Behind the music – Hotel California

I have reblogged this old post, because it still very important that when you enjoy listening to this song, that you are aware of the satanic influence.

Alex on Faith

Behind the music

Behind the music – Hotel California

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I will be discussing the hit song ‘Hotel California’ from The Eagles. This band has been for a long time one of my favorite bands and I just to love to listen to this song. But the more I got to know about this song, the harder it is also to listen to this song.


The title of this song (Hotel California) is based on official statements from the band to be on the materialistic and high-pace time in California in the 70’s (this song was released in 1977). However when doing some research it will become clear that it has to do with something else.

The title ‘Hotel California’ is a song about a hotel on California street or in California. In the latter it is supposed that this song title is about a former Christian church abandoned…

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