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My view – Charlie Hebdo


My view – Charlie Hebdo

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I want to talk about Charlie Hebdo. This week the world was shocked by the news which came from Paris: 3 muslim extremist that attacked the headquarters of a magazine just because they were criticizing islam. For days now the news keeps coming and it shows how the world is moving more and more to its end (because this incident is not alone with ISIS, Boko Haram and such).

Trust on God

First of all let nothing that happens in the world bring you worry or stress. The devil will try his best to bring things in our life that can bring us stress and worry. But no matter how much terrorism and war (and all sort of things) there will be, you still need to fully trust on God and even in these times be free from worry and stress.

This incident / act of crime shows that we should never place trust on ourselves or others, because it is only God that can really keep us save. Also see this incident as an extra reason to grow closer to God.


This attack is also viewed as an attack on democracy. Why? Because simply by having an opinion, these people got killed because these islam extremist did not accept any critic on them. They way they want to silence all critic on their faith is very wrong and shows a direct difference between Christianity and Islam.


We should never allow anyone to lose our faith, because they have critic on our faith or on God. We should grow every day in our faith to be more determined in our faith, but as Jesus never used violence we should also never use violence to “protect” our faith. You won’t honor God by shedding blood in His name. Also we life in a time that people will have more and more critic on our faith as the devil is pushing more and more, because he wants as many people as possible to reject faith in God by any means! But never allow the devil that victory, because God is almighty!

Also stay calm when you talk with someone and they insult Christianity or God. Explain your faith and tell them about Jesus. If someone stays aggressive then just stop the conversation, because you should never be put in a hostile conversation.

So never let any of this kind of news scare you, but see it as extra reason to grow closer to God.