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Behind the music – Who is rain man?

Behind the music

Behind the music – Who is the rain man

Dear brothers and sisters,

In my previous blog about music and promised my next blog to be about rain man. In that blog the term ‘rain man’ all of a sudden surfaced in “Umbrella” of Rihanna. Rest assured that it was not “all of a sudden”. The reference in that song and a lot of songs is made very delibarate and it is to pay honor to the one that gave them all that success: the devil!

Rain man is the term for the “the above man” that showers us with blessings. Although this might sound as Jesus, this is not the one they mean. The are indeed referring to the devil. See how wicked people describe him to come from above … while there is only one place he came from: the underworld/hell/Hades. As I described in an earlier blog is that the devil is a fallen angel (in that sense he did came from above) that was blessed with a beautiful voice. After He was cast out of heaven, God did not take his music abilities, so he still has them. Never think that the devil has no hold on the music industry, because he has. That is why all those artist honor rain man, because they honor the devil!

So from no on be aware of the terms: “rain man”, rain and umbrella as they refer to artist paying hommage to the devil for their success in music.

Also in movies we see this, with the 1988 movie: Rain man


In this movie the Illuminati and the devil already let you know Rain man and in a way that you don’t look with suspicion to it, as it a nice movie. But is it? First of all, I read a secular blog / news about it, that surprised me. This movie was very unlikely to be a big hit as it came in the cinemas during a time of a lof of blockbusters (and also this genre was not popular at that time), but it did came into the cinema and it became the most succesful movie of that time! Surprise? Not anymore, the devil is boss in the music and movie industry and he will shower peopel that sell their soul with “blessings”.

When we look into this movie it is not a really nice story as the other brother (Tom Cruise) continiously uses his brother for his own gain to earn money of him. In showbizz we also see this (e.g. Dr Dre with Eminimen). With Eminem having sold his soul and actually paying the price, but with Dr. Dre to be “blessed” by selling the soul of Eminem. And which person is the richest artist of the moment? Dr Dre!

I pray that from now one you eyes are open that in secular songs the artists need to and will pay tribute to the devil. But don’t let yourself be fouled, as God confirms that the wicked devil is praised by those people that want to “make it big” as an artist and are willing to sell your soul. Never allow your faith to be compomised by attempts of the devil

God thank you for protecting us and make us aware of bad influences in music and movies! From now one never think that rain man or rain in music is nothing, because they refer to it for a reason in their songs.


Behind the music – Umbrella by Rihanna (featuring Jay-Z)

Behind the music

Behind the music – Umbrella by Rihanna (featuring Jay-Z)

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I want to take time and talk about a song in which the presence of satanic and Illuminati is very much there. Don’t think that within secular music there are songs that are not influenced. Also not this song.


Both artists in this music video have been connected to satanic and Illuminati influence very often. First of all Jay-Z all his producing company Rockafella which is referring to one of the biggest families associated with the Illuminati: the Rockefellers. Why choose this name? To show your alliance of course. I a previous blog in this serie we already showed how deep Jay-Z is in this satanic and Illuminati. Also He shows to be a student of one of the most satanic persons every alive: Alyster Crowley. Even his motto for his clothing brand, holds the phrase ‘Do what dou willst’, which is from this satanic man.

Also looking to the music videos and live perfomances of Rihanna will show satanic references like the triangle or baphomet … see the clip on 2:41 were she is in a unusual / unhuman position and in the triangle she is standing as baphomet!


See the following lyrics and see how the satanic influence is very present in this song:

Rain man is back, with little miss sunshine, Rihanna where you at?

In my next blog of this serie will be about rain man. But for now I want to point out that rain man is mentioned in a lot of songs and is said to be referring to an entity these artists and the illumunati are serving. Why mention this entity?

You had my heart.
And we’ll never be world apart.

Here she admits that her heart is owned by this rain man and that she will never be apart of him. Is she admitting to be loyal to satan (or one of his demons)?

Said I’ll always be a friend.
Took an oath, Ima stick it out to the end.

Here she even openly admits that she has took an oath and will not desecrate that oath. A lot of musician are claimed to have sold their sold for their success and Rihanna seems to be no exception.

See how also this song and these artist are very much linked with the satanic and the illumanti. Never think that secular music and their artists are not bad. You will see that somewhere along the road the signs will “pop up”. Rather listen to Gospel songs which will honor God and bless you!

Behind the music – What is in a name?

Behind the music

Behind the music – what is in a name?

Dear brothers and sisters,

In todays blog in the serie ‘Behind the music’ I will talk about a few band names and show their meaning. Although most of the bands would like us to belief that the name is chosen by coincidence, I will tell you on forehand that when selecting their name they already knew the real meaning.


An American rock band from Chicago that became famous in the 70’s and 80’s. There biggest hits were innocent sounding songs as babe and Lady. Although they claim that this was the only band name that they all could agree on and that for them it was not slected for any satanic meaning. But if we look into the name styx, then we will soon learn that the real meaning of Styx is: hatred or disgust in particular against humans. Why would someone name his or her band with such a disgusting name? Also everyone a little educated into mythology will also remember that Styx also stands for the river Styx, then river you have to pass to get into Hades (hell).


Currently one of the top deejays in the world. When listening to his music and just looking at the name you wouldn’t think much of it. But actually his name comes from buddhism is stands for the lowest level of hell!


This band is most famous for their outfits and from their big hit: I was made for loving you, baby.The name of the song may not sound wrong, their band name makes it very clear which master they serve: Knights In Satan’s Service!


Also this band tries to downplay the real meaning of their name, but let it be very clear (also because of the lighting bolt  – see previous blogs – in between AC and DC) that their name shows their allegiance to the devil: AntiChrist DevilChild!

Through this short blog I want to show that when musicians sell their soul they will always show their allegiance in one way or another.

God bless you!