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Alex’ view – Child protection services

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I have decided to write my view on the child protection services, because these kind of organisations should protect children, but they rarely do.

In the Netherlands they are called “Raad voor de Kinderbescherming”, Bureau Jeugdzorg, Salvation Armies Jeugdzorg and more of such organisations. These organisations should be there to protect children, but over the years I have come to understand that these organisations really don’t care about children, nor their families.

Don’t get me wrong in the purest form I think it is important for any society to have such an organisation to protect the children in the most terrible of situations. But I feel that these organisations should be very reluctant to be involved and take actions. They don’t seem to understand that their actions often have the worst of consequences. For example see the following Youtube-movie:


But also I have come across more stories on how these kind of organisations really abuse their position and really wreck families, where there is actually nothing going wrong. But because they see themselves as saviors or something like that, they think they have to come and rescue everyone. They can just rip children from their parents and making it very hard for the parents to get to see their children. Parents that prove over and over again that the lies from the child protection services are lies, have to see how these child protection services know that they are wrong, but they still continue their foul actions. Because imagine that you should just admit your fault. No, they rather pursue a witch hunt against these innocent parents. And the judges are also not any better, because they will follow the child protection services most of the time. I really pray that God really bring change in this kind of injustice and removes the incompetent people at the child protection services and replace them with skilled people that won’t immediately take unneeded actions.

Also, it seems that they also have a tendency to treat non-white people differently than others. I am not saying that they will always treat white people better, but I have seen enough examples where racism really played a factor in the choices of the child protection services.

I really urge a change in child protection services. First of all they need to be continually monitored by an organisation that can really hold them accountable for all their actions. But also I pray that they stop to wreck families and really take their time to analyze everything before taking any actions.