Bible study ‘Gospel of Matthew’ – Chapter 1


Bible study ‘Gospel of Matthew’ – Chapter 1

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I will be talking about chapter 1 of the Gospel of Matthew. Before reading this Bible study first take time to pray on guidance and wisdom. And also first read the whole chapter in your Bible.

In this chapter the following stories are told:

  • The genealogy of Jesus
  • The birth of Jesus Christ

The genealogy of Jesus

Matthew starts his gospel with giving the genealogy of Jesus. Reading these genealogies are not always the most “fun” to read, but they are important and serve a purpose as every part of the Bible serves a purpose in God’s plan.

In this genealogy we see how the calling of one man (Abraham) who was made father to the Jewish nation and also the calling of 1 man from that nation (David) to be the father of the lineage of Kings. Why is this last part so important, because it has to be without doubt that His claim to kingship (being from the lineage of David) was not invalid.

Although not everyone is mentioned we do notice the inclusion of 5 woman: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Uriah’s wife (Batsheba) and Mary). In this lineage we see woman that were involved in sexual sin, but also we Gentiles being included in the lineage. So we can see that Jesus came for Jews and gentiles even while we are all sinners. 

As you can see this genealogy is giving us very important information.

The birth of Jesus Christ

In this part of chapter 1 we are introduced to Joseph and Mary. Mary was already engaged with Joseph (which could be for a period of 1 year) before they would be married. God made sure that there was no doubt that His son Jesus would be conceived by the Holy Spirit and not by intercourse with a man. For this reason Mary first got engaged, but not yet married with Joseph. Joseph really showed to be a good man, because He wanted her to disgrace so he was planning to leave her in a graceful way. But God already knew this and sent an angel to let Him know that this was the son of God and that He would be called Jesus. And that Joseph should and needed to marry Mary. And because Joseph was a righteous man he listened to God. Also he made sure that He had no sex with her, before Jesus (that would come for our sins) was born.




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