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Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 16


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 16

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 16th chapter on the book of 1 Corinthians, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • The collection of the Lord’s people
  • Personal requests
  • Final greetings

The collection of the Lord’s people

This first part of the chapter is about our offering. No matter how much money you make, God wants us to set a part of our income apart for Him. Does He need money? Not at all, but by these offerings we can help our brothers and sisters that need help and by it God blesses those people. Also, it shows obedience. If you are willing to save a part of your income for God, than you show that God is more important than money for you!

Personal requests

Paul continues to tell the church of Corinthians how they have to help and others that come in the name of God. Why is he telling this? Because God wants us to be there for one another and help each other.

But don’t do it just because you feel obliged, but do it out of love! And also trust on God to be on your guard, to stand firm in faith, to be courageous and to be strong. This also shows that in this world, taking care of other Christians can be met with aggresion of other that don’t want us Christians to be there for each other. Know that in everything you need God even when it comes to looking out for each other!

Final greetings

It is important to always greet other Christians and strengthen them as they will also strengthen you!


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 15


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 15

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 15th chapter on the book of 1 Corinthians, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • The resurrection of Christ
  • The resurrection of the dead
  • The resurrection body

The resurrection of Christ

Paul starts by telling us that we are saved through the gospel. So this alreaydy showns the significance of the gospels for our faith. But why is the gospel so significant? Because it tells about Jesus. That He is the Son of God. That He came to earth to die for our sins and to enable us to come before God in Heaven through His grace.  That is why the gospel is how we are saved!

The very important next point we need to be aware of is that we need to hold firmly to the word. Maybe in the world we can do cherry picking. With God this is not the case. You either hold firmly to it or you reject it. Don’t think that God will allow you to choose what suits you and what not.

As a Christian you need to understand the full significant of the resurrection of Christ, as it is a pillar in your faith. It was by Jesus dying on the cross, that you were able (from that moment on) to come before God by grace, because your own works will never be sufficient!

The resurrection of the dead

This part of the chapter brings forward a very important discussion. Some of us will be of the opinion that there is no resurrection of the dead. If you are in a church were this is being taught, than you need to know that you are in a church with false teaching! Because if there is indeed no resurrection of the dead, than Jesus’ resurrection was also impossible. And if Jesus did not die and was resurrected, than our preaching would be useless just like our faith. God dying and being resurrected is a very important part of our faith, so rejecting the possibility of resurrection of the dead is impossible.

Know that claiming that there is no resurrection, will even make you to give a false witness about God, because on the one hand you testify that God raised Jesus from the dead. But He in fact did not raise Him, if you claim that God cannot raise anyone from the dead! And if Jesus is not raised, than your faith is worth nothing!

For me this part of Chapter 14 brings a very important lesson. The lesson that our faith cannot be compromised. In this world a compromise is easily made and accepted, but with your faith this is impossible. Either you believe in full that God’s word is just or you reject it fully.

Furthermore, Paul ends this part by stating that bad company corrupts good character. And I believe it to be through. I know from my own past that I had this friend that i used to hang out with and talk about even faith. He always was interested and told me he wanted to come with me to church. But it never came to that point. But what did come is that he always had this fun, but wrong plans, of going out. And instead of me and him to be growing in faith, he was corrupting my character. So, please bring your friends before God’s throne and analyze which of them are good company. If they are not good company, then you need to stop hanging out with them. Because no person is worth loosing your life for.

The resurrection body

We as people have the tendency to start a discussion on the resurrection of the body. In this we show our limited way of thinking, if we ask in what natural body we will come back. Yes, we will be resurrected, but not in a natural body. Because the Bible says that our flesh will not be resurrected. It will be our heavenly body.

Paul ends this chapter by that through Jesus, God gives us victory. Therefore we need to stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that labor in the Lord is not in vain.

Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 14


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 14

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 13th chapter on the book of 1 Corinthians, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • Intelligibility in worship
  • Good order in worship

Intelligibility in worship

Again we see the importance of love in our Christian faith. If you believe that love is not important, than in this chapter we again see that it vital to have. When we continue to read this chapter, than Paul also states that we need to eagerly desire the gifts of the Spirit. Therefore, if you say that you want to receive gifts of the Spirits, than it requires more than just wanting it. It needs to be the biggest desire in your heart. I believe this is the basis of your faith. When you say that you believe in God, than this in it itself will not be enough, you need to eagerly desire to follow God!

Paul mentions the gift of prophecy, which leads me to believe that God gives special emphasis to this particular gift of the Spirit. Why is this gift so important? Because I believe this gift is the way that God is able to lead and guide us via the Holy Spirit. When we continue to read we see indeed that there is more significance to the gift of prophecy. When we speak in tongues, there is a reason that we normally cannot understand the language of speaking in tongues, because speaking in tongues is for talking with God and not with another person. We are never on the same level as God and as such God speaks a language unknown to us. It also shows, that again when it comes to your faith, God expects you to more than just call yourself a Christian. You really have to put in an effort, when you become a Christian.

When you receive the gift of prophecy, then it is to strengthen, to encourage and to comfort others. This also shows a difference between fortune tellers (which is a satanic activity as it is not from God and will never be done for the aformentioned reasons.

Paul continues and now on the gift of speaking in tongues. When you indeed receive the gift of speaking in tongues, then we also need to pray that we will be made able to also interpret what we are speaking in tongues. Our Christian faith needs to be an active faith, as God so many times tells us in the Bible. Just speaking in tongues, would be a “nice” trick, but will be fruitless if you are unable to interpret it.

Good order in worship

God is the God of love and not disorder, for this we need to have order in our church services. Not just anyone should start talking in tongues, if they cannot interpret it. In that situation, you need to go before God by yourself and ask for the interpretation of that which you are speaking in tongues. God wants to hav prophecies in church, but also in an orderly way.

I believe it is important for the leaders of your church to make sure that there are rules on when and how speaking and tongues and prophecies are included in the church services. If they forbid it at all, then you should know that you are not in the right church. A church should never forbid to let the gifts of the Spirit to be used. Doesn’t your church believe in the Spirit of healing, than you are in the wrong church. However, it is important that there are specified times when prophecies can be given, when you worship. So to summarise, your church needs to allow the gifts of the Spirit to be part of your church services, however it should happen in an orderly way. Do you think that God just does thing disorderly? No, all that God does, He has thought of it very specific and all happens in an orderly way. That blessing that you received just recently, did you think that God just thaught of it just on that moment and decided. No, He already knew that you would receive that particular blessing even before you were born!


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 13


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 13

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 13th chapter on the book of 1 Corinthians, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • Love Is Indispensable

Love is indispensable

This chapter is probably one of the most well-known chapters in the Bible. Well, it is for me at least. Why? Because it deals with the significance that God places on the concept of love.

The chapters beings by showing that even certain parts of our Christian life have no meaning if you have no love. If you have  no love, but think you are speaking in tongues. God tells you, that you are not. So, this already shows that love is very important in our lifes and in our faith. That is why I believe it is very important that we continiously ask God to help us to love more and more. So, if you truly want to receive gifts through the Holy Spirit from God, know that you first need to love!

Why is love so important to God? Well, Paul actually is telling is what an amazing and positive characteristics love has.

Love is patient: we may be so impatient and want things now and by preference our way and our timing. But when we receive love from God, than we will also learn to be patient.  Finding peace in knowing that you might have to wait, but that God will give you the patience to do so!

Love is kind: God teaches us through love to be good and kind to each others. We can be so cruel to each other, that is why I ask God to make us kind through love!

Love does not envy: why is this so important? Well, because it is negative? Why would you envy someone else? Because he/she seemingly has something you want. Do you know what the person maybe had to go through before he/she received that blessing? Is it maybe that God gave that blessing to that person (and not you), because it is part of his/her destiny and not yours? Know that envy is a negative emotion and that will not do anything good for your spirit and your body. But know that love will counteract it and that you will learn to even be happy for that person!

Love does not boast? Are you not taught from a very early age to make known all that you accomplish? Well, know that this not a good character trade? Why? Ask yourself who you are giving credit for these accomplishments. Is it God or yourself? And it is correct to think that you actually did accomplish it yourself. We should be very aware that all that we accomplish is through God and not our own actions. Though love we learn not to boast, but to honor God. And in occassion, also learn to credit others for their share. You don’t have to boast, but trust on God that the right people on the right time will see and through it God will give blessings!

Love is not proud? Of course with pride, you have the same thing as with boasting? You make yourself the center, while that should always be God!

Love does not dishonor others. If you love someone than the last thing you should want to do is to dishonor that person. Taking away someones honor is a horrible thing you do. Normally this is something they use as tactic in war. Do you really want to use war tactics with your loved ones? We are not perfect, that is why we need God to gain so much love that we will never dishonor others. Remember how they tried to dishonor Jesus? It is one of the most painful things I have ever read/heared about.

Love is not self-seeking. When you learn to really love, than through the Holy Spirit you will notice that you start to be less self-seeking. Self-seeking to me is just a “fancy” word for being an egoist! When you are egoitisial, than you become the center of your focus and all that you do. All your actions will be directed to benefit you first and foremost. When you receive love through the Holy Spirit, than you will notice that you become less and less egotistical. And by putting others first, you will and should she how God will work through others to ensure that you also will receive blessings.

Love is not easily angered. The more that we are getting into the last of days (the days of Revelation), the more we see violence becoming more “normal”. But know that it is not normal, but very wicked. Anger has resulted in pain, death, war, and many other horrible things. That is why God gives us love to lose that anger, because anger will never bring anything good.

Love keep no records of wrongs. This is also important, because through love you will learn to really forgive and forget. If you have no love, than it will be truly difficult to really forgive someone if he/she did you wrong. And even more so that you forget what he/she did to you.

Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices in truth. The more we allow love to come into our life, the more we will be disgusted to do evil  and seek more and more to do what is right.

See how love in your life, really changes the way that you life your life and how you are with other people. Therefore, please pray every day to receive more and more love in your life!

Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Know that with love we are more willing to protect each other, to trust on each others, to never give up hope and to keep strong in difficult moments!

Know that LOVE will never fail! That makes love so powerful, when this love is in our life through the Holy Spirit. All outcomes from love will always be there, love is everlasting!

Paul tells us that we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. Paul continious to explain that when you were child, then you talked, thought and reasoned like a child. But when you became a man, then you put your childhood behind you. When you became a Christian, you also put your old life behind you and all those negative character trades were replaced by love. God tells us that if we grow up (grow in faith) that there will come a time that we are before His throne and than we will understand all that has happened in our lifes and see how everything falls together. How we first saw in part and than we see completely!

The chapters comes to a close with the remark: and now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest is love!

God bless you! And as mentioned above, I pray (and please join me) that we receive more and more love through the Holy Spirit. I the name of Jesus I rebuke all the negative character trades,  as described above, out of our lifes. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!



Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 12


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 12

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 12th chapter on the book of 1 Corinthians, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • Concerning spiritual gifts
  • Unity and diversity in the body

Concerning spiritual gifts

Paul starts this chapter be telling us that he does not want us to be uninformed about the gifts of the Spirit. This is a very significant statement by Paul, as it should show you that we have an obligation to ourself to continiously grow in our faith and as Christians. For this we need to know how to do this. And luckily God has given us a way by studying the Bible.

The first thing we need to be aware of that God has given us spiritual gifts via the Spirit. There is therefore NO gift where the Holy Spirit is not present. If you feel and/or know that you have a gift, but you don’t feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, than know that that “gift” is not from God! Paul continous to say that there are different kind of gifts, but that they are ALL distributed by the Holy Spirit. And that their are different kind of workings, but in all of them  and in everyone it is the same God at work!

It is important to realize which gifts are from God, because if you have a “gift” that doesn’t fall under them, then you need to be delivered directly.

The spiritual gifts are:

  • Gift of wisdom
  • Gift of knowledge
  • Gift of faith
  • Gift of healing
  • Gift of miraculous powers
  • Gift of prophecy
  • Gift of distinguishing between spirits
  • Gift of speaking in tongues
  • Gift of interpretation of tongues

Know that all of these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and He distributes them to each one, just as He determines. This last sentence is important, because it is God that determines which gift(s) are for you!

Unity and diversity in the body

We as followers of Christ are often compared with a body. Why? Because although we are one, we consist of many parts. We as Christians are one, but yet we are all different. When it comes to our faith and the body we are in faith, we need to realize that we are baptized by the same Spirit, to ensure that we form one body. And we were also given the same Spirit to drink.

When it comes to the body of Christ (we as His followers) know that God has put us together as part of this body and that He knows exactly in which part of the body you are and need to be. Don’t question God, but ask God to show you what part you serve in His body and ask Him to let the Holy Spirit guide you. Know that even the least important part of the body in our eyes is invaluable in God eyes. For this reason God needs there to be no division and only unity in the body. Because if one of us suffer, than all of us should feel that and work on it to take away that suffering. This is a call to us to never be passive, especially when you see that a fellow Christians needs help.

Furthermore, I believe that God also gives us certain gifts, taking into account that others around you will receive other gifts, so that together all of us can serve God as a unified body!

Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 11


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 11

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 11th chapter on the book of 1 Corinthians, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • On covering the head in worship
  • Correcting an abuse of the Lord’s supper


Paul starts this chapter by a single sentence: follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. This sentence shows that we should take the time and see how other Christians are behaving and acting and to determine that they are following the example of God. So, never think you are to proud to look to others how to improve your actions. But the most important part is make sure that they are following the example of Christ. This first sentence shows how important it is that we only follow examples that are from Christ!

On covering the head in worship

This part of the chapter starts of with a significant sentence on the holding of traditions. I expect most of you, if not all, have been i discussion regarding the question if the Law is still applicable after Jesus died for us at the cross. This chapter informs us that although it is through grace that we will enter Heaven, it does not in anyway mean that we are allowed to no longer hold the traditions and Laws. Holding the Laws is also a sign of respect and worship to God. God gave them to us in the times of the Old Testament for a reason. Because they make us righteous in His eyes. So, please while learning from the Bible make sure that you also learn of the Law.

In this chapter it now concern the covering of the head during worship. As we can read there is a difference between men and woman. First of all, the head of every man is Christ, and the head of every woman is her man, and the head of Christ is God. For a man (as head of the family) it is forbidden to cover his head, while for the woman it is required. I believe this all has to do that covering the head is a sign of humbleness, but also as the chapter describes it is the woman that came from the man and in the man the glory of God is shown and it the woman the glory of her man. And how can a man be both humble and the head of the family? It is the man that needs to make the important decisions with regard to the family. Does this mean that the woman has nothing to say at all? No, I believe that the Bible is also clear on that point. In the house / private man and wife can and need to discuss all matters. But when it comes to making a decision in which both can’t reach a clear answer, than it is the man that needs to make the final decision. So, no man should ever think that these kind of verses can be used to dominate the wife or treat her a slave. God gave you a queen, so make sure that you treat her a such! And I also believe that behind every strong man there is a strong woman!

Correcting an abuse of the Lord’s supper

As Christians we should not just just be nice and give praises to each other. If you see that another Christian is acting contrary to God’s word, than it is your duty to talk with that other Christian and through prayer and scripture show why this person needs to change.

In the church of Corinthians the Lord’s supper was not celebrated in the right way and it was no longer to God’s honor. E.g. Christians eating and drinking there meals instead of drinking the wine as the blood of Jesus and eating the bread is the body of Christ. Or not allowing of the poor to be able to also hold the Lord’s supper. The Lord’s suppers is meant to honor God and should be focussed on exactly this and should not be discraged by not allowing all people to participate, to really eat and drink for the sake of worshipping God instead of taking a meal (do that at home!)

When we eat the bread and drink the wine, than you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes. So when you eat or drink in an unworthy manner, than you are guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord! While growing up I have been in churches in which I thought (looking back) it was taking very lightly for a church member to participate. But this chapter raises a very important requirement. Before taking part you need to examine themselves? Because if you don’t examine yourself than you could be drinking and eating judgment on yourself. Make sure that you first discern the body of Christ, before taking part.

Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 10


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 10

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 10th chapter on the book of 1 Corinthians, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • Warnings from Israel’s history
  • Idol feast and the Lord’s Supper
  • The believer’s freedom

Warnings from Israel’s history

Paul begins this chapter by telling us to look back on the history of Israel. Why? When you read this chapter, you will see that it is to show that on more than one occassion in history you can read how other Christians still fell into sins. It this to show that we cannot help ourselves when we commit sin? No! I believe that Paul shows these examples to make sure that we stay humble, because it will never be by our own strength that we will not sin. No it is only through the strength of God that we will be able to do stay free from sin!

He ends this part of the chapter by stating that if you think that you are standing firm, that you should be careful that you do not fail. As no temptation has overtaken you except to what is commont to mankind. And as God is always faithfull he will never allow you to be tempted more that you can handle. And it the moments that you are tempted, God will also make sure that He provides you with a way to endure it. So also know that you are never alone in a time of temptation, so don’t try to go through it alone!

Idol feasts and the Lord’s Supper

This part of the chapter actually continues on the previous one. As we just learned is that temptations will come and also that God will provide with ways to endure them. One way to endure temptations is to make sure that you are not exposed to a temptation! Don’t think that you should test your own faith by not refraining from certain temptations, because it is better to fully stay away from temptations, than surround yourself with the temptations and see if your faith is enough not to give into that temptation!

In this part of the chapter he begins by clearly stating that we need to flee from idolatry. This warning states that God (as Paul received the words for this bible book from God) hates idols and that we are not allowed to idolize anyone or anything. But for any sensible Christian it should be very clear that you cannot fully serve God if you also idolize someone else, because you are receiving a part of your worship and praise for a human being and not for God. Furthermore, it also shows (again) that when it comes to sin, fleeing (as in the meaning: removing yourself from any situation of sin) is a very smart and acceptable thing to do. If you don’t want to sin with alchohol (become drunk) than working in a bar is not the right move and staying away from such a job the best move!

But the above is not the only reason that God wants us to stay away from idols. Because when you are serving an idol and giving it sacrifices who are you than actually serving? You are actually serving a demon at that moment. It doesn’t matter who you think you are idolizing at that moment, a demon will just attach himself to that person/thing that you think you are idolozing. I even believe if you have a poster on your room from a movie star or singer and you start idolizing/worshipping him/her, that at that moment a demon will also attach himself to it. So never fall into the sin of idolizing, because you are than actually commiting a very big sin! And remember also that God is a jealous God, because he wants and deserves to receive your worship alone and for the full 100%.

The believer’s freedom

I really love reading the books written by Paul (and of course inspired by God), because so many things apply today. The comment: “I have the right to do anything” cannot be more accurate for this time we are living in. I think that most of us have heared this argument so many times. Yes, God will allow you to do anything you want, but He also tells you that not all choices will be beneficial for you. God doesn’t tell us to not to do certain things just to control us or to limit us … no, He tells us this bevcause He knows which things will actually not help you or could even be damaging for you!

Also know that if you life by this statement of that you have the right to do anything, that it also very selfish. You should always look how you can help others. And make sure that all that you do, say, eat, drink to do it in God’s glory. Also don’t be the reason from someone else to stumble, to fall into sin. You have to make sure that you don’t abuse the freedom that God has given you, by being selfish and not carrying about others! God cares about you and gave the life of His own Son, so your sins could and are forgiven!


I feel very blessed that God has given me the opportunity to have this blog and go on a daily journey with you in spending time with God and going deeper in the Bible. I look forward to reading your comments, questions on this chapter. This will enable to go even deeper into God’s word and together learn more from Him!

God bless you all!


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 9


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 9

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 9th chapter on the book of 1 Corinthians, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • Paul’s right as an apostle
  • Paul’s use of his freedom
  • The need for self-discipline

Paul’s right as an apostle

Paul talks about all rights that he could be entitled to based on the work that he is doing. And I also believe that when people are doing the work for God like Paul did, that they should also receive compensation out of the work they do. We shouldn’t just let God provide for them, but we should allow ourselves to be used by God to also help out people that do work for God. This can be a donation to their ministry, to provide them with thing they need. Let us pray to God to find out how we can help our brothers and sisters, that work full-time for God.

Paul ends this part of the chapter to let us know that he is not in it for the money, but that he does it for free, because he wants to spread the gospel. This should always be the heart and mindset of people that work full-time in their ministry. That it is to spread the gospel and not to become this extremly rich pastor of a megachurch (as an example).

Paul’s use of his freedom

I believe this is a very important lesson that Paul is learning us. When you are working for God, than you should be willing to lay down all your freedom to spread His word. You should acknowledge that you have certain freedoms, but that you choose to forsake them to spread the gospel and to worship God. Yes, you can work a high paying job as a CEO, but what if God calls you to work for Him? Are you willing to give up that freedom of all the “power” and money assocatiated with that job. Just like you give up the freedom to sin, to follow God!

The need for self-discipline

As a Christian it is very important to have self-discipline. In this world you are being told that you can do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it. This is opposing Gods word. Ask God to develop self-discipline to be able to resist everything from this world and to withhold things that are coming between you and God.

Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 8


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 8

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 8th chapter on the book of 1 Corinthians 8, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • Concerning food sacrificed to idols

Concerning food sacrificed to idols

The chapter begings to making it clear to us that we need to stop relying on our own understanding? Why, because God is all-knowing and we are definitely not! God can oversee the whole picture, why we can only see a part of it and are also likely to be biased and not always as objective as why imagine ourselves to be.

God tells us that there is only one God (Him) and there is no one like Him. And that we won’t be any better if we eat food that was used as a sacrifice before an idol and we won’t be any worse if we do eat that same food. Why? Because we won’t grow closer to God by the food that we eat. Should we than still eat it? Personally, based on this chapter I would say no. It could be that some other Christian, whom is not so strong in his/her faith sees you eating this food that was sacrificed to an idol and it can cause him/her to be disturbed in his/her faith. And than it does become a sin that you are commiting. To me it should be clear that you shouldn’t even run the risk that you think it won’t do any harm, that it still does, because there was one person that took offence to it and through that you sinned.  Is food really worth running the risk to be sinning against God? For me it isn’t!

Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 7


Bible study on 1 Corinthians – Chapter 7

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 7th chapter on the book of Romans, we will discuss the following subjects:

  • Concerning married life
  • Concerning change of status
  • Concerning the unmarried

Concerning married life

God also created the institute of marriage to make sure that men and women wouldn’t perform sexual sins. For this reason God gave us (one of the reasons) marriage. And God is clear that we can only have sex with our wife/husband and not with others as well. Just like God will not accept us praising anyone else, than God, He will also not accept us having sex with any one other than our marriage partner. But even when you are married you can and will be tested, and cheating is always one that comes back a lot. This is why in this chapter we are made clear that we are not deciding on our own body, as we have to give it to our partner. Why? If we are always avaiable for sex with our partner, than he or she will always be content and will not look elsewhere. This will also mean that you need to make sure that you also really do your best, because it is important to pleasure your partner. Don’t take your husband or wife for granted and also try to grow in all thing marriage related!

But does this mean that there is no reason for not having sex? Yes, there actually is. When you are taking a time of fasting than you can mutually consent on not having sex during that period, if you have decided that you also want to remain pure during that point.

Note that Paul is not telling us to get married or not get married. He does tell us that if you feel that you cannot do without marriage and / or sex, than you need to find a partner (with the help of God) and marry him / her, so that your sexual desire will not make you sin.

Concerning the change of status

This part of the chapter deals with the change of status from unbeliever to believer. Why is this so important for Paul to discuss with us? Well, when we become Christians there are people around us that will overload you with human rules / laws that you need to oblige, while it is actually important to grow to God and not to let yourself be enslaved by other people that demand you act in a certain way. Follow God and let the Holy Spirit change you, not humans.

Concerning the unmarried

Paul emphasizes that is better to be unmarried? Does He look down on married people? No, but he knows that when you are married you have to divide your attention to not only be on the work of God, but also your partner and family.