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Alex’ view – Don’t let racism impact you


Don’t let racism impact you

Dear brothers and sisters,

Although I don’t consider it something specifically from this current time. It is unfortunately a fact that racism is a very actual problem. The way racism has become so actual has a lot to do with the current presidency of Donald Trump. The way how he is and acts, has brought a very ugly side of a part of white US citizens to our attention (but also outside the US borders if you ask me).

Yes, I believe Trump is a racist and that the current climate in which people are becoming more and more aggresively racist, is really to be blamed on him. But is it fair to put all the blame on Trump? No, defintely not. Racism is something that has already been part of human history long before Donald Trump. Donald Trump only brought racism to the foreground. What has shocked me very much is the number of Christians following Donald Trump and showing also to be racist. Let it be clear that in the Bible you will find not justification for being racist. Genesis 1:27 (NIV) states very clearly that mankind was created in Gods image. Not only are we ourselves created in His image, but also every other human is also created in His image. This already shows that God would never allow racism, because did God not create all of us in His image? Then why is there still racism? Very simple because in 1 Corinthians 12 we can read about the importance of unity in Gods body (Christians). And isn”t racism a good way to create exactly the opposite?

Realizing this, will help you to be more aware of your own world view. Because racism has been around so long, you should not downplay the impact racism can have on your life and your worldview. In the history of white people, we are always taught how we were a vital part in how the world changed  and how we discovered the rest of the world But how can you discover a country or continent that already has people living on it? See, how we are being programmed by our own history books to built some kind of arrogance on ourselves? Why don’t the history books give a more honest presentation of what happened when the white men “discovered” Africa. Did the white men really helped Africa or just created more ground for racism to flourish on? When I look back then I have to come to the conclusion that a lot of problems that the African continent is faced with even today, are also the caused by the colonial expansion of European countries, taking parts of Africa on which they had no claim. Stealing resources that they were not entitled to. Or the impact of slavery? I know that in white history (by lack of better word) it is hard to talk on this subject in full detail (although it has improved somewhat), but a fact is that slavery is a very wicked thing and that is caused a lot of misery.

I think that this actually an important thing we need to realize. Racism is not a new thing, but has been around for a long time. That our history books don’t always give a fair and complete view of how racism has developend. And most important that the devil is the driving force behind racism!

Knowing the above, we should also be aware how racism knowingly or unknowingly can impact our own life. First of all, I want to address all those that openly are racists, because they need a group to blame something on. For me racism is always a way to blame negative things in your own life on another group. Is it really the fault of your African or Asian neighbour that you lost your job? Or are there are there other factors that lead to you loosing your job?

I believe that through the years all of us have been impacted in our thinking to some extent. It depends on God, ourselves, our upbringing and our surrounding how we let it impact us. If you grow up hearing that the white man is the fault of everything, then how you will you not develop a certain resentment or hate for white people? Or if you are continously persecuted and treated less because of your black skin color? How will that not impact on how you view your own race and will it not develop some kind of hatred for white people (in this specific example). But please don’t think this racism discussion is limited to only black and white people, no it has its impact all over the world.


If you hate racism, then you need to fight against it and not take it over. How much you feel justified to hate white people for all the racism, if you also react in the same way than you also allow racism to grow. I know that for some the reasoning is that only white people are racist. Wrong. Everyone can be a racist or have racist beliefs. And reacting racistly is just as wrong.

We need to stop seeing the difference in skin color and race as someting more than just a difference in just that. Another skin color doesn’t make you any more or less than another race. Everybody is created in God’s image! So we are all the same!

Stop being racist to others and blame the devil for things that don’t go right in your life. And also take your own responsibility. Was it really your neighbour with another skin color that made you lose your job, or was it due to the economy or because you didn’t perform well?

Be aware of your thoughts? Is every white person racist? No. I am white myself and I hate racism and for me everyone is the same. I don’t feel superior because of my skin color. For me I already dislike it when people treat a CEO better then the secretary. Why? Because of his/her position? Don’t think less of someone because they have a lower functon than you, or because there skin color differs.

But also be aware that you don’t rule out a person of another race to be friends with or even to marry. Even recently, my wife told of a friend that is from Surinam decent and also lifes in the Netherlands. And for some reason she really has something against white men, to the extent that she believes that all white men kill and rape children (and more of such things). This is probably something that has been taught to her while growing up, but see how it impacts her now. She believes that she can only be happy with a black and is not even open to the possibility that God might have a husband for her from another race. We should allow our own taughts and upbringing  to allow racist thoughts to determine our actions, because they can even limit your luck and joy in life. Also don’t let those thoughts limit your view on getting friends and a partner. Do you have to have a partner of the same skin color or race? No, nowhere in the Bible it says that we should. Are you betraying your own race if you do? No, you can embrace your culture just the same! If a white man fits better with you as a black woman, why then force to marry a black man? Or if you are a white man and you feel that a black woman (you can replace my examples with all diferent races of course) is what really the woman that really is the best for you. Is it not better to be with the woman or man that you love and desire or do you really want to be forced to be with someone of your own race, just because history and the current times still want to keep that lie alive?

Please be aware that racism can have more an impact on your life than you think? Do you feel contempt for another race? Or do you blame another race? Do you feel better than another race? Do you not feel free to mingle with people from another race? Do you somewhere belief the outrageous stories about another race? Then racism has more an impact on you than you think. Don’t allow it and ask God to change our way of thinking and allow Him to restore your thinking to be in line with God’s teaching!

God bless all of you!


Behind the Music – Donald Trump


Behind the Music – Donald Trump

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this new blog in the ‘behind the music’ series I will today not talk about an artist, but about Donald Trump. Why? Because how is it possible that someone like Trump, who is clearly not qualified for that job, still became the president of the USA? Is this simply a case of luck or is their more to it.

It is quite strange that a man that was always know as a TV-celebrity and infamous for his cocky and rude behavior (and sometimes downride creepy, when talking about his own daughter) still managed to become the most powerful man in the USA.

Of course, the 2 party political system in the USA certainly helped in a country where it seems that the majority doesn’t seem to vote for what is really the best choice for their country, but they just decide to choice the nominee for “their” party. Personally, I found it very shocking to see that through this American Christians decided to vote for this man that has a track record for being a racist (against muslims and Mexicans in particular, but also they way he condones violence against black people. And also consider the fact that he comes from a family of KKK-members) and a sexist. I understand that people don’t like Hillary as well, but why then not choose for another option.

Americans now are noticing that after 1 year in office, Trump has been spending more of his time in his own resorts playing golf, than actually at work. He already costs the tax payers close to USD 100 million for not doing his job. And still we see how people are keeping him in office. Also, the ongoing investigation on his betrayal of his own country, by working together with the Russians. For a country that always claims to be patriotic (especially his voters), it is weird that they would allow someone to be president while it becomes more and more evident that he worked for / or with another country to get elected.

But the above is all more a political based opinion. The first reason that I also wanted to write on Donald Trump in this blog is because of an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ years ago. Why? In this episode it was Donald Trump becoming president of the USA! Why did they choose him, or did the establishment / illuminati already informed us in plain sight what they were planning to do? Based on that episode, it would seem that his election is not just a coincedence.


The reason that it becomes more and more clear that Donald Trump becoming president of the USA is part of a plan of the illimunati is because it seems that the only one that really benefit from his presidency are the rich people. The poor, the working class and other ‘normal’ Americans only seem to lose from this men’s presidency. And what is the goal of the illimunati? To make the rich richer and the poor poorer. And this is exactly what this man is doing. That is why I urge the Christians in the USA to stop supporting him, because he does not has your best interest in mind and certainly doesn’t support our Christian values. He could care less!

Maybe it would be time to have a Christian party if the American Christians want to support a party that is their for their Christians values. But know that just like the Democrats, the Republicans (and certainly not Trump) are not the once that defend those values!

Your thoughts?

Behind the Music – Donald Trump (episode 2)

Trump-Illuminati-756874.jpgIlluminati exposed – Donald Trump (episode 2)


Dear brothers and sisters,

Today my 2nd blog on Donald Trump. I am very shocked that the USA really selected this man as their new president. I understand the whole principle of the 2 party system, but voting for this horrible person is beyond me.

I have never seen someone so full of himself that he always openly disrespects his own wife. All presidents wait for their wife to come out of a plan of car. But not Trump, because this man really thinks is all is about him.

But also we see the Illuminati at hand by all the nepotism surrounding him. How can he get away unpunished by hiring his daughter, son(s) and son in law.

But also how more and more evident it becomes that he has made himself nothing more than a pathetic hand puppet of the Russians. This man was so eager to become president that he was willing to sell him and the USA to its only political opponent in the world:

But see also below all the demonic hand sign to confirm his allegiance:


I will keep on posting on him in this blog serie, but will also include others that are clearly puppets of the illuminati.

Behind the Music – Donald Trump


Illuminati exposed – Donald Trump

Dear brothers and sisters,

In the Behind the Music blog serie I will today address a ‘television-celebrity’ turned president. This is also something that I more than once addressed in my “Behind the Music” serie. The first blog will be about Donald Trump.


The reason for starting this blog serie is due to the fact that has given it on my heart to use my AlexonFaith ministry to inform others on the fact that Illuminati is not just a Hollywood fairytail, but that it is real! I would like to give special thanks to others that also have been working on informing us on the same subject in special: The Vigilant Christian! See his YouTube page: The Vigilant Christian. But also see Ex-ministries with their truth behind hip-hip series.

But to come back to my reason for starting this serie is especially because God gave it on my heart after seeing how Trump is now becoming clearing a big disaster to the USA and the whole world, but also that he is very clearly an Illuminati-puppet.


I don’t believe that Hilary Clinton would have been any better, because if you do some quick search on google and youtube, you will quickly see that this woman is also an Illuminati-puppet. But the fact is that more than 2 million more Americans voted for her than for Trump and only because of the state system in the USA Trump stole the election.

Also it becomes very clear that he was actively working together with the Russians to get elected. Even the FBI (which had a very big last minute impact to get Trump in office) is not slowly admitting that it was wrong to do what they did.

First 100 days

In the first 100 days we have seen how this man is becoming more and more of a dictator and working only for the Illuminatie, making the rich richer and litterlly killing the poor people by stopping Obamacare. Also he has shown not to be even close to a Christian, but has a lot of Christians voting for him. He fights his critics via Twitter! He wants to alter the USA 1st Amendment to put his critics on trial and in prison. He is showing more and more to be a dictator. Also while “killing” Obamacare, he ensured that all his workers kept all the important benefits of the Obamacare, while the people that really rely on living, have been ignored and people will really die by his decision.

Trey Smith

I have been a fan of his YouTube documentaries that he did in the past, which were very well worked out and really seemed to be the work of God. However, since the end of 2016 he is following the false teaching that Trump being elected is a (positive) Biblical prophecy. While this couldn’t be farther from the truth. I understand that he doesn’t want Hilary to be president, because she is also an Illuminati-puppet. However, this evil and wicked man, Donald Trump, is certainly not sent by God as a blessing. This man has shown in no way to a Christian and to follow God. Instead he is actually helping to get the NWO in place. So, I believe he more is a possible example of the antichrist, than a prophet sent by God.

In the coming time I will continue writing more about him, giving you more and more information about him and others in the illuminati/NWO movement.

God bless!