Bible study on Romans – Chapter 1


Bible study on Romans – Chapter 1

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today we start going through the first chapter of the book / epistle of Paul to the church of Rome. In this chapter we see the following subjects being discussed:

  • Writer / readers / greetings
  • Paul’s longing to visit Rome
  • God’s wrath against sinful humanity

This book does not just ease into it, but makes it very clear from the first chapter that God means business. I will that is also good, the Bible should not be a book full of sugar coating, but only of the hard truth. Because the truth will save us, some sugar coating may make us feel better, but certainly won’t bring us closer to God.

Writer / readers / greetings

The writer of this book is the apostle Paul, who wrote it to the new church of Christians in Rome. There is no precious account how the Roman church (not the catholic, but the real Christian Roman church) started, but it seems that it is most plausible that the ones to start it were part of the pentecost and travelled back to Rome to start there. Paul wrote this letter to reach the big community of Jews and Christians in that city.

Paul’s longing to visit Rome

It took quite some effort and hardship to bring Paul to Rome, but see how grateful he is to God for bringing him there. Don’t ever think that that road that you desire so much (and of which you know that God will give it in your life) will always come easy on your timing. But it came for Paul and read how grateful he was to God. This is truly an inspiriation for me. My myself going through so much hardship and feeling that God is really going to increase and bless my ministry, it is easy to focus on the hardship. And to my honesty I have let that happened to much that it made me mentally so tired. But I know that God is working and healing that in so many way. But also reading this about Paul helps me to focus on my desire and knowledege that God will bring me that joy of leading me to that ministry He has promised me.

God’s wrath against sinful humanity

This part of chapter 1 makes is first very clear that we have reiceved a gift from God and tha tis a free will. It is up to us to us it as a gift or us it as a curse. God brings so much in our life (church, Bible, Christians, Himself and so on) to educatie you and to make sure that you don’t go into sin or accepting sin like injustice, anger (I must admit I have quite some anger in me that I want to to get rid of, it does not result in physical harm, but just feeling angry, so prayer is much appreciated)., but also greed, envious, murder and so much more.

But know that although God has given us a free will, don’t you ever assume that you will get away with doing bad things, becasuse God ‘s wrath is always sinful huminaty.

I feel that this Bible study is going to be very educational, inspiring, but also confronting. Thank you Lord!

I really want to ask you all to start discussing these Bible studies or my other post, so we can really start to grow in our faith. Just this past week I placed a daily inspiraitonal about it. God wants us to educate/challange entc. each other.






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