Behind the Music – Joel Osteen


Illuminati exposed – Joel Osteen

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I want to write about another Illuminati-puppet. I understand that this might offend some of my fellow Christians as a lot of Christians still believe that he is a man of God. I also used to listen to his sermons on the internet and felt really inspired by them.

But the more and more God is working in my life, I have been opened my eyes that amongst other pastors of megachurches that they are nothing more than illuminati-puppets and are nothing more than false teachers.

Why do I believe that Joel Osteen is a false teacher and an Illuminati puppet?

  • Joel Osteen always tells us to join a Bible-based church. However, how many sermons does he really uses the Bible or verses from the Bible? All the sermons I have seen: barely any.
  • He and his wife claim that God works for us and wants us to be happy. Wrong, God wants us to follow God and follow His commandments. God does not work for us, but just like a lot of his word-of-faith friends see God as a way to get what they want. Not what God wants for us.
  • The best way for the devil to mislead Christians is to sent false teachers.
  • I admit that Joel Osteen is a very good motivational speaker, but he is not a Christian teacher that follows God.
  • How can you work together with Oprah and claim that you are a follower of God? Oprah is not a Christian and it seems more important to work with her, than to stand for what God wants for us.
  • Joel never condemns homosexuality and is even willing to marry gay people. In no way this acceptable by God.

Stop following this false teacher and really join a Bible based church!

Word-of-faith movement is satanic. Don’t believe in the Law of attraction but only believe in God!


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