makes not difference between Jews and gentiles in this matter. God is there for all of us.

But that we can only be rescued by faith does not mean that works are no longer needed or nullified. God showed us that our works will never be good enough by itself, but God truly needs us to do the works of the law, but we need to know that it requires faith to do them. God makes it very clear that being saved by faith did not and will never nullify  the law by this faith. Not at all , rather we are expected to uphold the law. So, I pray that we all study the Bible to really understand the works as well and start also doing our best to keep most of the law, because I know God already know that we will be unable that we are able to keep them all.

God bless you all!

Bible study on Romans – Chapter 2

Bible study on Romans

Bible study on Romans – Chapter 2

Dear brothers and sisters,

We will go through the 2nd chapter of the book of Romans. I pray that God will guide us through this chapter and this Bible study. As I mentioned before, first read the chapter in its entiriety (if possible more than 1), before starting to study it. Also ask the Holy Spirit to guide you, also through this bible study.

In this chapter Paul speaks on the following:

  • God’s righteous judgment
  • The Jews and the law

God’s righteous judgment

The more I study on the books written by the apostle Paul, I notice how he was truly blessed by God to teach us all to really get deep into the Gospel. I believe God wants us personally, but also in our churches to be really deeply involved and fully committed in our faith. We are not just going to church or to read the Bible to hear to beautiful stories and sermons. No, God wants us not only to read, but also understand, feel and do His word.

This part already made me very ashamed, because it showed me how easy it is to by judgmental. Through Paul, God tells us that we have NO excuse to pass judgment on someone else (I will do a more in-depth study in to this subject, because I feel I am just hitting the service here). Why not? Because we are condemning ourselves, because at that moment that you are passing judgment you are also committing (the same sin). For example I was judging that they were following a prosperity preacher (and I still believe that these are the false teachers that the Bible speaks of). But is it not up to God to use the Holy Spirit to show these people this, if it is indeed correct. And who am I to judge them? Is my own spiritual life perfect? Am I a role model? I wish I could say yes, but the fact is that I am not. As mentioned in my devoitional of the 8th of August 2017 I explained how God is really humbling me (still). I think part of this is that God doesn’t want me (or you) to spent our time to judge others, but to do some soul searching and see how our relationship with God is. Are we living a life that we would not be ashamed of, if we would be standing before God at this moment? I know my life is not at that point. I know God is working in my life and I thank Him with all my heart. Also, for having so much patience with me 🙂

So, please do not spent your time judging other, because God makes it very clear that for this He will also judge you! And don’t think you can escape his judgment, please don’t show Him that kind of contempt! Know that God is very patience and loving and is giving you continious opportunities for repentance. So, make sure that you take one of those opportunities fast!

God has told us in this chapter that He will repay each according to what they have done. To those who by persistence in doing good, seek glory, honor and immortality, He will give eternal life. But those who are self-seeking, and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger. And don’t blame God, because God gave and is still giving you enough chanches to change and make the right choices. So please do what is good!

Next Paul also tells us that both Jews and gentiles there will be trouble and distress for every human being who does evil: first for the Jew, than the gentile. But glory, honor and peace for everyone that does good: first for Jew and than for gentile. God does not do any favoritsm. If you are not under the law you will perish, if you are than you will be judged. So don’t think just being a good person is enough. Or accepting God is enough. No, God demands both.

The Jews and the law

I believe that with Jew, he refers to everyone that has accepted God and is living his / her life according to God’s will. If you are so sure (by learning from God, the Bible) what God is all about and what His law is, than you should also ask yourself if you are obeying all His laws. Before you tell someone not to steal, are you sure that there is nothing in your life that is also considered stealing. It could even be stomething very little, but for God there is no difference between stealing paper clips from work or money from the bank (did you have approval for taking these paper clips? Or did you take in secret? Of course, most companies won’t mind if you take some for your own use, but if you constantly taking things home without them knowing, are you also not stealing?).

It may be very harsh to hear, but we can call ourself Christians and even do some actions/rituals, but it is our heart that determines our real relationship with God.

God, I pray that you please forgive us for all our sins. For being so easy to condemn others, while not even having a perfect life ourselfs. You know me and my sins, faults. I ask you not only for forgiveness, but also that you help me to grow in my faith. To be focused on you and not on others. To learn from you, to life like you, to really let go of things that are blocking my growth in faith.

I pray the same for all of you!




Bible study on Romans – Chapter 1


Bible study on Romans – Chapter 1

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today we will be studying the first chapter of the book of Romans (NIV).

This chapter consists out of the following parts:

  • Introduction
  • Paul’s longing to visit Rome
  • God’s wrath against sinful humanity


In the NIV the first part of this chapter is actually named ‘introduction’, but it does serve that purpose.Pa

Romans is written by the apostle Paul, of whom is set that God set him apart for the Gospel of God. See how God has a purpose and plan for all of us. I pray that through the Holy Spirit God will show us what our purpose in His ministry is.

Paul starts this chapter by telling us about Jesus Christ and how is truly the Son of God. And that is through Him alone that we receive grace. Paul also receive the apostleship to call to all gentiles (non Jews) to come to the obedience that comes from faith for His name’s sake. Paul speaks to you directly that YOU are also amongst those gentiles. It is very amazing that God makes it very clear that He is there for all of us, not just a select few. So, never think (regardless of how your life has been so far and whatever you have done (wrong)). God is there also for you, always!

To the people in Rome he tells all that are loved by God: Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. Know that you are also meant as a “person from Rome”.

Paul’s longing to visit Rome

Paul starts by giving compliments to the people of Rome, by telling them that their faith is being reported over the whole world. This also tells us how important it is to continiously encourage one another. Even if we don’t feel like it, pray to God that He removes any negative thought (because the devil is eager to put those negative in your mind to stop you from being a blessing), so that we take every opportunity to encourage each other. This again shows that God wants us to be together in faith. There is no such thing that you can have a relationship alone with God and not share it with others.

Paul also shows us that he has a continious relationship with God and prays without ceasing. We also need to be in relationship with God all the time and pray to Him. He again confirms us that his ministry is to help us to mutually encourage each other in faith. If you see, that someone is going through a spiritual “storm”, than it is up to you to encourage that person.

God put it in Paul’s heart to come to Rome and even sooner than he did. We read in Acts how God took a unconventional way to make sure that this time He went. Also he tells them that his purpose of coming was to share the Gospel. We also, are here to share the Gospel. And pray that, just like Paul, you are not ashamed of the gospel, because of the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes. The devil will do his best to make you ashamed to keep your mouth shut, so we must shame him by just do that: spread the Gospel!

Why? Because in the Gospel the rightheousness of God is revealed  – a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “the righteous will live by faith”.

God’s wrath against sinful humanity

God hates sin! Pure and simple! Paul tells us that the wrath of God is being revealed against all godlesness and wickedness of people, who supress the truth by their wickedness.

God has made His invisible qualities very visible: His eternal power  and divine nature.

Here God also tells us that we as people that we knew/know God, but neither glorified nor gave thanks to Him. And that our thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. I pray to God that our thinking becomes renewed and our hearts enlightned.

Paul tells us about all impurities that we have been given over to in this world. But that we life in this world and that the devil will wants us to sin, there is no excuse, because we have a free will. So, also a free will to not sin and be with God and follow Him!

God hates all sin and will not accept it, so stop it. I pray that the Holy Spirit guides and protects us and helps us not to fall in sin!

God bless you all!




Bible study on Romans – Chapter 1


Bible study on Romans – Chapter 1

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today we start going through the first chapter of the book / epistle of Paul to the church of Rome. In this chapter we see the following subjects being discussed:

  • Writer / readers / greetings
  • Paul’s longing to visit Rome
  • God’s wrath against sinful humanity

This book does not just ease into it, but makes it very clear from the first chapter that God means business. I will that is also good, the Bible should not be a book full of sugar coating, but only of the hard truth. Because the truth will save us, some sugar coating may make us feel better, but certainly won’t bring us closer to God.

Writer / readers / greetings

The writer of this book is the apostle Paul, who wrote it to the new church of Christians in Rome. There is no precious account how the Roman church (not the catholic, but the real Christian Roman church) started, but it seems that it is most plausible that the ones to start it were part of the pentecost and travelled back to Rome to start there. Paul wrote this letter to reach the big community of Jews and Christians in that city.

Paul’s longing to visit Rome

It took quite some effort and hardship to bring Paul to Rome, but see how grateful he is to God for bringing him there. Don’t ever think that that road that you desire so much (and of which you know that God will give it in your life) will always come easy on your timing. But it came for Paul and read how grateful he was to God. This is truly an inspiriation for me. My myself going through so much hardship and feeling that God is really going to increase and bless my ministry, it is easy to focus on the hardship. And to my honesty I have let that happened to much that it made me mentally so tired. But I know that God is working and healing that in so many way. But also reading this about Paul helps me to focus on my desire and knowledege that God will bring me that joy of leading me to that ministry He has promised me.

God’s wrath against sinful humanity

This part of chapter 1 makes is first very clear that we have reiceved a gift from God and tha tis a free will. It is up to us to us it as a gift or us it as a curse. God brings so much in our life (church, Bible, Christians, Himself and so on) to educatie you and to make sure that you don’t go into sin or accepting sin like injustice, anger (I must admit I have quite some anger in me that I want to to get rid of, it does not result in physical harm, but just feeling angry, so prayer is much appreciated)., but also greed, envious, murder and so much more.

But know that although God has given us a free will, don’t you ever assume that you will get away with doing bad things, becasuse God ‘s wrath is always sinful huminaty.

I feel that this Bible study is going to be very educational, inspiring, but also confronting. Thank you Lord!

I really want to ask you all to start discussing these Bible studies or my other post, so we can really start to grow in our faith. Just this past week I placed a daily inspiraitonal about it. God wants us to educate/challange entc. each other.





Bible study on Acts of the Apostles – Chapter 28


Bible study on Acts of the Apostles – Chapter 28

Dear brothers and sisters,

In the Bible study on the 28th chapter of the Acts of the Apostles I will discuss:

  • Paul ashore on Malta
  • Paul’s arrival at Rome
  • Paul preaches at Rome under guard

Paul ashore on Malta

God was protecting Paul through this whole journey. Now arrived on the shores of Malta, God made sure that the islanders showed unusual kindness. Paul gathered brushwood for a fire and from that wood came a viper that god hold of his hand. The inlanders thought that this meant that Paul was a murderer and justice was coming after him. But as always God protected him and Paul put them to shame by just shaking the snake off.

On the island he was welcomed into the estate of Publius, the chief official of the island. His father was sick in bed. And again God allowed Paul through prayer to heal someone. Even in times that people are trying to get us down, God can and will still use us to do His work. Never think that your situation means that you are not expected to be there to your work for God!

Paul’s arrival at Rome

After some months the travel to Rome was complete and God allowed Paul to live there in freedom in the meanwhile. He was sent their to be put to trial, but still God ensured that he was treated properly! God is good!

Paul preaches at Rome under guard

He came to the Jews in Rome and explained the whole reason for him being here. See how the Jews in Jerusalem did not even do any trouble to reach the Jews in Rome. And yet they considered Paul to be such a treat. These Jews openly listened and also were divided, but allowed him to live in peace in al those years and to spread the gospel.

That we might not fully agree on everything, does not mean that we should try and kill each other. Love each other, we are all children from God!

Thank you for growing with me through the Bible study on Acts! Amen!

Bible study on Acts of the Apostles – Chapter 25


Bible study on Acts of the Apostles – Chapter 25

Dear brothers and sisters,

In the Bible study on the 25th chapter of the Acts of the Apostles I will discuss:

  • Paul’s trial before Festus
  • Festus consults King Agrippa

Paul’s trial before Festus

Again we see that the chief priest and the Jewish leaders were determined to kill Paul. How can they call themselves followers of God, when the only thing in their heart seems to be hate.

At that moment Festus arrived in the province and travelled from Caesarea to Jerusalem, where the chief priest and Jewish leaders appeared before him and again brought their charges on Paul to him. Again they asked a favor to have Paul brought Paul to Jerusalem hoping to kill him along the way.

Festus however told them that he was held at Caesarea and if they wanted to press charges to could come along and press charges there. Again God saved Paul from this ambush! After being in Caesarea for 10 days they finally got to see Paul and they brought all wild acquisitions against him, but none of them they could prove. Paul again had as his only defense that he had done nothing wrong, which was actually true. Don’t spent your energy defending elaborately when your enemy isn’t even interested in the truth.

Festus, apparently, not being a very strong man was trying to appease the Jews and asked a favor to Paul to go with them and stand trial. Paul was led by the Holy Spirit and told him that he wasn’t unwilling to die if he committed any crime, but he hadn’t. Also he rightfully said that he did nothing to the Jews and if someone was to judge him it was Caesar, so he demanded that if he was to be tried and sentenced it was to be in Rome by Caesar. I love the book of Acts because we continuously see how Paul was protected and led by the Holy Spirit. Never allow a false court / accuser to demand to prosecute you as they have no right.

Festus consults King Agrippa

A few days later King Agrippa and Bernice came to Caesarea to pay respect to Festus. Because Festus now consulted Agrippa on the matter regarding Paul. Festus explained the whole situation and asked Festus to speak with Agrippa himself. See how God can really make all our enemies clueless. It doesn’t matter how powerful or smart a human may think he or she is, God can easily bring confusion in that person.

Again Paul was brought before an audience including King Agrippa. They did not know how to handle Paul’s demand to be tried in Rome, as they needed something to have to accuse him on and the Jewish leaders only could bring religious disputes before them.

God is amazing, because he will not allow our enemies to take us with lies!