Bible study on Romans – Chapter 16

Bible study on Romans

Bible study on Romans – Chapter 16

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this bible study on the 15th chapter on the book of Romans we will go through this chapter as following:

  • Personal greetings

Personal greetings

This chapter starts with the Apostle Paul sending personal greetings to a lot of different people in the church around the world. Although it may seem to just be these personal greetings, when you come to the second part of this chapter, you see the exact reason that (to me) the Apostle Paul wrote this chapter: we need to watch out for those who cause division and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to theĀ teaching you have learned. The apostle is very clear: stay away from them! Don’t try to persuade them or to discuss with them, but avoid them. A lot of the times we feel the need (speaking for myself) to enter into a discussion with a certain person. But I believe it is important to make sure that you are led by the Holy Spirit and then you will start noticing which persons you should avoid (and that can even be in church).

And especially, when some people have a very smooth way of talking, never let your guard down and also with them you need to be led by the Holy Spirit. Because it is mostly the smooth talkers that will deceive and especially the naive under us.

Pray to God to make you strong in your faith and not te be influenced by these smooth talkers, which seek to divide our churches and homes.

The next Bible study series will be on 1 Corinthians. Hope you enjoyed and are encouraged by the bible study on Romans.

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