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Happy Birthday!


Dear brothers and sisters,

Today we celebrate the 10th birthday of our amazing daughter. God bless you little sweetheart, that God may bless you also for this coming year!


Happy birthday my son Jedidiah


Happy birthday

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I want to announce the 16th birthday of my oldest son, Jedidiah. I pray that God will guide him through this next year and that it will be full of blessings for him.

I also wish my son an amazing 16th birthday!

God bless you and love you very much!


31 July 2016 – Happy birthday, my son!


Happy birthday (31 July 2016) to our son!

On this day (31 July 2016) we are celebrating the 15th birthday of our oldest son, Jedidiah!

God bless you for guiding him through this past year and for all the blessings you have placed upon him for the coming year!

We love you very much, Jedi!

We love you!


Your father and mother and your sisters Kyturah and your brother Levi!