Bible study ‘Gospel of John’ – Chapter 19

Gospel of John

Bible study

Dear brothers and sisters,

Welcome back to the Bible study on the Gospel of John. I pray that God will also bless us while we are on this journey through the fourth and last of the Gospels. It has already been a great journey so far with doing the Bible studies over the first three Gospels and I ask God to also bless this Bible study on the Gospel of John. That He will guide us and show us all that we need to learn and know!

Thank you also for blessing this blog for this coming year!

In the 19th chapter of the Gospel of John we will discuss the following chapters:

  • Jesus sentenced to be crucified
  • The crucifixion of Jesus
  • The death of Jesus
  • The burial of Jesus

Jesus sentenced to be crucified

It always hurts me to read this part of the Bible, because even though Pilate knew that Jesus was innocent, he still did not have the courage to set him free. Even worse he pleaded for Jesus that He was innocent, but because the Pharisees were really pushing for Jesus to be crucified, he still gave in. Why? Because his own position was more important. For us it is important to even risk losing our position, if that means that we are helping an innocent person. A very powerful statement from Jesus is when He lets Pilate know that he only got his position and power from what he received from God, not by his own doing. We also need to know that our position and power in this world is only because of God, not because of our own actions. Thank God for every blessing you have received!

The crucifixion of Jesus

After the sentence of Pilate, Jesus was sent to Golgotha to be crucified together with two other men. During this time they took his clothes and divided it, and unknowingly they let a prophesy come through. This shows that nothing happens by coincidence, but fully to God’s plan!

Jesus’ mother had to witness this terrible and horrific view of her own son being crucified. When Jesus saw her, He told her and the apostle John that John was now her son. And from that moment on John took Mary in her home and took care of her like his mother.

The death of Jesus

Knowing that the prophesy would be fulfilled He asked for some drink and received it and afterwards stated: It is finished. And at that moment His life left his earthly body. Because of the Sabbath the next day the Pharisees wanted to make sure He was death before this special Sabbath. On their order started to break the legs of the first prisoner. And when they came to Jesus, they noticed that He was already death. For this reason they did not break his legs, but pierced Him. And again unknowingly they let a prophesy be fulfilled. Even though a person does not believe in God, He will still use them if that is to help Him to fulfill a plan in our life’s.

The burial of Jesus

After His death God made sure that Jesus received a proper burial. He sent Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus. Joseph gave Him is own tomb to be laid in. And Nicodemus brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes. They wrapped Him in linen together with these spices.

God will always make sure that He takes care of us even after our death!



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