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Happy anniversary


Happy anniversary

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today the 6th of August 2017 we celebrate the 6th anniversary of my marriage with Cindy. We may have had a very rocky ride so far, but in all those storms is has always been a blessing that God blessed me with Cindy.

Cindy, I wish and bless you with a beautiful new year in our marriage. I pray that all our desires and wishes will come to pass through Jesus in the next year.

I love you so much! Everyday my love becomes more and more for you!

Beauty Shop by Goldenyaa


Dear brothers and sisters,

My wife and I started our new website with a web shop and we would like to use this opportunity to proudly present it to. Currently most of the site is still in Dutch, but we are revamping it to an English site.

With our web shop we sell natural hair, synthetic hair, clothing and closures. And in the future we will expand to more beauty related products.

Please come look at our site and web shop and also let your loved ones know.

God bless you all!

Beauty Shop by Goldenyaa

Bible study ‘Gospel of Luke’ – Chapter 14

150815 Gospel of Luke (logo)

Bible study ‘Gospel of Luke’ – Chapter 14

Before reading this blog/Bible study, please start your time with first praying to God and allow the Holy Spirit to work in you and through this Bible study. Ask God to give you insight and knowledge to understand the secrets and treasures He has stored for us in this chapter of the Bible. Also I ask to read (even more then one time) the chapter first before proceeding with reading this Bible study. God knows what you need to learn, not me .. I just write what I receive from the Holy Spirit.

Bible study

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today we will be talking about Chapter 14 of the Gospel of Luke. Welcome to this new Bible study serie in which we will undergo a journey through the Gospel of Luke.

This chapter tells the following stories:

  • Jesus at a Pharasee’s house
  • The parable of the great banquet
  • The cost of being a disciple

Jesus at a Pharasee’s house

Jesus was invited to the house of a Pharisee, where also a sick man was. Jesus was about to heal Him, but noticed the reaction of the Pharisees. Therefore He asked them if they thought that it was alright to heal this man on the Sabbath. This is of course a debate on faith versus religion. Yes, it is very important to keep the Sabbath and take time to rest and spent with God. But this does not mean that on the Sabbath we are not allowed to heal or bless people. God will not find favor in us, if we decide not to help someone, just because we are keeping the Sabbath. In our day and age a good example would be that we are on the road to church and someone needs our help. But we decide to ignore the person, because we want to be in church on time. If we do this than we are not honoring God, because God want us to do good to others every day. Helping that person could be the result of God placing you there on that exact moment.

Next Jesus sees how the invited guests were busy to give themselves the seats of honor. Jesus makes it very clear that God does not like it when we exalt ourselves. Jesus states that if we exalt ourselves than we will be humbled, but if we humble ourselves than God will exalt us. This is something that we need to understand and apply in every aspect of our lives. It is so easy to exalt ourselves at work or at school (or any place for that matter). In this world we are even learned to exalt ourselves and to continuously boast about “our” accomplishments. What you need to know is that every accomplishment in your life is a blessing from God and not your own accomplishment.

The parable of the great banquet

In this parable Jesus compares Heaven with a great banquet. And I know when we will enter Heaven it will be even more beautiful than we can comprehend. In this parable it is very clear that we are all invited to enter Heaven and that God has more than enough place to seat all of us. But know that because God has invited you, that if you do not accept His invitation that you will miss your place at the banquet. Therefore always be prepared (by your way of living) to be ready to enter Heaven, as we do not know when our time has come. I pray that all of us are ready to enter Heaven at any time, and that we are not too busy following or spending time with God because of the excuses we make to put other things before our relationship with God.

The cost of being a disciple

If you want to be a disciple of God, than you first need to be fully ready to accept the possible consequences. As long as we put even our closes ones before God, than God cannot use you as a disciple. You need to be ready to leave anyone behind if you wish to be a disciple, as you do not know how people will react when you choose to be a disciple.


God bless.