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Behind the Music – Donald Trump


Behind the Music – Donald Trump

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this new blog in the ‘behind the music’ series I will today not talk about an artist, but about Donald Trump. Why? Because how is it possible that someone like Trump, who is clearly not qualified for that job, still became the president of the USA? Is this simply a case of luck or is their more to it.

It is quite strange that a man that was always know as a TV-celebrity and infamous for his cocky and rude behavior (and sometimes downride creepy, when talking about his own daughter) still managed to become the most powerful man in the USA.

Of course, the 2 party political system in the USA certainly helped in a country where it seems that the majority doesn’t seem to vote for what is really the best choice for their country, but they just decide to choice the nominee for “their” party. Personally, I found it very shocking to see that through this American Christians decided to vote for this man that has a track record for being a racist (against muslims and Mexicans in particular, but also they way he condones violence against black people. And also consider the fact that he comes from a family of KKK-members) and a sexist. I understand that people don’t like Hillary as well, but why then not choose for another option.

Americans now are noticing that after 1 year in office, Trump has been spending more of his time in his own resorts playing golf, than actually at work. He already costs the tax payers close to USD 100 million for not doing his job. And still we see how people are keeping him in office. Also, the ongoing investigation on his betrayal of his own country, by working together with the Russians. For a country that always claims to be patriotic (especially his voters), it is weird that they would allow someone to be president while it becomes more and more evident that he worked for / or with another country to get elected.

But the above is all more a political based opinion. The first reason that I also wanted to write on Donald Trump in this blog is because of an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ years ago. Why? In this episode it was Donald Trump becoming president of the USA! Why did they choose him, or did the establishment / illuminati already informed us in plain sight what they were planning to do? Based on that episode, it would seem that his election is not just a coincedence.


The reason that it becomes more and more clear that Donald Trump becoming president of the USA is part of a plan of the illimunati is because it seems that the only one that really benefit from his presidency are the rich people. The poor, the working class and other ‘normal’ Americans only seem to lose from this men’s presidency. And what is the goal of the illimunati? To make the rich richer and the poor poorer. And this is exactly what this man is doing. That is why I urge the Christians in the USA to stop supporting him, because he does not has your best interest in mind and certainly doesn’t support our Christian values.┬áHe could care less!

Maybe it would be time to have a Christian party if the American Christians want to support a party that is their for their Christians values. But know that just like the Democrats, the Republicans (and certainly not Trump) are not the once that defend those values!

Your thoughts?


Behind the Music – Joel Osteen


Illuminati exposed – Joel Osteen

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I want to write about another Illuminati-puppet. I understand that this might offend some of my fellow Christians as a lot of Christians still believe that he is a man of God. I also used to listen to his sermons on the internet and felt really inspired by them.

But the more and more God is working in my life, I have been opened my eyes that amongst other pastors of megachurches that they are nothing more than illuminati-puppets and are nothing more than false teachers.

Why do I believe that Joel Osteen is a false teacher and an Illuminati puppet?

  • Joel Osteen always tells us to join a Bible-based church. However, how many sermons does he really uses the Bible or verses from the Bible? All the sermons I have seen: barely any.
  • He and his wife claim that God works for us and wants us to be happy. Wrong, God wants us to follow God and follow His commandments. God does not work for us, but just like a lot of his word-of-faith friends see God as a way to get what they want. Not what God wants for us.
  • The best way for the devil to mislead Christians is to sent false teachers.
  • I admit that Joel Osteen is a very good motivational speaker, but he is not a Christian teacher that follows God.
  • How can you work together with Oprah and claim that you are a follower of God? Oprah is not a Christian and it seems more important to work with her, than to stand for what God wants for us.
  • Joel never condemns homosexuality and is even willing to marry gay people. In no way this acceptable by God.

Stop following this false teacher and really join a Bible based church!

Word-of-faith movement is satanic. Don’t believe in the Law of attraction but only believe in God!

Behind the Music – Donald Trump (episode 2)

Trump-Illuminati-756874.jpgIlluminati exposed – Donald Trump (episode 2)


Dear brothers and sisters,

Today my 2nd blog on Donald Trump. I am very shocked that the USA really selected this man as their new president. I understand the whole principle of the 2 party system, but voting for this horrible person is beyond me.

I have never seen someone so full of himself that he always openly disrespects his own wife. All presidents wait for their wife to come out of a plan of car. But not Trump, because this man really thinks is all is about him.

But also we see the Illuminati at hand by all the nepotism surrounding him. How can he get away unpunished by hiring his daughter, son(s) and son in law.

But also how more and more evident it becomes that he has made himself nothing more than a pathetic hand puppet of the Russians. This man was so eager to become president that he was willing to sell him and the USA to its only political opponent in the world:

But see also below all the demonic hand sign to confirm his allegiance:


I will keep on posting on him in this blog serie, but will also include others that are clearly puppets of the illuminati.