Bible study on Acts of the Apostles- Chapter 9


Bible study on Acts of the Apostles – Chapter 9

Dear brothers and sisters,

In the Bible study on the 9th chapter of the Acts of the Apostles I will discuss:

  • Saul’s conversion
  • Saul in Damascus and Jerusalem
  • Aeneas and Dorcas

Saul’s conversionSa

For me this chapter is definitely very powerful one. We see how God can even turn the most fanatic enemy of God to be saved and changed. Saul asked the synagogue in Jerusalem to travel to Damascus to also “hunt” on Christians there. But on the way there God sent all of sudden a light from Heaven that flashed around him. Then Saul fell on the ground and God asked him, why he was persecuting Him. Because if someone is persecuting us, because of our faith in God, than that person is actually persecuting God.

Then God told Him to go to the city and do exactly what God told him. And He also blinded him. Why? Because this enabled God to show Saul how powerful He is, by first taking his eye sight and later restoring it by prayer. At the same time he told a Damascus man called Ananias to meet a man called Saul (who was praying at that moment). First, Ananias was a little hesitant and told God about all the evil stories going on about Saul. But God eased his mind and told that Saul was a powerful instrument for God now. Also he told him that Saul would suffer for His name. When he entered the house where Saul was he prayed for him and restoring Saul’s eye-sight. After being able to see again, he was baptized. Never think that someone can’t change, because God even got Saul to be converted and to work for God! Wow!

Saul in Damascus and Jerusalem

After Saul regained his strength he wasted no time to start preaching about God in the synagogue. If God has a plan for us, He wants us to waste no time and start immediately. Even if your life is not yet as you had hoped, this is no reason for not starting to do God’s work! See how people are still shocked when someone comes to faith and even want to kill that person. Stay very close to God and He will protect you! That is why the plan of some Jews to kill him failed. Other Christians helped him to escape the city and he went back to Jerusalem to meet the Christians there. Some were still hesitant but soon saw that God really changed him!

Aeneas and Dorcas

Now we see Peter is travelling and went to the city of Lydda. There he found a man called Aeneas, who was bedridden for 8 years! See how we can command sickness or demons to go out of someone just to Command it in God’s name. I pray that God will use the Holy Spirit to let us grow in the gift of healing and see how God can and also will use us for this! Don’t think that you are not good enough to this in God’s name.

In Joppa there was a disciple named Joppa in Greek called Dorcas). She was sick and died. Peter was called and came. And again we see that not even death can stop God. Because in God’s name Peter told this woman to be alive again and she instantly was. Wow, God you are so amazing!


God bless you!


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