My view: racism


My view: racism

I have spoken about this subject before, but then from a Christian view. And I truly know that God hates racism, as He created us all to be equal.

The reason for writing a new blog on this subject is the increasing racism in the world. In the last months the most news comes from the USA, where racism is seemingly getting worse and worse by the day.

I am white man and I am married to an African woman. Due to our relationship we are very busy with this subject. We are confronted with more than one side on this subject. Not only because of the way a part of the American police force is dealing with black people, but also because it seems to be a matter between white and black.

But also outside of the USA you can see racism between groups increase, and I see it as something very alarming, but unfortunately also as part of the way the world is turning to its evil ways and getting closer to the situation in “the days of Noah”.

Considering God created us, He did so without putting hate for others in us. That means that our hatred is something that came in some of us through this wicked world. It could be because of what our parents and friends have told us, bad experiences and such things. Whatever the reason, nothing justifies of hating someone purely based on the color of their skin.

I really feel pain for all the news that comes out of the USA of white police men killing black people, and most of the time the killing isn’t even justifiable. Not that killing should ever ben justifiable, but if it was to prevent greater danger. This week I read on a police man that killed a black man that didn’t want to show his drivers license. I am happy that he is charged with murder and that his own equipment recorded this, because he lied about the incident (that it was to protect him, while the video clearly shows that he liquidated him. When looking to the race issue in the USA, I see that it becomes clear again that the deep race issue that has been there for centuries is still there.. Why? Because the USA never really dealt with all that happened and did not do enough to destroy the roots of the racism between the races.

As long as we pretent that racism is not from this time anymore, the more easily it can stay. We need to come together and learn from each other, to talk to each other, to understand each other, but also learn to see that we are all the same and that a different race or color of skin is no reason to hate someone else.

Another reason that will also not stop racism is the fact that I see that alot of people seem to think that racism is a white thing. It is not, throughout history we see how groups hate each other. Also hate against white people exists. As long as we keep prejudice against each other, then racism will have no problem to stay in each other. Instead of hating each other, take the time to learn to know each other. To learn from each others cultures. To take away prejudice about the other person.

As soon as we will all take the effort to get to know each other, then God can help us to remove any form of prejudice and hate towards each other.

God bless you all!


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