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31 July 2016 – Happy birthday, my son!


Happy birthday (31 July 2016) to our son!

On this day (31 July 2016) we are celebrating the 15th birthday of our oldest son, Jedidiah!

God bless you for guiding him through this past year and for all the blessings you have placed upon him for the coming year!

We love you very much, Jedi!

We love you!


Your father and mother and your sisters Kyturah and your brother Levi!

Behind the music – Jay-Z & Beyonce

Behind the music

Behind the music – Jay-Z & Beyoncé

Dear brothers and sisters,

It was about time to write a new blog in my ‘behind the music’ blog series. And God gave it on my heart to let Jay-Z & Beyoncé be the subject of this blog. Why did I want to talk about this music “power” couple? Because they both have more than showed to the world to have sold their soul for success and riches.

I think the last years already show that both of them are willing to do and use everything to earn money with it, including using their private matters (as cheating) for it. I honestly don’t believe that they have real love for each other, but that they have a common love for money (the mammon).


With this couple it became very clear that Jay-Z sold his soul for his fame. Why? The most obvious reason comes from his clothing line. On his clothing line you will see the following text:


As you can see it says: “Do what thou wilt”. If you are new to this subject you may and probably will miss the significance of this. For Jay-Z to use this specific sentence shows that he is very deep into the occult. Why? Because this is the most important teaching of the most wicked man alive: Alister Crowley. For someone to use his teaching to sell clothing shows to which extent he has gone to get this success: Jay-Z sold his soul. Also he always has music or he produces music that will glorify sex, violence or other things that glorify the devil. Also in his video clips it will always show signs like the all-seeing eye, the eye of horus (satan), the sign of the beast and all those things (of which I have already talked in a previous blog. So for Jay-Z it is very important to give honor to the devil. Why? Because he sold his soul to the devil and the devil wants to get credit!


Although she might look innocent, she also is very much into illuminati and the occult. Her music is not very good (to my opinion), but still she is on top of the music game. How come? Because she also sold her soul. She even admits that a demon entered her called Sasha Fierce. See below some very clear photo’s that show that she also sold her soul to the devil:


Above she doing the all-seeing eyes which is a satanic illuminati reference.


Above she is doing the baphomet sign with her hands to give honor to the devil. Why would you do this if you are not working for him and did not sell your soul to the devil?


On the right you can see a still from a very old movie: Metropolis. This movie is considered a very demonic movie by itself (from the 1930’s) in which this robot called Maria symbolizes the whore of Babylon. For an artist from this era to choose to dress like a demonic female robot from a very unknown film says that she will do a lot to give honor to her master satan.


Looking at the picture above we see the baphomet. Someone that will give honor to baphomet (a worker of the devil) shows her alliance. And it isn’t with God.

In the future I will undoubtedly talk about these two devil worshippers some more, but in this blog I hope to have shown you their allegiance with the devil. Don’t be fouled by them!

Bible study ‘Gospel of John’ – Chapter 4

Gospel of John

Bible study ‘Gospel of John’ – Chapter 4

Before reading this blog/Bible study, please start your time with first praying to God and allow the Holy Spirit to work in you and through this Bible study. Ask God to give you insight and knowledge to understand the secrets and treasures He has stored for us in this chapter of the Bible. Also I ask to read (even more then one time) the chapter first before proceeding with reading this Bible study. God knows what you need to learn, not me .. I just write what I receive from the Holy Spirit.

Bible study

Dear brothers and sisters,

Welcome back to the Bible study on the Gospel of John. I pray that God will also bless us while we are on this journey through the fourth and last of the Gospels. It has already been a great journey so far with doing the Bible studies over the first three Gospels and I ask God to also bless this Bible study on the Gospel of John. That He will guide us and show us all that we need to learn and know!

Thank you also for blessing this blog for this coming year!

In the fourth chapter of the Gospel of John we will discuss the following chapters:

  • Jesus talks with a Samaritan woman
  • The disciples rejoin Jesus
  • Many Samaritans believe
  • Jesus heals an official’s son

Jesus talks with a Samaritan woman

Jesus talks with a samaritan woman

Jesus was going back tot Galilee and had to go through Samaria. During His travel He sat down at the well (which Jacob had given to his son Joseph) to rest. Around noon a Samaritan woman came and Jesus asked her for water. She immediately was surprised that a Jew would talked to her, as Jews and Samaritans did not associate (normally) with one another. Jesus answers her question with a counter question and ask her if she knows who He is and if she knows about His gift. And that she would have asked Him for His living water. Just like when we are not yet far into our faith, then we can ask questions that shows that were are not really understanding Gods word. The Samaritan woman says that He has no bucket or place to get this living water from. Jesus explains that from normal water we will get thirsty again, but from the living water we will never get thirsty again. Then she understands and want to have this living water! The living water is when we give our heart to the Lord!

Then Jesus shows that He knows everything about her and tells her of all the 5 man that she has been in a relationship with. Then she again understand that He is not just a random man. The continue to talk and now on worshipping. She tells on the (fake) gods they worship. In this conversation Jesus tells about the faith of the Jew and then the woman tells on the Savior from the Jews that is to come to explain all. And then He makes it known to hear that He is that one. How shocked and amazed will she have been when He made himself known. For us it also important to know that God is always around us and not a far away God. He literally can sit next to, so make sure to worship Him and to life your life according to His will, because before you know He will be back again!

The disciples rejoin Jesus

The disciples rejoin Jesus

Know the disciples came and saw Jesus talk with the Samaritan woman and by their harsh reaction they also showed the hostile relation between the two nations. Where the woman first did not see anything special in Jesus (and did not even know that it was Jesus), know she is telling other that He is the Messiah and that He knew everything about her. Let all that God has done in your life, be a reason to testify on exactly those things to others!

The disciples now urged Jesus to eat. And He told them that He already had food to eat. They did not understand and thought that someone else already brought some. Jesus explains that He is talking about doing the will of God. If we do the will of God then it will feed our soul spiritually. So we should do and desire to the will of God! God also tells us that He has and will do the work that we may reap from while we did not work for it. Thank God for this beautiful gift!

Many Samaritans believe

Many Samaritans believe

After Jesus meeting with the Samaritan woman a lot of other Samaritans came to faith in Jesus Christ. It is very beautiful to know that by reaching one person to accept the gospel it could very well be that that person is responsible for bringing even more people to faith!

Jesus heals an official’s son


During Passover God was in Galilee and a man from Capernaum came to Him telling Him that his son was dying and he pleaded Jesus to help him. Jesus told him that people only believe when they see something, that is why He sent him home and during His way back it was informed that His son was healed! Amen!

God bless you all!


Daily word 27 July 2014 – Titus 2:11-14

Daily encouraging wordDaily word for 27th July 2014

God bless you all today!

On this sunny new day I want to encourage you with Titus 2:11-14:

11 For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. 12 It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age, 13 while we wait for the blessed hope–the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, 14 who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purifyfor himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good.

God will always share His grace with us, because He loves us very much! Therefore He also teaches us not to let ourselves in with ungodliness and worldly passions. God wants us to be living according to His word and control ourselves. How much the devil uses the time we live in to make us sin, God lets us now that we need to follow His teaching and not allow ourselves to look to the world for the good things. The only real good things come from God!

God bless you all!!