Bible study ‘Gospel of Matthew’ – Chapter 24


Bible study ‘Gospel of Matthew’ – Chapter 24

Before reading this blog/Bible study, please start your time with first praying to God and allow the Holy Spirit to work in you and through this Bible study. Ask God to give you insight and knowledge to understand the secrets and treasures He has stored for us in this chapter of the Bible. Also I ask to read (even more then one time) the chapter first before proceeding with reading this Bible study. God knows what you need to learn, not me .. I just write what get from the Holy Spirit.

Bible study

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today we will be talking about Chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew.

This chapter tells the following stories:

  • Signs of the end of the age
  • The day and hour unknown

Signs of the end of age
In this chapter Jesus begins talking about the end of times with His disciples. When it will be and how they will know the signs. Jesus immediately beings with warning them (and thus also us) that before Jesus comes back (in the end of times) that a lot of deceivers will come and claim to be the messias. But when Jesus will come again then we will know for sure, so everyone that does not speak or professies in accordance with Gods word, should not be followed or believed. Also everyone that claims to be Jesus, but there is no sign of His coming, then don’t believe that person.

Also Jesus warns that a lot of wars and conflicts will come (and even rumors of them), but this also should not make us afraid, because these things need to happen, before the end of time.

Something that we need to know is that all these things are not the end time, they merely birth pains of it. Also we must prepare ourselves, because the more closer we come to the end of time, the more heave the persecuation of us Christians will become, even brother will betray brothers. So make sure that you stand very strong in your faith and ask God for His guidance for this!

Jesus also speaks of the last days and how heavy it will be, and He also makes clear that under Gods grace those days are made short, or no one would survive. This should always be a reason to never trust on ourself, but in everything we need to trust on God!

This part of the chapter ends with the clear signs when Jesus will come. Read them very careful, because these signs are very clear and anybody who claims to be Jesus, but where these signs have not been taken place is a liar and a fake!

The day and hour unknown

IT is very important to know that no one, not even the angels, knows the day and hour that Jesus will returns. Therefore be ready for His coming everyday. Do not think that you can keep on doing somethings of which you know that God does not approve and think that you have enough time to change and repent. Because we do not even know how long our lifes will be.

Furthermore, we should be aware that the way the world is becoming worse and worse is a clear sign that we are moving more and more to “as in the days of Noah”. We are currently living in a very wicked world where the devils really is eager to fight all that is from Christ. But know and rest on the fact that God will win and already has won!


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