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Behind the music – Rammstein


Behind the music – Rammstein

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I want to discuss the band “Rammstein” in the new blog in the “Behind the music” series.

First of all I think it is very hard to think that they are not demonic/satanic. But still, I believe it is very good to write this blog to explain it. You would be surprised how many people can downtalk the satanic presence in this band, merely because they love this band (and this includes even Christian people). In the past I have been to 2 of their concerts (in my concert going days) and the demonic atmosphere is so present their. I remember both times that I prayed on more on one occasions while in the concert hall(s) where they were playing.

Band name

The name of the band “Rammstein” openly stands for the reference to a horrific air crash in the town of Ramstein in 1988 at an American air base in Germany. During this air crash almost 50 people died. What normal band would name themselves after such an horrific tragedy?

But wait, the name of the town is with just one M and they use two M’s. As so many people will tell (their fans mainly) Rammstein is famous for having more than 1 meaning in their lyrics. Apparently, they have a double meaning in their band name as well. In the German language Rammstein stands for battering ram. This brings a clear reference to the Nazi era the battering ram refers to aviation under Nazism. During the end of  WWII the Nazi’s formed a suicide flight squadron called Rammkommando, which carried out suicide actions against American bombers. How sick, twisted and demonic are you to refer your band name to such a squadron?

This squadron only carried out one mission, called Mission Werewolf (Werwolf). The emblem used was:


And the band has a number “Du riechts so gut” which refers to werewolves. So they at not even hiding the reference very well:


Furthermore, they have done concert(s) with the church of satan member Marylin Manson and one of their biggest inspirations is the band KISS (Knights In Satans Service). Well, this doesn’t really help them to get out of the charge of being a demonic group, does it?


When you visit their concerts then you will easily see that there are more than enough indications of demonic references. See how they love pyrotechnics, especially the blasphemous use of a angel like figure that shoots fire.


The songs

The songs itself offer enough very questionable things, but I will discuss some of their songs in separate blogs in this serie.


See in the wallpaper below again the link between Rammstein and Nazism:


A combination of their logo with the logo of the third reich?

I pray that people stop listening to this demonic stuff, especially Christians. Never think that you can listen this kind of music as a Christian (that is also a reason for stopping to listening their songs.


God bless you all!




Behind the music – My sweet lord


Behind the music – My sweet lord

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I am writing this new blog of behind the music. Today I will be discussing the song “My sweet lord” from former Beatles-member George Harrison. Based on the name of the song you would think it is a very innocent and Christian song, but it couldn’t be further from the truth!

George Harrison


When you are even a little bit informed on the Beatles, then you are well aware of their link / alliance to Aleister Crowley. This man described himself as the most wickedest man alive. And reading into the life and believes of this man, you will soon agree that this self proclaimed label isn’t that far from the truth. This man was very satanic and was very much involved in demonic activities and even wrote a book called Liber 777, a book of magical and Qabalistic correspondences that borrowed from Mathers and Bennett.

So an artist that was involved with this man’s teachings cannot be a Christian or have works that honor God.

My sweet lord


Before going into the song, see the image above. Why add demonic statues in a picture for this song? This already doesn’t add up. But to continue with the song.

The lyrics of this song are as follows:

“My Sweet Lord”
My sweet lord. Hm, my lord.  Hm, my lord

I really want to see you. Really want to be with you. Really want to see you lord
But it takes so long, my lord.

My sweet lord. Hm, my lord. Hm, my lord

I really want to know you. Really want to go with you. Really want to show you lord.  That it won’t take long, my lord (hallelujah)

My sweet lord (hallelujah). Hm, my lord (hallelujah).  My sweet lord (hallelujah).

I really want to see you. Really want to see you. Really want to see you, lord. Really want to see you, lord. But it takes so long, my lord (hallelujah)

My sweet lord (hallelujah). Hm, my lord (hallelujah).  My, my, my lord (hallelujah)

I really want to know you (hallelujah). Really want to go with you (hallelujah).  Really want to show you lord (aaah). That it won’t take long, my lord (hallelujah)

Hmm (hallelujah). My sweet lord (hallelujah). My, my, lord (hallelujah)

Hm, my lord (hare krishna). My, my, my lord (hare krishna). Oh hm, my sweet lord (krishna, krishna). Oh-uuh-uh (hare hare).

Now, I really want to see you (hare rama). Really want to be with you (hare rama)
Really want to see you lord (aaah). But it takes so long, my lord (hallelujah)

Hm, my lord (hallelujah). My, my, my lord (hare krishna). My sweet lord (hare krishna)
My sweet lord (krishna krishna). My lord (hare hare). Hm, hm (Gurur Brahma).  Hm, hm (Gurur Vishnu).  Hm, hm (Gurur Devo).  Hm, hm (Maheshwara).  My sweet lord (Gurur Sakshaat).  My sweet lord (Parabrahma).  My, my, my lord (Tasmayi Shree). My, my, my, my lord (Guruve Namah).  My sweet lord (Hare Rama)


(hare krishna). My sweet lord (hare krishna). My sweet lord (krishna krishna).  My lord (hare hare)

When you start analyzing the song it seems to start all good, because he is continuously saying hallelujah and he seems to talking to God (lord). However, saying to God that it takes to long for Him to show Himself is already a red flag. God works on His time and not on our time. But this isn’t even the most important part of the song, because during the song George doesn’t name his lord to be God.

And during the song it becomes clear that it is indeed not God which he calls his lord. No during the song he starts to give honor to his lord: hare krisna. In the second part of the song he is continuously praising eastern gods (demons). Therefore it is very important not to sing a song as long as you didn’t not really analyzed the words and meaning of the song.

But why did he make this song? Because it is a good attempt to misguide Christians. Why? Because in the beginning it seems to be an innocent song that is there to praise God. And if you as a Christian are not paying attention that you will join in singing Hallelujah and before you know it, you are praising those eastern demons.

Be very aware of what music you are singing along with, because in this case George Harrison this this deliberate to make Christians praise a demon instead of God.

I pray to God to open our eyes and be aware of the demonic presence in secular music. Thank you God for protecting us from this evil. Amen!


Behind the music – Satanic influence


Behind the music – Satanic influence

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today a new blog in the ‘behind the music’. In this blog I will go in on the influence of satan in music in general. How much you like some secular songs, you can rest assured that the chance is very big that with some digging you will clearly find the influence of satan in it.

It is important that you no longer close your eyes to this fact and educate yourself on this subject.

Satanic influence

Most, if not all, secular music is influenced by satan. With some quick digging you will easily find artists that have openly sold their soul to satan, just to have fame and fortune. Know that how amazing this fame and fortune may look, no amount of money or fame is worth going to hell for!

Here are some examples:

Tori Amos

Tori Amos stated: “I think music comes through dimensions, it`s arrogant to think you can create music on your own, there`s a co-creation going on. I don`t know with whom, but there is this well that we all tap into”. She once said “I wanted to marry Lucifer I don’t consider Lucifer an evil force .I feel his presence with his music. I feel like he comes and sits on my piano”.

See how she openly admits that she (and also others musicians) need satan to create their music. She even goes so far to say that she wants to marry satan. Someone that can openly state this, is someone that you should not even try and listen to her music. She makes it very clear who the real composer of her music is.

Joan Mitchell

In 1974 she told the press that get her music and inspiration from a male spirit. And you can bet yourself that this is not a good spirit? Why not? Because if it was from God than you would flat out confirm it is from God. But in her case she lets us not that she gets her music from a male demon. She calls her demon: Art. And she also confirms that she is married to this demon, so there is no room for any doubt that she sold her soul to the devil.

Lady Gaga

I doubt that with this more recent famous musicians there is still any doubt of her alliance to the devil. She admits that she has the spirit of a death aunt inside of her and that she got a song called Judas from the spirit of Alexander McQueen (a deceased demonic designer). As we know she is being lied to (although it is obvious that she knows it) considering these two spirit are of course demons! And someone that can make a song to honor Judas. The disciple that betrayed Jesus?! To honor a disciple that sold his soul to the devil himself is more than proof that she sold her soul to the devil.

These are just a few examples of artists that openly confess that they have sold their souls to the devil. And the list goes on and on! For example: Bob Dylan, John Lennon, the Beatles, Carlos Santana and Kurt Kobain.

Behind the music – Queen

Behind the music

Behind the music – Queen

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are now nearing the end of 2016. During the last days of the year a lot of charts are prepared of the “best” songs of all time in many countries, just like here in The Netherlands. In the Netherlands almost every year the song Bohemian Rhapsody is the number 1. Not much is needed to know that this band has a satanic / illuminati link.

In this blog I will discuss the band, the number mentioned above and other relevant information

The band

Of course the lead singer, Freddie Mercury, was the most famous. But He was in fact not the inspiration of the satanic and illuminati presence/agenda of this group. No, it was in fact the guitarist, Bryan May.

Some points on Bryan May:

  • He is a known freemason
  • Brainwashed Freddie Mercury in joining his band
  • He profited from the death of Freddie Mercury the most, which makes it apparent that the death of Freddie Mercury was a blood sacrifice.
  • After his death, it was Bryan May that replaced him.

It is even suggested that Bryan May really didn’t like the camp way the band was under Freddy Mercury and he wanted to take over to “butch” up the band. On internet you will even find suggestions that he was the one injecting Freddie Mercury with the AIDS virus, as his long time boyfriend confirms (for what its worth) that Freddie did not lead a promiscuous life. Although it is hard to confirm this, it is a fact that Bryan gained the most from the death of Mercury.

Their most famous song has the most clear sign that they were indeed satanic as they openly worship the demon beelzebub, confirming that the devil has a disciple.

In the future I will do a more in-depth blog on this group, but for now I hope that this first blog on them will show that there are satanic / illuminati references in this group.

Behind the music – Jay-Z & Beyonce

Behind the music

Behind the music – Jay-Z & Beyoncé

Dear brothers and sisters,

It was about time to write a new blog in my ‘behind the music’ blog series. And God gave it on my heart to let Jay-Z & Beyoncé be the subject of this blog. Why did I want to talk about this music “power” couple? Because they both have more than showed to the world to have sold their soul for success and riches.

I think the last years already show that both of them are willing to do and use everything to earn money with it, including using their private matters (as cheating) for it. I honestly don’t believe that they have real love for each other, but that they have a common love for money (the mammon).


With this couple it became very clear that Jay-Z sold his soul for his fame. Why? The most obvious reason comes from his clothing line. On his clothing line you will see the following text:


As you can see it says: “Do what thou wilt”. If you are new to this subject you may and probably will miss the significance of this. For Jay-Z to use this specific sentence shows that he is very deep into the occult. Why? Because this is the most important teaching of the most wicked man alive: Alister Crowley. For someone to use his teaching to sell clothing shows to which extent he has gone to get this success: Jay-Z sold his soul. Also he always has music or he produces music that will glorify sex, violence or other things that glorify the devil. Also in his video clips it will always show signs like the all-seeing eye, the eye of horus (satan), the sign of the beast and all those things (of which I have already talked in a previous blog. So for Jay-Z it is very important to give honor to the devil. Why? Because he sold his soul to the devil and the devil wants to get credit!


Although she might look innocent, she also is very much into illuminati and the occult. Her music is not very good (to my opinion), but still she is on top of the music game. How come? Because she also sold her soul. She even admits that a demon entered her called Sasha Fierce. See below some very clear photo’s that show that she also sold her soul to the devil:


Above she doing the all-seeing eyes which is a satanic illuminati reference.


Above she is doing the baphomet sign with her hands to give honor to the devil. Why would you do this if you are not working for him and did not sell your soul to the devil?


On the right you can see a still from a very old movie: Metropolis. This movie is considered a very demonic movie by itself (from the 1930’s) in which this robot called Maria symbolizes the whore of Babylon. For an artist from this era to choose to dress like a demonic female robot from a very unknown film says that she will do a lot to give honor to her master satan.


Looking at the picture above we see the baphomet. Someone that will give honor to baphomet (a worker of the devil) shows her alliance. And it isn’t with God.

In the future I will undoubtedly talk about these two devil worshippers some more, but in this blog I hope to have shown you their allegiance with the devil. Don’t be fouled by them!

Behind the music – Justin Bieber

Behind the music

Behind the music – Justin Bieber

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this blog I will discuss Justin Bieber as he is currently the most successful artist in the world. Did he receive this fame through an good way, or did he sell his soul to gain all this success?

The more and more I see his career progress, the more it becomes clear to me that he sold his soul for this success. Not just because of signs like this:


Although they are not made by mistake and are clearly satanic / illuminati references, there is much more to Justin Bieber that shows that his rise to fame is solely by selling his soul for this success.

The signs we see above are (left) the “el diablo” sign (which means to show that you love the devil) and the (right) is the eye of horus. If you look into a lot of him, then you will see that he more often shows his allegiance with the devil (also with his shirts). As we can see below he loves to insult God:


Justin Bieber was raised in a Christian home and claims that he is a Christian. But what born again Christian would actively insult God? He wears a shirt from Marilyn Manson (one of most satanic persons currently alive) and with an insult to Jesus.

But as we will see below, he not only insults God through his hand signs and clothing, but also in his song. And in his songs he does it in a more wicked way: subliminally!


In 2015 Justin released his song: Where are you now. This is a very evil song, as it is made to really sound innocent and have a nice feel to it. But if you really take the time to watch the real agenda with this song. If you pause this clip you get to see his real agenda:


If you closely you see a upside-down cross on his forehead. The upside-down cross is a reference to satan. And in Revelations we can also read that in the end times people wear the satanic signs on their right hand or their forehead!


See how he embraces evil and insults God! See how he has really given his life to satan to get the current fame is has.

We should be very close to God and stay far away from worldly music. Because when you really take the time to study the artist and the message they follow, then you will see how many of them sold their soul for their fame.

Don’t let your mind be polluted by wicked messages!



Behind the music – Update

Behind the music

Behind the music

God bless you all my fellow Christians,

It has been a while since I wrote blogs about the subject of satanic influences. From now on I want to start writing them again as I notice that God puts this subject very much on my heart. Why? I believe that the satanic influences in the music industry, but also in the entertainment industry as whole is very much active and now even more than ever is being used to influence us and to get us to forget or at least mix our Christian values with the satanic influences. The devil knows that he cannot directly get us to sins and leave the narrow path to heaven, therefore he uses music and entertainment to sicken our minds.

Please never underestimate the plans of the devil, because he is not resting before he has influenced you in such a way that you are more and more leaving the narrow path to heaven.

In my previous blogs on this subject I have analysed several songs in which the satanic influence was very much there. How much you may like worldly music (and some songs or movies will be very nice to listen or watch, however the more you grow closer to God and are lead by the Holy Spirit,  the more you will see how much the devil is using these things to make you accept the worldly principles. You will notice that you become more open to people that are homosexual of have other sexual sins in their life. But also that isn’t a bad thing to pursue money and wealth by any means necessary.

The more you life by the guidance of the Holy Spirit , the more you will feel the desire to listen and watch to these worldly things from the entertainment industry. I have grown to resent listening to certain songs, because the more I was really listening, the more I became aware of the satanic presence in it.

I want to ask you to come with songs, which I will then analyse and study, to get more insight in the satanic presence in them. And you will be shocked how much songs and movies are very much influenced by demonic things.

It is better (much better) to listen to Christian music and watch Christian movies, because they will bring you closer to God.

Looking forward to our suggestions on songs to discuss in my upcoming blogs!

God bless you! Amen!

Behind the music – Who is rain man?

Behind the music

Behind the music – Who is the rain man

Dear brothers and sisters,

In my previous blog about music and promised my next blog to be about rain man. In that blog the term ‘rain man’ all of a sudden surfaced in “Umbrella” of Rihanna. Rest assured that it was not “all of a sudden”. The reference in that song and a lot of songs is made very delibarate and it is to pay honor to the one that gave them all that success: the devil!

Rain man is the term for the “the above man” that showers us with blessings. Although this might sound as Jesus, this is not the one they mean. The are indeed referring to the devil. See how wicked people describe him to come from above … while there is only one place he came from: the underworld/hell/Hades. As I described in an earlier blog is that the devil is a fallen angel (in that sense he did came from above) that was blessed with a beautiful voice. After He was cast out of heaven, God did not take his music abilities, so he still has them. Never think that the devil has no hold on the music industry, because he has. That is why all those artist honor rain man, because they honor the devil!

So from no on be aware of the terms: “rain man”, rain and umbrella as they refer to artist paying hommage to the devil for their success in music.

Also in movies we see this, with the 1988 movie: Rain man


In this movie the Illuminati and the devil already let you know Rain man and in a way that you don’t look with suspicion to it, as it a nice movie. But is it? First of all, I read a secular blog / news about it, that surprised me. This movie was very unlikely to be a big hit as it came in the cinemas during a time of a lof of blockbusters (and also this genre was not popular at that time), but it did came into the cinema and it became the most succesful movie of that time! Surprise? Not anymore, the devil is boss in the music and movie industry and he will shower peopel that sell their soul with “blessings”.

When we look into this movie it is not a really nice story as the other brother (Tom Cruise) continiously uses his brother for his own gain to earn money of him. In showbizz we also see this (e.g. Dr Dre with Eminimen). With Eminem having sold his soul and actually paying the price, but with Dr. Dre to be “blessed” by selling the soul of Eminem. And which person is the richest artist of the moment? Dr Dre!

I pray that from now one you eyes are open that in secular songs the artists need to and will pay tribute to the devil. But don’t let yourself be fouled, as God confirms that the wicked devil is praised by those people that want to “make it big” as an artist and are willing to sell your soul. Never allow your faith to be compomised by attempts of the devil

God thank you for protecting us and make us aware of bad influences in music and movies! From now one never think that rain man or rain in music is nothing, because they refer to it for a reason in their songs.

Behind the music – What is in a name?

Behind the music

Behind the music – what is in a name?

Dear brothers and sisters,

In todays blog in the serie ‘Behind the music’ I will talk about a few band names and show their meaning. Although most of the bands would like us to belief that the name is chosen by coincidence, I will tell you on forehand that when selecting their name they already knew the real meaning.


An American rock band from Chicago that became famous in the 70’s and 80’s. There biggest hits were innocent sounding songs as babe and Lady. Although they claim that this was the only band name that they all could agree on and that for them it was not slected for any satanic meaning. But if we look into the name styx, then we will soon learn that the real meaning of Styx is: hatred or disgust in particular against humans. Why would someone name his or her band with such a disgusting name? Also everyone a little educated into mythology will also remember that Styx also stands for the river Styx, then river you have to pass to get into Hades (hell).


Currently one of the top deejays in the world. When listening to his music and just looking at the name you wouldn’t think much of it. But actually his name comes from buddhism is stands for the lowest level of hell!


This band is most famous for their outfits and from their big hit: I was made for loving you, baby.The name of the song may not sound wrong, their band name makes it very clear which master they serve: Knights In Satan’s Service!


Also this band tries to downplay the real meaning of their name, but let it be very clear (also because of the lighting bolt  – see previous blogs – in between AC and DC) that their name shows their allegiance to the devil: AntiChrist DevilChild!

Through this short blog I want to show that when musicians sell their soul they will always show their allegiance in one way or another.

God bless you!