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Dear brothers and sisters,

We are nearing Christmas. This is THE time that we celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus! It is very good to use these two days to spent together with your loved ones and celebrate this event.

But make sure that you put Jesus in the middle of the attention. During this holiday most of us will have a Christmas tree in the house and celebrate the birth of Jesus. But you should be aware that this isn’t actually the exact date of Jesus’ birth. No, to be exact it is the date on which pagans celebrate the birth of the sun. The devil loves to deceive us and this is just one of many examples, because he knows that when he uses pagan rituals in Christian holidays that people are more likely to reject God. But as Christians we should still use these days to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but so should we the rest of the year.

Based on historical calculations a more like time of birth would be around 13 – 19 June. Some very clear reasons that 25th of December is unlikely is the fact that the shepherds were still in the field (not likely in December) and Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem for a counting. This also would not be conducted in the middle of the winter.

Furthermore, the Christmas tree isn’t a Christian item at all. The Christmas tree comes from the pagan worship of trees. Although it looks very nice to have in the home and does add to the whole Christmas feeling the presence of the tree is wrong. As Christians we shouldn’t have items in our house of other religions.

Of course I understand this can be hard to digest, but please bring it in prayer how to deal with this. And know that first and foremost our praise and worship of God should be always the center of these days.

God bless you!


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