Behind the Music – Donald Trump


Illuminati exposed – Donald Trump

Dear brothers and sisters,

In the Behind the Music blog serie I will today address a ‘television-celebrity’ turned president. This is also something that I more than once addressed in my “Behind the Music” serie. The first blog will be about Donald Trump.


The reason for starting this blog serie is due to the fact that has given it on my heart to use my AlexonFaith ministry to inform others on the fact that Illuminati is not just a Hollywood fairytail, but that it is real! I would like to give special thanks to others that also have been working on informing us on the same subject in special: The Vigilant Christian! See his YouTube page: The Vigilant Christian. But also see Ex-ministries with their truth behind hip-hip series.

But to come back to my reason for starting this serie is especially because God gave it on my heart after seeing how Trump is now becoming clearing a big disaster to the USA and the whole world, but also that he is very clearly an Illuminati-puppet.


I don’t believe that Hilary Clinton would have been any better, because if you do some quick search on google and youtube, you will quickly see that this woman is also an Illuminati-puppet. But the fact is that more than 2 million more Americans voted for her than for Trump and only because of the state system in the USA Trump stole the election.

Also it becomes very clear that he was actively working together with the Russians to get elected. Even the FBI (which had a very big last minute impact to get Trump in office) is not slowly admitting that it was wrong to do what they did.

First 100 days

In the first 100 days we have seen how this man is becoming more and more of a dictator and working only for the Illuminatie, making the rich richer and litterlly killing the poor people by stopping Obamacare. Also he has shown not to be even close to a Christian, but has a lot of Christians voting for him. He fights his critics via Twitter! He wants to alter the USA 1st Amendment to put his critics on trial and in prison. He is showing more and more to be a dictator. Also while “killing” Obamacare, he ensured that all his workers kept all the important benefits of the Obamacare, while the people that really rely on living, have been ignored and people will really die by his decision.

Trey Smith

I have been a fan of his YouTube documentaries that he did in the past, which were very well worked out and really seemed to be the work of God. However, since the end of 2016 he is following the false teaching that Trump being elected is a (positive) Biblical prophecy. While this couldn’t be farther from the truth. I understand that he doesn’t want Hilary to be president, because she is also an Illuminati-puppet. However, this evil and wicked man, Donald Trump, is certainly not sent by God as a blessing. This man has shown in no way to a Christian and to follow God. Instead he is actually helping to get the NWO in place. So, I believe he more is a possible example of the antichrist, than a prophet sent by God.

In the coming time I will continue writing more about him, giving you more and more information about him and others in the illuminati/NWO movement.

God bless!


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