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Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 8


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 8

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 8th chapter on the book of 1 Corinthians 8, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • Concerning food sacrificed to idols

Concerning food sacrificed to idols

The chapter begings to making it clear to us that we need to stop relying on our own understanding? Why, because God is all-knowing and we are definitely not! God can oversee the whole picture, why we can only see a part of it and are also likely to be biased and not always as objective as why imagine ourselves to be.

God tells us that there is only one God (Him) and there is no one like Him. And that we won’t be any better if we eat food that was used as a sacrifice before an idol and we won’t be any worse if we do eat that same food. Why? Because we won’t grow closer to God by the food that we eat. Should we than still eat it? Personally, based on this chapter I would say no. It could be that some other Christian, whom is not so strong in his/her faith sees you eating this food that was sacrificed to an idol and it can cause him/her to be disturbed in his/her faith. And than it does become a sin that you are commiting. To me it should be clear that you shouldn’t even run the risk that you think it won’t do any harm, that it still does, because there was one person that took offence to it and through that you sinned.  Is food really worth running the risk to be sinning against God? For me it isn’t!


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 7


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 7

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 7th chapter on the book of Romans, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • Concerning married life
  • Concerning change of status
  • Concerning the unmarried

Concerning married life

God also created the institute of marriage to make sure that men and women wouldn’t perform sexual sins. For this reason God gave us (one of the reasons) marriage. And God is clear that we can only have sex with our wife/husband and not with others as well. Just like God will not accept us praising anyone else, than God, He will also not accept us having sex with any one other than our marriage partner. But even when you are married you can and will be tested, and cheating is always one that comes back a lot. This is why in this chapter we are made clear that we are not deciding on our own body, as we have to give it to our partner. Why? If we are always avaiable for sex with our partner, than he or she will always be content and will not look elsewhere. This will also mean that you need to make sure that you also really do your best, because it is important to pleasure your partner. Don’t take your husband or wife for granted and also try to grow in all thing marriage related!

But does this mean that there is no reason for not having sex? Yes, there actually is. When you are taking a time of fasting than you can mutually consent on not having sex during that period, if you have decided that you also want to remain pure during that point.

Note that Paul is not telling us to get married or not get married. He does tell us that if you feel that you cannot do without marriage and / or sex, than you need to find a partner (with the help of God) and marry him / her, so that your sexual desire will not make you sin.

Concerning the change of status

This part of the chapter deals with the change of status from unbeliever to believer. Why is this so important for Paul to discuss with us? Well, when we become Christians there are people around us that will overload you with human rules / laws that you need to oblige, while it is actually important to grow to God and not to let yourself be enslaved by other people that demand you act in a certain way. Follow God and let the Holy Spirit change you, not humans.

Concerning the unmarried

Paul emphasizes that is better to be unmarried? Does He look down on married people? No, but he knows that when you are married you have to divide your attention to not only be on the work of God, but also your partner and family.

Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 6


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 6

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 6th chapter on the book of Romans, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • Lawsuits among believers
  • Sexual immorality

Lawsuits among believers

This chapters first deals with the situation in which we decide to start lawsuits amongst believers. First, Paul asks us if we are able to make the correct decisions to judge someone. The correct answer is of course that we are not, the only one that is able to judge is God. We should never be hasty to start lawsuits and especially against other believers, because it will reflect very bad on us as Christians. What will unbelievers think if they see Christians bringing each other to God? It will do so much damage, because they will see a house divided. They will see how you as a Christian do not trust on God, but more on a worldly judgement. It shows them that you are not able to forgive. Ask God to judge and to solve a dispute instead of bringing it before a court.

Sexual immorality

That God gave you a free will, does not mean that you are free to do whatever you want. You need to view your body as the House of God and treat it as such. For this reason God really hates sexual immorality, because it is an attack on His house. God wants us to flee from sexual immorality, because all other sins are outside our body, but sexual sins are an attack on our own body! Therefore honor God with your bodies!

Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 5


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 5

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 5thchapter on the book of Romans, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • Dealing with a case of incest

Dealing with a case of incest

To me this is a very shocking chapter, and as we can read for Paul this was exactly the same. But as we can read in Corinthians people actually were in the sin of incest, but were also proud of it! But we should not think that this only happened in those times, or in places far away. No, it could even be happening in the street where you life. The world has become so wicked that even incest is not even a no-go for some people.

Considering Paul immediately took this as an prayer point to lay before the Holy Spirit, we should also do this. And especially, when we know exactly wo is doing this (or even any other sin for that matter). Than we need to pray specifically that all sexual sins are broken out of our lifes and will never have any ground in our lifes, but also that incest and any kind of sin , will ever be part of our lifes or worse: be accepted as normal.

Also something that I consider a very important part of this chapter is that fact that Paul tells us (and I believe through the Holy Spirit) that should not associate us with sexually immoral people. Paul however is mentioning our Christian brothers and sisters, specifically, because they should (and us neither) not be sexually immoral, greedy, an idolater and swindler.

God, I pray to you that you really help us not to be in any kind of those sins. And if someone is, please help them to move away from it and follow you and ask forgiveness!


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 4


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 4

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 4rd chapter on the book of Romans, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • The nature of true apostleship
  • Paul’s appeal and warning

The nature of true apostleship

Paul begins this chapter with a statement that we, as Christians, are servants of God and as those entrusted with the mysteries God has entrusted. Meditating on this statement, I come to realize (as I have done already long ago) that as soon as we accept God and through the Holy Spirit life our life for Him, than He opens up mysteries that are not available to all of us. That is also why some people can reject God, because they have not accepted God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and through that they cannot see the mysteries of God.

Next, Paul tells us that with gaining insight in those mysteries, also take with it a very important commitment, that we need to be faithful. Consider the comparison with earthly riches, like a diamond. If you would get a really expensive diamond to keep in your possession, would you just lay it down anywhere? Or would you care for it to the best of your ability? Most likely, you would take care of to the best of the ability, because as an earthly riches, you will understand the value (on this earth that is) of that diamond. Now, it is important to understand that the mysteries from God are far more valuable than that, so it should come as no surprise that we need to take care even better care of those mysteries of God, than we would do with that diamond.

And being faithful also means that you are faitfhul to God. Don’t look to please or be judged by other people, even your pastor. Because the only judgement that you should value is that of God!

Paul continous this part of the chapter by letting everyone know that as an apostle you should not think that it will always be an easy life that will in store for you and that if you done wront to that through Jesus you should always do good. Paul wants to show us that we should never put another person on a higher standard and follow him or her, but always follow God. Paul refused to be placed in such a position, because he knew that only God is to be followed and not him.

Paul’s appeal and warning

Paul makes it clear that with his warnings he is not out to shame us, but to make sure that we never become arrogant. Because when you become arrogant in your faith, than it can be a way that you actually drive yourself away from God. Because no one of us is important, only our father, God! Please, never put yourself higher than you ought in the Holy Spirit. God loves is when we are humble, because than we are not blinding ourself, but are open to what God wants for our life. I pray that God gives us and helps us to keep a humble heart!

Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 3


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 3

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 3rd chapter on the book of Romans, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • The church and its leaders

The church and its leaders

This letter was not just sent to the new church in Corinthians, but should also be viewed to be sent to every young/new Christian. Although when you accept God in your life, know that you are not automatically a full grown Christians. You need time to grow into your faith and be aware of how much growth you still need. And the more you grow, the more deeper God will allow your faith to become. Consider the comparison with a child, as a baby you first drink milk and will grow into eating solid food. The same counts for us in your faith.

When we accept God in your life, we should be aware although we have acknowledged God to be existing and to have accepted Him, that it doesn’t mean that all of a sudden we are not worldly anymore. God will from that moment start nurturing you as a baby to (through the Holy Spirit) to help you to have a real change of thinking and grow into a mature Christian.

In our thinking God wants us to be aware that we should not follow any other human, thinking that it through them you have been blessed. Yes, it could be a pastor that hs an impact on your life, by helping, but it is actually God really helping you. Do you think it was a coincidence, that a certain person came into your life to help you? Always remember that any foundation in your life, has been laid there by God and not by any human. Therefore also do not treat a church leader, like you do Jesus. Because Jesus is the foundation and those church leaders are not. They actually need the foundation from God, to be able to work in our lifes.

As part of growing in our faith, we also must come to the realization that all wisdom and knowledge comes from and not from ourselves. That is why in this chapter God tells us that in the beginning of our faith, we are still worldly, because we need so much changes in our life.



Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 2


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 2

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 2nd chapter on the book of Romans, we will discuss the folliwing subjects:

  • Intro
  • God’s wisdom revealed by the Spirit


Paul starts this Chapter by showing how the be very humble and not think that you know all and that all you have and have done is only by the grace of God. Never exalt yourself, more then you should!

God’s wisdom revealed by the Spirit

Paul lets us know that we should have a clear distinction between the “wisdom” of this world and true wisdom as revealed by the Spirit. Don’t believe or spread “wisdom” from this world, but fully trust and rely on Wisdom as revealed through the Holy Spirit.

In this chapter Paul lets us know that if we seek the Spirit, then He will shows as true wisdom in our lifes. But this will require us to no longer depend on “wisdom” of this world. Know that if you are without the Spirit, than we will also not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, but consider them foolishness, and cannot even understand them, because they are discerned only through the Spirit. When we are with the Spirit of God, than we are no longer subject to merely human judgments. Therefore don’t seek things from this world, hoping that they will make you happy. No earthly riches will ever make you really happy!

Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 1


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 1

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 1st chapter on the book of Romans, we will discuss the folliwing subjects:

  • Intro
  • Thanksgiving
  • A church divided over leaders
  • Christ crucified in God’s power and wisdom


Paul writes this letter to the church in Corinthians. That it is written to a specific church in a specific time does not mean that we also cannot learn from it.


Paul demonstrates that it is very important to give thanks for all that God does for us. We need to thank God for His grace, because without His grace we would have an almost impossible task to get into Heaven. But when Jesus died on the cross for our sins, then God also introduced grace as the way that we can enter into Heaven, because we will never be able to do so with just our works.

A church divided over leaders

In church (but I also believe in e.g. our families) it is very important that agree with one another in what we say and that is very important that there is no division between us. Why not? Because the devil can use this to cause strive in our churches and families. Therefore it is important that we grow through the Holy Spirit and are very focused not to allow any form of division to come in our churches and families.

Furthermore, Paul emphasizes that it is imporant to remember that we follow only God and should not claim to follow a person (not even Paul). And certainly we shouldn’t allow this to be a reason for discussion amongst us. Paul makes it very clear that no person should exalt him- or herself or allow others to exalt him or her.

By claiming to follow a person, we are actually downgrading what Jesus did for us!

Christ crucified in God’s power and wisdom

That Jesus did not die for nothing on the cross should be known to everyone. However, if you choose to go against God’s word, than you are perishing. And when you are perishing than you should know that Jesus dying on the cross will have not benefit in your life anymore. Whhen you do follow God, than it is the power of God!

Also we should not trust on any wisdom of this world, because it is foolish. So don’t expect that God will try to persuade you to follow Him, no He demands of you to believe in Him. This is the essence of faith!

And don’t think God only uses the wise based on worldly standards. No God can and will use everyone and can even shame the (earthly) wise by someone that is considered less wise.

To finish this first chapter of 1 Corinthians Paul states: Therefore, as it is written: “Let the who boasts, boast in the Lord! To God be ALL the glory!

Bible study on Romans – Chapter 16

Bible study on Romans

Bible study on Romans – Chapter 16

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 15th chapter on the book of Romans we will go through this chapter as following:

  • Personal greetings

Personal greetings

This chapter starts with the Apostle Paul sending personal greetings to a lot of different people in the church around the world. Although it may seem to just be these personal greetings, when you come to the second part of this chapter, you see the exact reason that (to me) the Apostle Paul wrote this chapter: we need to watch out for those who cause division and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. The apostle is very clear: stay away from them! Don’t try to persuade them or to discuss with them, but avoid them. A lot of the times we feel the need (speaking for myself) to enter into a discussion with a certain person. But I believe it is important to make sure that you are led by the Holy Spirit and then you will start noticing which persons you should avoid (and that can even be in church).

And especially, when some people have a very smooth way of talking, never let your guard down and also with them you need to be led by the Holy Spirit. Because it is mostly the smooth talkers that will deceive and especially the naive under us.

Pray to God to make you strong in your faith and not te be influenced by these smooth talkers, which seek to divide our churches and homes.

The next Bible study series will be on 1 Corinthians. Hope you enjoyed and are encouraged by the bible study on Romans.

Bible study on Romans – Chapter 15

Bible study on Romans

Bible study on Romans – Chapter 15

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 15th chapter on the book of Romans we will go through this chapter as following:

  • Who are strong
  • Paul the minister to the gentiles
  • Paul’s plan to visit Rome

Who are strong

When you are a strong person, even in a certain kind of area, God tells you never to feel good about yourself and feel better than someone else. God really doesn’t like this kind of behavior/mindset. No, God tells you that when you are strong, than it is your obligation to use that strength to built up someone that is weak. Imagine if God (and He is stron in all areas) would find favor in looking down on you and treat you bad. That would be horrible. But that shows how amazing God is, because He loves you so much, that He will do everything to built you up!

God uses the endurance in our life, to built us up and make us better! So, please do the same for others. Know how much Jesus suffered for you and out of His love, He did everything to make your life better even at the cost of His own life!

Honor God by doing good unto others.

Paul the minister to the gentiles

Paul tells us in this chapter that he is convinced that we are full of goodness, filled with knowledge and competent to instruct one another. He doesn’t just tells us this to boost our confidence. No, he knows that these are qualities that we have received from God and we need to act on this qualitites to help each other.

He also informs us that it was through God that he shared the gospel also to the gentiles, to make us worthy to God and others. So, please use all qualities that God gave you and use them for the good of others and not for your selfish need.

Paul’s plan to visit Rome

Paul continues in this chapter to let us know that all he does is, because of what God put on his heart. We also need to follow all that God has put on our hearts and do our best to do the work for God that He has ordained us for. Pray to God and ask Him to show you in which way you are ordained to carry out the work for God.

Also, he tells us that we need to pray for each other to be blessed and save in all we do for God. It is important for us to keep on praying for each other, because the devil will not sit still to disturb your work for God. We should never let the devil have any space to distort any plan of God!