Behind the music – Coldplay


Behind the music – Coldplay

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I will discuss the English band, Coldplay, as part of the Behind the music blog serie as requested by our brother Benoit. I would like to thank him for putting in a request to “go after” a particular band (or singer).


Even for beginning to do any research on this band I already feel and expect that there will be things in his life and his band that will show that he will have or embraced the illuminati or satanic influences (all faith systems not acknowledging Jesus to be the Son of God are satanic to me, with the exception of the Jews of which the Bible informs us that in the end times there will be part of them to do acknowledge this to have already happened).

Chris Martin

When we start with the front man of this band, than you can find information that in interviews he himself has acknowledged that he was raised in an evangelic family, but decided to leave faith on his own decision. He can therefore never claim that he had no chance to accept Jesus, because he openly rejected Him and did not even hid it in later interviews. At the one hand he left faith, because he did not believe in hell. And how much we would like it, if you believe that God exists than you cannot claim or think that hell does not exists.

Furthermore, there are indications that his ex (Gwyneth Paltrow) was even more into Satanism, which also lead to one of the reasons of them divorcing. This is not fully checkable, but it does show that even in his marriage spirituality played a role. And in recent interviews he clearly claims that he used the help of a sufi teacher. And Sufism is an esoteric part of Islam. To be more precise a more spiritual part of this devilish fate.

So through his life he has always sought spiritual influences that are not from God and he continuous to do so. So we should be very aware that he has satanic influences in his life (it does not matter how he himself wants to justify it).


Especially in the hit song Viva la vida the satanic influence is present. I think a lot of us will like the song when we here it, but what is it about? It is suggested that it is about the dethroning of Jesus. Note that this will of course never happen. But it is very satanic to even make such a song. Why do people suggest it is about this?

  • The character in the song claims to once ruled the world. Who would make such a bold and untruthful claim? The devil.
  • Seas would rise to when I gave the word. Satan has been given these supernatural possibilities. But it also suggested the more symbolic meaning that he has had a long period in which he had a very big influence on mankind, which will of course cease to exist.
  • Now in the morning in sleep alone. Sweet the streets I used to own. This is precisely what is going to happen in the future. The devil will loose all his power and become nothing more as a “low-life”.
  • Listen as the crow would sing. We all know that he was the angel of music, so his influence of music is apparent. But really digging into this subject then you will see how much influence the devil tries to gain through music.

These are just a few indications that there hit song already has a lot of illuminati and satanic influences. Please be careful while listening to their music, although I urge you to preferably not listen it at all.

Further evidence


Have a good look at the eye of the first band member. Doesn’t that look a lot like the eye of Horus? Why emphasize this in the photo and especially the right eye? Coincidence? No!

Glastonbury 2011 - Coldplay One Eye Watching - Occult Illuminati

And again we see the same eye of Horus. If you are not satanic and illimunati why make continuous references to it?


looking above it becomes more and more evident that they really do this knowingly and are therefore indeed satanic and part of the illuminati!


In the right side of the background this eye pops up again!


Covering the right eye is a well know illuminati hand sign.

My opinion

Yes, Coldplay is a satanic and illuminati band.



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