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Behind the music – Satanic influence


Behind the music – Satanic influence

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today a new blog in the ‘behind the music’. In this blog I will go in on the influence of satan in music in general. How much you like some secular songs, you can rest assured that the chance is very big that with some digging you will clearly find the influence of satan in it.

It is important that you no longer close your eyes to this fact and educate yourself on this subject.

Satanic influence

Most, if not all, secular music is influenced by satan. With some quick digging you will easily find artists that have openly sold their soul to satan, just to have fame and fortune. Know that how amazing this fame and fortune may look, no amount of money or fame is worth going to hell for!

Here are some examples:

Tori Amos

Tori Amos stated: “I think music comes through dimensions, it`s arrogant to think you can create music on your own, there`s a co-creation going on. I don`t know with whom, but there is this well that we all tap into”. She once said “I wanted to marry Lucifer I don’t consider Lucifer an evil force .I feel his presence with his music. I feel like he comes and sits on my piano”.

See how she openly admits that she (and also others musicians) need satan to create their music. She even goes so far to say that she wants to marry satan. Someone that can openly state this, is someone that you should not even try and listen to her music. She makes it very clear who the real composer of her music is.

Joan Mitchell

In 1974 she told the press that get her music and inspiration from a male spirit. And you can bet yourself that this is not a good spirit? Why not? Because if it was from God than you would flat out confirm it is from God. But in her case she lets us not that she gets her music from a male demon. She calls her demon: Art. And she also confirms that she is married to this demon, so there is no room for any doubt that she sold her soul to the devil.

Lady Gaga

I doubt that with this more recent famous musicians there is still any doubt of her alliance to the devil. She admits that she has the spirit of a death aunt inside of her and that she got a song called Judas from the spirit of Alexander McQueen (a deceased demonic designer). As we know she is being lied to (although it is obvious that she knows it) considering these two spirit are of course demons! And someone that can make a song to honor Judas. The disciple that betrayed Jesus?! To honor a disciple that sold his soul to the devil himself is more than proof that she sold her soul to the devil.

These are just a few examples of artists that openly confess that they have sold their souls to the devil. And the list goes on and on! For example: Bob Dylan, John Lennon, the Beatles, Carlos Santana and Kurt Kobain.


Behind the music – Jay-Z & Beyonce

Behind the music

Behind the music – Jay-Z & Beyoncé

Dear brothers and sisters,

It was about time to write a new blog in my ‘behind the music’ blog series. And God gave it on my heart to let Jay-Z & Beyoncé be the subject of this blog. Why did I want to talk about this music “power” couple? Because they both have more than showed to the world to have sold their soul for success and riches.

I think the last years already show that both of them are willing to do and use everything to earn money with it, including using their private matters (as cheating) for it. I honestly don’t believe that they have real love for each other, but that they have a common love for money (the mammon).


With this couple it became very clear that Jay-Z sold his soul for his fame. Why? The most obvious reason comes from his clothing line. On his clothing line you will see the following text:


As you can see it says: “Do what thou wilt”. If you are new to this subject you may and probably will miss the significance of this. For Jay-Z to use this specific sentence shows that he is very deep into the occult. Why? Because this is the most important teaching of the most wicked man alive: Alister Crowley. For someone to use his teaching to sell clothing shows to which extent he has gone to get this success: Jay-Z sold his soul. Also he always has music or he produces music that will glorify sex, violence or other things that glorify the devil. Also in his video clips it will always show signs like the all-seeing eye, the eye of horus (satan), the sign of the beast and all those things (of which I have already talked in a previous blog. So for Jay-Z it is very important to give honor to the devil. Why? Because he sold his soul to the devil and the devil wants to get credit!


Although she might look innocent, she also is very much into illuminati and the occult. Her music is not very good (to my opinion), but still she is on top of the music game. How come? Because she also sold her soul. She even admits that a demon entered her called Sasha Fierce. See below some very clear photo’s that show that she also sold her soul to the devil:


Above she doing the all-seeing eyes which is a satanic illuminati reference.


Above she is doing the baphomet sign with her hands to give honor to the devil. Why would you do this if you are not working for him and did not sell your soul to the devil?


On the right you can see a still from a very old movie: Metropolis. This movie is considered a very demonic movie by itself (from the 1930’s) in which this robot called Maria symbolizes the whore of Babylon. For an artist from this era to choose to dress like a demonic female robot from a very unknown film says that she will do a lot to give honor to her master satan.


Looking at the picture above we see the baphomet. Someone that will give honor to baphomet (a worker of the devil) shows her alliance. And it isn’t with God.

In the future I will undoubtedly talk about these two devil worshippers some more, but in this blog I hope to have shown you their allegiance with the devil. Don’t be fouled by them!