Bible study on Acts of the Apostles- Chapter 2


Bible study on Acts of the Apostles – Chapter 2

Dear brothers and sisters,

In the Bible study on the 2nd chapter of the Acts of the Apostles I will discuss:

  • The Holy Spirit comes at Pentecost
  • Peter addresses the crowd
  • The fellowship of the believers

The Holy Spirit comes at Pentecost

On the day of Pentecost the apostles were together, when suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the house were the apostles were sitting. This shows how powerful the Holy Spirit is. If you would ever doubt the strength and power of the Holy Spirit, then this chapter makes it very clear that the Holy Spirit is from God and has its strength from God. It doesn’t come as a thief in the night, but it comes very clearly! On all the people in that house came fires that looked like tongues and they stayed on them. At that moment all of them were filled by the Holy Spirit and started to talk in tongues. All people that heard the sound also heard these apostles speak in their own native language. This is a very clear way that you can see the amazing power of the Holy Spirit as it can give you words in languages you don’t even know and you will talk and prophecy to people. Let the Holy Spirit work in and through your life to be a blessing to others. The reaction from the crowd was as we will often see: mixed. Some of the crowd were amazed and knew that God was working through them. However another part of the crowd made fun of them. Even when God openly shows Himself, then their will still be people that will not accept Him. Don’t be one of them!

Peter addresses the crowd

Peter addresses the crowd to explain what has happened and that by this event the prophecy of Joel came through. God will never let a prophecy be made if God isn’t planning to confirm it!

He tells everyone what happened to Jesus, but also what God will do through the Holy Spirit. All the wonders that will be done in His name!

After this he told everyone that if the believe that they should repent and be baptized. God will gives us more than enough opportunities to come to Him and repent our sins. Take the first chance you get to give your life to God! Don’t wait, because you never know how long your life will be.

The fellowship of believers

When we accept God as our savior, then it is also important to be with other believers to grow in your faith. Please make sure that when you come to God, that you change your life and start to come in contact with God to honor Him, to learn from Him and to life your life according to His plan.


God bless you all! Amen!





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