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Behind the music – Justin Bieber

Behind the music

Behind the music – Justin Bieber

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this blog I will discuss Justin Bieber as he is currently the most successful artist in the world. Did he receive this fame through an good way, or did he sell his soul to gain all this success?

The more and more I see his career progress, the more it becomes clear to me that he sold his soul for this success. Not just because of signs like this:


Although they are not made by mistake and are clearly satanic / illuminati references, there is much more to Justin Bieber that shows that his rise to fame is solely by selling his soul for this success.

The signs we see above are (left) the “el diablo” sign (which means to show that you love the devil) and the (right) is the eye of horus. If you look into a lot of him, then you will see that he more often shows his allegiance with the devil (also with his shirts). As we can see below he loves to insult God:


Justin Bieber was raised in a Christian home and claims that he is a Christian. But what born again Christian would actively insult God? He wears a shirt from Marilyn Manson (one of most satanic persons currently alive) and with an insult to Jesus.

But as we will see below, he not only insults God through his hand signs and clothing, but also in his song. And in his songs he does it in a more wicked way: subliminally!


In 2015 Justin released his song: Where are you now. This is a very evil song, as it is made to really sound innocent and have a nice feel to it. But if you really take the time to watch the real agenda with this song. If you pause this clip you get to see his real agenda:


If you closely you see a upside-down cross on his forehead. The upside-down cross is a reference to satan. And in Revelations we can also read that in the end times people wear the satanic signs on their right hand or their forehead!


See how he embraces evil and insults God! See how he has really given his life to satan to get the current fame is has.

We should be very close to God and stay far away from worldly music. Because when you really take the time to study the artist and the message they follow, then you will see how many of them sold their soul for their fame.

Don’t let your mind be polluted by wicked messages!