Bible study ‘Gospel of Matthew’ – Chapter 26


Bible study ‘Gospel of Matthew’ – Chapter 26

Before reading this blog/Bible study, please start your time with first praying to God and allow the Holy Spirit to work in you and through this Bible study. Ask God to give you insight and knowledge to understand the secrets and treasures He has stored for us in this chapter of the Bible. Also I ask to read (even more then one time) the chapter first before proceeding with reading this Bible study. God knows what you need to learn, not me .. I just write what get from the Holy Spirit.

Bible study

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today we will be talking about Chapter 26 of the Gospel of Matthew.

This chapter tells the following stories:

  • The plot against Jesus
  • Jesus anointed at Bethany
  • Judas agrees to betray Jesus
  • The Lord’s supper
  • Jesus predicts Peter’s denial
  • Gethsemane
  • Jesus arrested
  • Before the Sanhedrin
  • Peter disowns Jesus

The plot against Jesus

God is all-knowing and we should never think that anything we do is not known by Him. Jesus already told His disciples 2 days before his arrest, that He would be arrested and crucified. As men we might think that we can suprise God and Jesus, but the fact is we cannot. The chief priest and elders thought that by discussing in secret their plan to capture Jesus, was unknown by Jesus (and God). Also, and maybe even worse, they thought they were doing it for God, while they were fighting against Him. Never think that when you do an evil act that it will ever be to honor God!  I love it that Jesus already informed the disciples before this plan was known, to show how mighty God is and that God will always use any situation to His advantage to be a blessing to us. And how horrible the crucification of Jesus was, it was a major blessing to us: as now we can come before God through His son God and by His mercy we have a chance to enter heaven, because our own works will never be sufficient to gain entrance to Heaven!

Jesus anointed at Bethany

When He came to the town of Bethany, He was invited to the house of Simon the Leper. During His stay there, a woman entered and had a very expensive parfum with her and used it to anoint Jesus. I love how God uses the unknown and the little of us to do great deads. Her role should encourage us to rest on the fact that no one is to little in the eyes of God. God wanted His son, Jesus, to be anointed before His arrest and crucifiction. God wants us to be anointed as it stands for blessing, protection and empowerment. And before a great work for our God, we need to be anointed to know that God is guiding us. By this action of the unknown woman God showed His own Son that all that would come, that He would not go through it alone!

I was really suprised by the negative reaction of the disciples. They answered in a very worldly way by worrying about spilling an expensive parfume.And fully missing the significance of this anointing. As Christians we should never think that we have all the knowledge and full understanding of everything. That is why we need the Holy Spirit to guide us. Jesus explained the significance and let them know that Jesus would not always be with them and that when we talk about the gospel, that she will always be remembered for this. What an amazing blessing for this woman!

Judas agrees to betray Jesus

This is one of the most horrific moments in the Bible. For whatever reason Judas decided to betray Jesus and went to the chief priest and discuss what he would gain if he would betray Jesus. There is nothing in the world that could every justify to betray God, so never do anything that is betrayal to Him!

The Lord’s supper

On the first day of the Feast of unleavened bread (passover) the Disciples asked Him how they should prepare for the Feast and He told them to go into town and come in contact with a certain man and tell Him that I will celebrate this Feast at His house. And just as Jesus told them, it came to pass.

During the supper God informed them that one of the disciples would betray Him. This again shows that we can do nothing without God knowing. God even pointed out to Judas that he was the one betraying Him. And by this God gave him a chance to repent and to abort his plan. But his heart was so dark by this moment that He did not take the chance to repent His sin. God will always give us a chance to repent our sins and come back to Him, but it is up to us to take up His mercy!

In this supper He introduced to us the Lord’s supper which we still celebrate in our churches nowadays. Jesus explained the significance of the bread and wine. The bread signifies His body. And the wine signifies the blood of His covenant, which is poured out for many to the forgiveness of sins. When Jesus left earth, He did not leave us, but He remained close to us and was more than willing to forgive our sins and show us mercy. As mentioned before, it is up to us to take this mercy.

Jesus predicts Peter’s denial

We should never take it lightly to follow Jesus, as there will come times in our lifes when our faith will be tested to the extreme. Jesus told the disciples that they would not be strong that night and would leave Him. Especially Peter was so convinced that He would never betray Jesus. But Jesus made it very clear that also he, Peter, would betray Him before that night was ended, not one time, but three times. Peter thought that He was even prepared to die for Him, but as we know that night He wasn’t. We should be willing to die for God ifit comes to that point, but be aware that making that offer is not as easy as it would seem. This should also give us massive respect to Jesus to die for our sins!


Before His arrest was to come, He took his disciples to Gethsamene were He wanted to spent time with His father, because He was experiencing the most difficult time of His life on earth. He knew that his crucifiction was necessary, but to actually be just in front of the moment of His death, was not easy for even Jesus. He asked three of His disciples to stay close and pray for Him. But 2 times He checked on them and both times they were asleep. We should never underestimate howmuch effort it takes to lead a life of prayer. It is very important to have prayer in our lifes, but the devil will do everything to disturb this part of our lifes, as he also knows the power that comes from prayer. Ask God to lead you through the Holy Spirit to have a life of prayer. You will see how this will be major blessing to your life!

Jesus arrested

After His time of prayer they headed back and at that moment Judas showed up with two legions. And to show these guards who Jesus was, He gave Jesus a kiss. Not as a sign of love for Jesus, but to sell Him out. At this moment they started arresting Jesus, when one of Jesus’ companions grabbed a sword and cut of the ear of one of these guards. Jesus immediately stopped them pursuing this aggresive way of protecting Him, telling them that this needs to happen and that God would take these guards away, if it was not His will. At this moment the guards and Judas got a chance to repent their sins and stop their actions, when Jesus restored the ear on the guard. If He was not the son of God, how would he be able to restorte this ear?

Jesus was now arrested and taken away.

Before the Sanhedrin

Before the Sanhedrin Jesus was put on trial and they tried to find anything on Him, that would enable them to justify His killing, but they could not find anything. Jesus, has always been without sin, therefore no lie will ever stick over His life. Then they asked HIm if He was the Son of God, and he replied that He was what they said He was. And this was reason enough for them to charge Him on the count of blasphemy. They were not even open to the fact that He was indeed the Son of God. They had seen more than enough of His amazing ministry, but still they would not even be open to the fact that He is the Son of God. I believe this was also because He criticized them and their actions. I think alot of them found their position far more important than following God. As soon as we do a work for God and see the position more important then following God, then we have already betrayed and left God!

Peter disowns Jesus.

Peter did show some courage by following Him to the Sanhedrin, but unfortunately He did not remain brave on three moments were people identified Him as a disciple of God. And after the third time of disowning Jesus, the rooster crowed and Peter was shocked that He indeed disowned Jesus as He prophesied to Him! We should never underestimate anything God says to us, because He know us better then we do know ourselves!

God bless you all!


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