Behind the music – Rammstein


Behind the music – Rammstein

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I want to discuss the band “Rammstein” in the new blog in the “Behind the music” series.

First of all I think it is very hard to think that they are not demonic/satanic. But still, I believe it is very good to write this blog to explain it. You would be surprised how many people can downtalk the satanic presence in this band, merely because they love this band (and this includes even Christian people). In the past I have been to 2 of their concerts (in my concert going days) and the demonic atmosphere is so present their. I remember both times that I prayed on more on one occasions while in the concert hall(s) where they were playing.

Band name

The name of the band “Rammstein” openly stands for the reference to a horrific air crash in the town of Ramstein in 1988 at an American air base in Germany. During this air crash almost 50 people died. What normal band would name themselves after such an horrific tragedy?

But wait, the name of the town is with just one M and they use two M’s. As so many people will tell (their fans mainly) Rammstein is famous for having more than 1 meaning in their lyrics. Apparently, they have a double meaning in their band name as well. In the German language Rammstein stands for battering ram. This brings a clear reference to the Nazi era the battering ram refers to aviation under Nazism. During the end of  WWII the Nazi’s formed a suicide flight squadron called Rammkommando, which carried out suicide actions against American bombers. How sick, twisted and demonic are you to refer your band name to such a squadron?

This squadron only carried out one mission, called Mission Werewolf (Werwolf). The emblem used was:


And the band has a number “Du riechts so gut” which refers to werewolves. So they at not even hiding the reference very well:


Furthermore, they have done concert(s) with the church of satan member Marylin Manson and one of their biggest inspirations is the band KISS (Knights In Satans Service). Well, this doesn’t really help them to get out of the charge of being a demonic group, does it?


When you visit their concerts then you will easily see that there are more than enough indications of demonic references. See how they love pyrotechnics, especially the blasphemous use of a angel like figure that shoots fire.


The songs

The songs itself offer enough very questionable things, but I will discuss some of their songs in separate blogs in this serie.


See in the wallpaper below again the link between Rammstein and Nazism:


A combination of their logo with the logo of the third reich?

I pray that people stop listening to this demonic stuff, especially Christians. Never think that you can listen this kind of music as a Christian (that is also a reason for stopping to listening their songs.


God bless you all!





3 thoughts on “Behind the music – Rammstein

    1. God bless you, my brother. It is good to see that God is really opening the eyes of us (and of non believers). We must never forget that before satan was sent out of heaven he was actually in charge of worshipping. Naturally, this is his most powerful weapon. But luckily it is no match to the awesome power of God!

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