Bible study ‘Gospel of Mark’ – Chapter 15

The Gospel of Mark

Bible study ‘Gospel of Mark’ – Chapter 15

Dear brothers and sisters,

Thank you for reading this new blog on the Gospel of Mark. Today we will be talking about chapter 15. In this chapter the following stories are told by Mark:

  • Jesus before Pilate
  • The soldiers mock Jesus
  • The Crucifixion
  • The death of Jesus
  • The burial of Jesus

Before reading this Bible study I ask you to pray God for guidance, wisdom and insight while reading the chapter and this Bible study. Secondly, please read this chapter fully from the Bible.

Jesus before Pilate

In the previous chapter we read how the Pharisees judged Jesus, but here we see that their might is very limited. They had to go the Roman ruler (Pilate) to get Jesus sentenced to death. When Jesus is before Pilate (alone) we see a very good character trade from Jesus of which I believe we should also act like. When Pilate confronts Jesus with the question: “Are you king of the Jews”? He only answered: “Yes, it is as you say”. When he confronts Jesus with the fact that they brought more accusations on Jesus, He just kept silent. I believe that God wants us to be careful when talking (thinking on what we will say and not just talk, just because someone is asking us to react to (false) accusations). And you see that Pilate was amazed on His reaction.

Then Pilate took Jesus before the crowd and he felt that only because of envy of the Pharisees that He was brought to him. So Pilate tried to get Him released by stating that every Easter one prisoner is released and He asked the crowd to choose between Jesus and Barabbas. And here we again see how wicked the Pharisees had become, by setting the people up against Jesus to get Him convicted. He let Him being flogged. Here we see how people that allow fear to cloud their actions knowing that Jesus is innocent, but still let pressure of others to make the wrong decisions. Never place you reliance on other, but only on God! 

The soldiers mock Jesus

This is for me one of the most painful parts of the Bible. After He was convicted and would be crucified, the soldiers brought Him the palace and called together all the soldiers. They gave him a robe and put a crown from thorns on Him (which cut into Him). Then they began mocking Him and spitting on Him. After this humiliation they send Him to be crucified.

The Crucifixion

On the road to Golgotha (Place of Skulls) Jesus was helped by a man called Simon. Just like the woman that anointed Jesus, also this man is given a high honor. Also this man helped Jesus and forever He will be remembered in the Bible. This is also with all we do for the Kingdom of God. If we do it without receiving and to be humble and to help others, then God will remember this! On the cross he first rejected wine with myrrh, which He refused. He could have taken it and probably His pain would have been less, but He choose to die for our sins without wine or something else influence Him. Jesus really showed amazing love to us, to do this for us. On the cross the insults just went on, seeing that we as humans can be very hard. We need to live close to God to not live according to the world, but according to the word of God! 

The death of Jesus

At a sudden moment when the pain was the highest, Jesus asked God: God, why have you forsaken me?” Again this shows how much Jesus did for us to die for our sins, so we by grace could go to heaven. The pain He had to endure was too much, but still He did it for us, because He loves us very much! We can only try and repay Him to live according to His word.

After this He gave His last breath and the curtain on the temple torn in to two. Then the centurion standing at the cross also could do nothing else then to proclaim that Jesus is surely the Son of God! Amen!

The burial of Jesus

Joseph of Arimethea was a wealthy man, but after hearing of the death of Jesus he immediately went to Pilate to claim the body of Jesus to give Him a proper burial. He gave His own grave to have Jesus being buried there. PIlate first informed with the centurion if indeed Jesus was dead, before releasing Him to Joseph. This is a very important part, because here Jesus was also pronounced dead by a third party (both the centurion as the Roman leader of that region). Now we don’t only have the word of His followers, but also from others, which makes the claim that Jesus died on the cross only so much stronger.


God bless you!



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