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Bible study on Romans – Chapter 14

Bible study on Romans

Bible study on Romans – Chapter 14

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 14th chapter on the book of Romans we will go through this chapter as following:

  • The weak and the strong

The weak and the strong

This chapter begins with a stern warning to all of us not to judge each other in our level of faith. When you see someone that is not as far in faith, then you God tells you not to judge Him. The same thing also counts the other way around. Respect each other in faith!

Also, God doesn’t want to waste our times on whole discussions on drinking and eating, because in the Kingdom of God these two things are not a matter. In the Kingdom of God the things that matter are: righteousness, peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit.

In this chapter God emphasises that food should never be a reason for divison between Christians.