Behind the music – Poets of the Fall

Behind the music

Behind the music – Poets of the Fall

Dear brothers and sisters,

To most of you this band from Finland may be unknown. A few might know them from one of the songs for the game Alan Wake. The reason to discuss a relative unknown band is to show that this satanic and Illuminati influence does not limit itself to English and American bands and singers. But as we will see this is a global thing!

Just this week I got an email update from Youtube which included the fact that this band had a new video. The photo of that video already creeped me out a little.

potf daze

Not a very nice photo, but it already has something demonic/devilish over it, but that is just my opinion.

Band name

Up till today I never thought much of their name and thought it was innocent. But today the Holy Spirit showed me that it Fall is not referring to the season of the year, but (also because of the capital letter F) is actually referring to the fall of man through sin! This explains some of their lyrics as well.

YouTube channel

It was the YouTube channel that got me analyze them, because some songs already had some question marks which I did not investigate at that time. This is the channel photo they currently use:


Immediately you will notice two things. First on the left side you will see a thunder symbol.


Whats wrong with showing this symbol? Well, it is used as a reference to satan. Satanists use and worship this symbol, because of what is said in Luke 10:18

18 He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.

So as you can see using this symbol in music is very deliberate and is to give worship to satan.

The next that we can see is that for some reason (while there is totally no reason for doing so) the lead singer of this band is holding his hand for his eye. Why? Because the left eye free and the right eye covered is a reference to the eye of Horus (an Egyptian god). The Illuminati wants musicians to make this sign as a sign (hidden in plain sight) where their allegiance is.

So we see even this Finnish band shows 2 demonic signs. And please stop believing it is by coincidence or that the artists don’t know about this, because they very well know!


I will shortly touch a few examples from their songs to show the demonic influence in their songs.

  • Dreaming wide awake (2010). It is common for artists to recieve their songs from demons in their dreams. But the most important that I want to mention is that this song has the following lyric: “And we could be dying angel style. I’ll sell my soul to dream you wide awake”. Selling your soul? To whom? That is only possible to sell it to the devil!
  • 3 AM (2005). Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Yes, this is the devils or witching hour.
  • Psychosis (2008). A disturbing name about a mental state which is in actuality an attempt of demons to ruin your mind.
  • Illusion and dreams. In this song they are singing about their demons. And about all they sell is illusions and dreams / make believe. This refers to what the music industry does because of its demonic influence. It sells us something that isn’t real, but they sell what they want us to believe!

I hope you have seen in this short blog in the “behind the music” serie that the demonic and Illuminati influence  is not limited to the big American and English bands.


Next blog will be about “Dark Horse” from Katy Perry.


15 thoughts on “Behind the music – Poets of the Fall

    1. If you don’t agree feel free to argue with me, but name calling is very immature. I am very happy to discuss this blog with you.That is the reason I am writing this blog, to get people informed, but also to be open to your opinion. God bless you!


  1. Heh, I’m late…
    Yesterday, I heard of that band, so I researched about band on the Internet,
    of course I wanted to see the real face of this band, I mean many people have sold their souls today, so I wanted to see this band from that side.
    many people have stopped on temptation of fame, fortune, power from this world etc.
    Then I came here, I agree with you in many ways, it’s good when I see that there is someone who lives in this time now(for example – from inform to change),
    because there are many people who live in their “safe” world… Wherever I turn around, like everything is so far away from me,
    like we people are not important, like nothing substantially happens here, but I think that this is not a true…

    We are so much deep in worlds of evil and lies, so much “informations”(news),so much things in plain sight
    and that’s the reason why we don’t see anything(everything is complicated, but everything should be so simple)…
    And everything of that is like a pill to sleep, deceive…Everything is like some matrix, every person is programmed on some way…
    Because all of that we come into a situation where is all the “same”, no matter if something is from devil or not, no matter if something is good or bad,
    exactly in this situation people don’t know what is good/bad…The devil hid behind you…

    I always say that ignorance is the biggest evil, so we need to KNOW
    Where are we and what is the reason why are we here?!
    We should not be slaves of evil and lies, we should be free in Holy Spirit – In His Love…

    In song Rebirth you can hear that he sings about devil’s rebirth(not his conversion), but many people think different…
    This song is full of ambiguity, but there is proof that this song is satanic:

    “I would even trust the devil for rebirth”

    After this verse he whispers these words(for some people this is subliminal):
    “Trust the devil……..for you”
    Some people think that he repeats last verse(for example)…

    And when you connect next verses with this verse , you will get the real meaning…
    Many would think that this is some love song(for you, for you, bla blah), but I think that he sings about his faithfulness to devil(illuminati in current time)…Who is “you” in song – I think that “you” is someone whom he sold his soul and he is his(“you”) slave…
    This song sounds so peaceful and you will see how tricky is that devil’s deceive(this song is just a little piece of that)

    I’ll make comparison:
    I choose some ‘metalish’ or (pay attention to lyrics in description!!!)

    And this POTF – Rebirth

    We need to KNOW on what way we are thinking, looking, understanding?

    So my questions are:”Where are the humans now?Why we are so divided?Why all good(God) are making foolish?Why we are not united?Why did we allow that spoiled minority control us?Why people are selling souls?Why are we slaves?Why not be FREE(of course in His Holy Spirit-In His Everlasting Love)”
    If you think that some my words are off-topic, I will tell you that on this day is happening something important, maybe on this day is your day of CHANGE(I know that my words are foolish for many people but I know what I’m doing and for whom)…

    Sorry for my bad english, but I hope that you will understand what I want to say(write)…

    One more thing:
    Do you know what means rabbit symbol(probably some of satanic symbols)…You can see this as logo of some famous brands, “Easter” symbol(big deceive) etc…I saw him somewhere with lightning bolt…

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    1. Thanks for this eloborate reaction. We should never underestimate the devil and his way of polluting us. But luckily we life under the protection of the Almighty!


      1. God bless you, your family, your friends…I just want for people to understand some things…When essential things are in first place like Love, then everything is better and clear…Only with Love you can see everything on different way, only then you can feel Sense, only with Love you can find treasures deep in your Mind…I’m not in this phase yet, but when one day my soul is healed and be free, I will see everything what I need and I will feel His Power…I camo to the some wall and I’m trying to change something, but something deep in me is telling to me that I should wait for something…When I look outside I can’t change anything…So I want these good and helpful things for every human…When the people see what is important to be free and live, to wake up from sleep, to get out from slavery, Everything will be better…Of course, the only solution is Love…Jesus always talked about Love, everything always with Love, because He is Source of Love, the Way, Truth and The Life…When you look on that way everything is simple, you have a Sense(Chance) in your Life(Infinity)…Let the Jesus be with you my friend…GodBye…

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  2. Hello, I’m from Bangladesh and I listened to all of their songs. In my opinion they are not illuminati. I know all the signs and symbols and I know all about it.

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    1. God bless you and thank you for your comment. Why don’t you consider them part of the illuminati? I have seen and reviewed alot of music (and also watched documentaries) to know that the illuminati has a firm hold on the music industry. And with PotF I have seen them gain more and more fame, but also seen how more and more illuminati signs have entered their music and music videos. I think the greatest danger for us is to mitigate the Illuminati influence in music. Don’t forget that the devil was the angel that took care of music. He therefore knows the power that is in music and will use it to his advantage. But feel free to eloborate why you don’t think that they are influenced by the Illuminati.


      1. first of all my friend you don’t understand illuminati. they have nothing to do with devil- yes you read it right no relation to devil at all. illuminati was a group of scientists and other great minds which were suppressed by the religion at that time as they were against some of the false beliefs. for eg. Galileo Galilei the scientist who discovered that sun is at the centre of the solar system was punished for hurting religious beliefs (the geocentric theory) similarly many others were also punished. so these scientists made a secret socity and shared there discoveries among themselves. But the religion feared the release of these discovries and declared illuminati as satanic cult. later around 18-19th century it had gone underground with a oath to rise again and tell the world the truth ( actually the scientific truth remember great scientists like galileo was also a member).

        *sorry if my words hurt any religion or its beliefs*

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      2. Thank you very much for your extensive reaction. I agree with you that satanism and illuminati are not directly related. And I am also aware of the origin of the illuminati. However, nowadays you see enough evidence in e.g. the music industry that they are influenced by both illuminati and satanism. And as you know you can be influenced by more than one thing. And it also known that the illuminati does also (like other societies) to gain more influence in the world, not just scientific freedom. Maybe it started out with that noble idea, but nowadays that is no longer their main agenda. And personally I am not offended by the fact that someone has another opinion or belief system as I have.

        Have a nice day!


  3. I’ve been a fan of Poets for about 12 years and I’m a Christian. I’m sick of this rubbish; I really am. I keep Jesus in the centre of my heart and NOTHING will take him out of that place. Even if Poets sing about spiritual stuff and all this rubbish you’re drivelling on about, I know where I put my faith, and it’s strong enough to not let the music of one band destroy it.

    If people have to question their faith through what they listen to, then maybe their faith isn’t that strong to begin with. Think on that.


    1. If your faith is so strong, then why this anger? That we put God above everything doesn’t man that we should Allow everything in our life. Your anger is strange for a Christian.


      1. I could be judgemental like you and say you’re strange for a Christian as well! Being a Christian doesn’t stop me thinking you take this too far and over analyse things and write absolute stupidity.


      2. Why do you feel so easily attacked? You always get angry, when someone doesn’t agree with your choices? Not everyone is a fan of Trump and also has a lot of justified criticism on him (as you could have read, I don’t think that Hillary or any other politician is any better).

        Please stop justifying all that Trump does, because you have decided to vote for him. You are still allowed to have a critical eye on him.

        God bless you!


  4. I can see now why so many people label Christians as judgemental. You instantly comment on my ‘anger’ and judge my faith based on it. You seem to be like so many others; oh so pious, but instantly begin questioning others’ faith when their opinions don’t sit right with yours. Being judgemental is ‘strange’ for a Christian as well.


    1. I am not judging you. You react on my post and I just react to it. And on top of it, you decide to launch “attacks” on me, on more than one post. In this world people will always critize Christians, no matter how good we are doing it. But know that we are not here to please people, but to life our life according to God’s will. Don’t get agitated by me.


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