Behind the music – Sound of silence

Behind the music

Behind the music – Sound of silence

Dear brothers and sisters,

This is the first blog on the satanic influence on secular music. As I said I have always been listening to secular music and also enjoying it. But with all the information God has been showing me, it becomes more and more difficult for me to listen to it. This song I used to love in the past, but a few years ago I was teaching a Bible study class and a few weeks long we were watching and talking about a Christian sermon series by Craig E. Lewis called “The truth behind hip-hop”. During that time God brought this song on my heart.

And when analyzing it, I was really shocked how the devil can lure us with a seemingly beautiful and innocent song. This are the lyrics:

Hello darkness, my old friend (1);
I’ve come to talk with you again (2).
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping(3),
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains within the sound of silence (4).

In restless dreams I walked alone (5),
Narrow streets of cobblestone.
‘Neath the halo of a street lamp,
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light (6)
That split the night, and touched the sound of silence.

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more.
People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People writing songs that voices never shared (7).
And no one dared disturb the sound of silence.

“Fools,” said I, “You do not know (8)
Silence like a cancer grows.
Hear my words that I might teach you,
Take my arms that I might lead you.”
But my words like silent raindrops fell,
And echoed in the wells of silence.(8)

And the people bowed and prayed (9)
To the neon god they made.(9)
And the sign flashed out its warning,
In the words that it was forming.
And the sign said, “The words of the prophets
are written on the subway walls (10)
And tenement halls, and whispered in the sounds of silence.”

My view


This song is from the album “Wednesday 3AM”.


Why mention the album? Well because of the 3AM part? Why that exact time? Well because 3am is commonly referred to as the devils hour or witching hour. 3 am is the exact opposite of 3pm the hour that Jesus is considered to have died at the cross. At this hour also demons (in all their shapes) are considered to be the most strong). So why choose this very particular time in the name of your album?


When we go to the lyrics of the song we come across some very particular and disturbing things (see references in lyrics above with the explanations below):

  1. The song starts with greeting their old friend, Darkness. Darkness or better prince of Darkness is of course Satan. So they begin the song with greeting satan.
  2. They admit that they talk with satan frequently (something that when looking into that matter you will come across very much with secular artists). Why talk with the devil so much? My assumption is that he is the one from which they get inspiration (at the end I will shortly talk more about why satan would do this).
  3. Satan gives them a vision that is supposed to be creep silently and in our sleep? Why? because if you would feed certain messages that are put in song very openly we would not so easily let them in our heart and mind (but with a catchy song we are more then willing to sing any curse an artist has put in his or her song).
  4. As we can read that vision is meant to have a lasting effect on us. When you will me getting more into this subject you will see how much of these visions are put in songs (so this actually tells exactly what the devil has planned with secular music).
  5. A restless dream? When we are dreaming blessed by God then they will never be restless. Usually we will refer to them as nightmares. The only one that loves us to be restless is certainly not God (He wants peace for us), but it is the devil.
  6. The eyes are creepily enough stabbed by a neon sign. What is with this neon sign. When we read a little lower in the lyrics, we see that it refers the neon God we made. So this is not a song about God, but about the devil (of course the devil will be busy in a restless dream) and what he has planned for us (in which he will fail of course. Thank you God!).
  7. This part is very interested, because the devil will inspire artist to write songs that voices (us) never shared. The most popular songs are always influenced by satan (this will become very clear along the way in my blogs about “Behind the music”. Also this songs mentions that no one dares to disturb this sound of silence? Why wouldn’t we? Because of the satanic influence. But rest assured God is more powerful!
  8. This whole part of the song was the most important reason not to listen to this song again. Here the devil gets very arrogant and calls us ‘fools, that do not know’. What don’t we know? Well what the devil is doing through the music industry (and also the movie industry). The devil uses songs that put very cancerous things to influence us and get us to reject God. So the more we will listen, the more we allow that cancer of the devil to grow. The devil goes on to let us know that he will teach us and will lead us … so he wants to make very sure that will do exactly the plans he has for us (and the devils plans are always devastating for our life’s).
  9. Why is the devil doing all of this? Because he wants that we don’t bow down and pray to God, but to the neon god we made (and that is of course: the devil). So the devil very openly tells in this song what he is doing through music, that is why I choose to share this song with you first).
  10. The words of the prophet? In the subway? Well first of all which prophet? This is no prophet we will know from the Bible and considering the satanic nature of these lyrics it must be a false prophet / a prophet from the devil. Also why in the subway? In that dark place? God will bring His word to us in the open not some where in the dark. Because God is light!

Hope that you now are more aware of the influence of this song and its lyrics.

Inspiration in music

Why would the devil use music and give artists their inspiration? Well because it is even scientifically proved that music is the only thing that when listened influences both sides of the brain. And this is a very unique thing, so it is also a powerful thing.

But why did the devil choose music? Very simply, before the devil was sent out of heaven he was an archangel. And what was his “job”? The devil was the archangel of music. So this means he knows like the best what he can do with it.

When reading on the subject of demonic influences you can easily find examples of artist even stating that they have inspiration from an entity: Beyonce (with Sasha Fierce), Nicky Minaj (see tells in interview that something is with her and does “naughty” things she would do herself), Carlos Santana and many more.

I pray that this blog on “behind the music” will be an eye-opener for all of you and also that God gives you the insight and strength to no longer be influenced this way by the devil. Also that He gives all of us the strength to not listen to music of which the artists or the lyrics are very cleary satanic.

I understand that it can be difficult to realize that that favorite song you always listen is satanically influenced and that it is better to stop listening. I also have gone through (and sometimes still go through it) this. A good example is Hotel California by the Eagles. In my next blog I will be analyzing this song.

God bless you all!

Update 5 August 2017

In the last few months this song got some new interest due to the band Disturbed. I keep on urging you not to let the beautiful sound and feeling let you be kept away from really analyzing the song.

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24 thoughts on “Behind the music – Sound of silence

  1. I am a teenager who loved this song but I never listened to the lyrics closely until today, and I was disturbed by what I heard. i typed into Google “is the sound of silence demonic” and found this. i know music is one of the biggest influences on my life so I will be checking this blog frequently. Thanks.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I also loved to listen to this song and thought it was very beautiful, but when God gave it on my heart to investigate music and its demonic influence I also was very disturbed by the lyrics. The devil really uses music to influence us with his bad plans. I am happy that my blog reached you in this way. I will continue to analyze songs to inform (through the Holy Spirit of course) others of the real message in songs. God bless you!

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    2. God bless you for reading my blog. This song was also one of my favorites until the Lord gave it on my heart to investigate music and its demonic messages and I was also really disturbed by the real message the devil is giving through songs.

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  2. I heard this song on Facebook this morning as listened to the words the Holy Spirit spoke to me . Go find out what it is all about ? He lead me to this sight and reading your answer I found it very disturbing . People don’t Realise That the devil is very real he will use anything to get people to worship him . I believe his time is very short . Jesus is coming soon . Come Lord Jesus . God Bless you .

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    1. Hi Tami, I am happy to read how God guides us to each other to help each other out. I also was shocked what this song was actually about, when God gave it on my heart to investigate. We should always be aware of what we are watching and/or listening, because along the way I have become shocked more than once with what is being taught in these songs.

      God bless you too!

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      1. You have two things wrong in your analysis of Stairway.
        One, it was not written at Pages home, but at Bron Yaur cottage.
        Second, the Mayqueen is a reference to an oak tree worshiped by pagans during the spring and fall solstice.

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  3. Dear William, thank you very much for your comments and God bless. I will do some additional research on this. This shows that it is very good as Christians to discuss matters with each other to grow and learn from each other.

    The second comment comes to show even more that songs contain a lot of satanic references as I consider paganism also as satanic. Because if it is not God that is worshipped than it is the devil that people are worshipping even they might think it is not.

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  4. I chanced on the version of the band, DISTURBED, when he sang it in the Conan TV show, via YouTube. I loved the version & wanted to ask my singer son to learn it so he can sing it. (See DISTURBED band & you will understand). But the Holy Spirit prompted me to study the lyrics first. Hoping it had a “Godly” message – as sometimes seeming rock bands are true Christian bands – I searched for the record version of the song by Disturbed with the official MTV. It was truly disturbing! So I googled to verify if the message was Satanic. I love the way it was sang but then it really pays to eliminate such devil-inspired music from your playlist. Thanks for your blog. May God continue to work through you.

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  5. I, myself love this song, particularly the 2015 cover by heavy-metal group, Disturbed…I would like to mention something for good Christian people that sometimes miss the deeper point behind things…this comes from one of the lessons at my (soon-to-be) ex-wife’s Wed church group…the lady mentioned something I think to be significant here, to wit: read the Bible, satan was known as the angel of light, originally the most beautiful and favored angel in all of Heaven, second only to God in power and authority…but specifically, what the lady in church said was that…the creatures of darkness came first, light was created FROM darkness, I personally believe God even now still loves the evil one and wishes it could be as it was in the beginning, nonetheless he knows in his wisdom those things are past and can never be again…but do you think in your simplistic black & white view of life that is, frankly, two-dimensional, that it is easy to defeat something that loves or cares of nothing (perhaps not even itself)…perfection, by it’s very nature creates flaws (witness various aspects of the diamond’s properties), but I believe that a set of carefully created imperfections, arranged and balanced amongst themselves, can be a perfection in their ability to adapt to changing circumstances and environments…NOTHING is black & white, or gray, it is an extraordinary tapestry of colors, shapes, factions, families, dimensions, and all the extraordinary things which stem from God’s creation…do you not know that satan rules not, truly, even in Hell…all the universe comes under the many incredible facets of God’s omnipotent authority & power, the struggle throughout time is to be the achievement & restoration of God’s authority throughout ALL creation…but do any of you “good” Christian people even understand how difficult it is to fight something that cares of NOTHING?…for I say this: power is only unlimited when the wielder loves nothing, power is ALWAYS limited when you love something else more than yourself, for that which you love, perhaps less powerful & therefore less able to protect itself requires consideration before acting against that which only lusts for absolute power, with NO consideration for anything else…I, for one, would enjoy the fellowship of church, but I, based on long experience, see through things all too easily, and I cannot bear to be judged and looked won upon by people, so many of whom are lost in the surety of being the righteous ones, and the egomania of believing that so many others are condemned…I don’t know the Bible chapter & verse…but I know it says: “all fall short of the glory of God”…but I see no glory & honor in the transpirations of this world…I do not feel welcome, truly welcome at any of the many churches I have been to…just as one must read the Bible with an open mind to the urging of the Spirit, I suggest you read and re-read the lyrics to this song, for you’ve completely missed what the true meaning of this song is, but then, there are so many who fail to understand the pragmatism of God, and thence, how He is able to know all things SO easily…remember, too, that the Bible says: “be not dismayed, for I am your God (and you are My children)”…the evil one is hardly the ONLY one who struggles over power…a man working on his doctoral thesis in theology that I ran into at Waffle House told me: as long as people believe that everything bad that happens stems from some remote unseen source of evil, rather than that most bad things that happen can be traced to SOMEBODY’S bad choices or choices, then nothing will EVER change…I assure you, life is NOT meant to be the endless repetition of the same stories for eternity, whilst the businessmen make their lucre all the while…but I digress, gdAM (pls try to see God’s sense of humor amongst the tribulations of life & history)

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    1. I agree with you that bad things that happen can always be traced by actions of ourselves or other people. You do however negate the fact that the devil is continiously busy to disturb our life’s. But again I do agree that we cannot put blame on the devil trying his evil thing. If we sin, than somewhere we made a choice to sin.

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  6. You have turned the meaning of the song completely out of proportion.. really too bad when all the good people start seeing the devil in everything.. it creates aversion and hate and seperation between all sons of god..
    No one is helped by this..
    The singer of the song starts like everyone in this world and sees darkness here and there and comes to talk to him again.. the rest of the TOTAL song is a warning to stop praying to the neon god because too many people are hypnotised by the tv and neon advertising and propaganda that u and i are shoved down our throghts all the time. They are trying to spread peace but no one hears them..
    When u see a soul in hands of devil do not seperate from them but shine the light of the lord upon them.. is it so hard to see what os inside the bible.. jesus asked for forgivness to those who naild him to the cross not separation..
    We will not be saved unless we shall understand this.

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    1. God bless you for your comments regarding this song. I believe it is a mistake to underestimate the level to which satanism has infiltrated the music industry. I know they appear to be quiet singers, that are singing for peace. But it doesn’t have to be tough looking criminal types that are the ones that do wicked things. If you do research on Jefferson Starship, then you will find interviews of them letting everyone know that the goal with their music was to destroy all Christian values in families and to break families up. Would you have thought this to come from a band that made the song “We built this city”? I didn’t, but it is a fact. With Simon & Garfunkel it is the seem to me.

      Furthermore, I agree with you that we need forgiveness to be saved. But the more I grow in faith, I also see that we should stop sugar coating the truth. If people reject something, because they don’t like how it is brought, than it will be hard for those persons to be saved.

      Thanks again for you comments, they are highly appreciated.

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      1. I agree with joop. God can use unholy people to spread a message.
        The song is first describing an obviously evil scenario, that the singer also believes is evil. He calls them fools because the talk without speaking (text, email,) and heard without listening, because no one dared to break the silence. The silence is commanded by the neon light (television, computers, phones). How often are we in the same room as loved ones, for hours, and don’t say a word to each other because we are glued to the TV or phone or computer, video games (neon gods that we have made).
        They write songs that aren’t shared. How sad. And the singer calls them fools and tries to teach them. But no one would listen.
        I believe God may have used S&G to warn us, even if they weren’t aware.
        So while I agree with what you’re doing, I disagree with your analysis of this song. I used to be a big hard rock fan, but when I started walking with the Lord it no longer fit into my life. I took the safe route and cut it all out and don’t miss it. I also cut out radio altogether, reduced tv to almost nothing and same with phone. I cut out the neon god that I created. Those are all idols.
        Also, I would double check your claim about music being the only thing that affects both sides of the brain unless I misunderstood . I think almost everything takes both sides. When reading, for example, One side for doing the reading and understanding and the other side for putting pictures together of what your reading. TV actually shuts off one side, which is why patients with traumatic brain injuries are told to watch tv. It shuts it down and it can heal quicker.
        Lastly, could you site your source for the claim that lucifer was responsible for music? I know lucifer means light, or angel of light.

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      2. HI, God bless you for entering in the discussion on this song. First of all, I agree with you that God can, will and already has used non-believers to reach us or help us in our lifes. However, when it comes to music (secular) I don’t believe that Simon & Garfunkel were used for this purpose. If you read more into this subject (and watch documentaries) you will see the considerable information/proof there is available of demonic presence in secular music. And that bands / singers willingly have a satanic agenda with there music. In the case of Simon and Garfunkel they call the album 3AM which is commonly known as the witches hour. Why make a reference to such a demonic moment? They could have used any moment of the day and they “randomly” choose this one? Also, yes musicians can use there songs to also sing against things that are wrong with society (Hotel California is also said to be a complaint about society, however anaylyzing that song and the band you will see that it is a demonic song.

        My claim about music using both sides is not my claim. It was also referred to it by Craig E. Lewis (responsible for the truth behind hip hop-series) and he referred to the scientific research … I will look it up for you when I have some more time). When it comes on the role of Lucifer as the angel of music, you can easily find information on the web. For one:


  7. I found this post extremely enlightening. I was a devoted Simon & Garfunkel fan as a girl. “The Sound of Silence” was among my favorite songs. It spoke to the darkness I was experiencing in the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse. While music often allows for a range of interpretation, you have uncovered another layer of meaning entirely. Thank you for sharing your insight.

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    1. Hi Anna, God bless you. Thank you for your comment and I feel blessed that God let me write this post as it did not only open my eyes, but also by others.

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  8. Love your a Christian public school music teacher, I have so many times brought lyrics to my classes and in doing so attempted to educate them in their listening.
    In my mind, I have gone back and forth with sound of silence. I find I want to listen to it with a different I zero in on the words
    Restless dreams..lost people
    Cobblestone.. biblical days
    Halo streetlamp rest for weary
    Light split the night
    Warning of the neon sign
    Hear my words
    Take my arms. Jesus
    I also see where you are coming from. Just an idea to ponder ☺

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  9. Thank you for this awesome lyrical breakdown. My eyes have recently been opened, yet it still never ceases to amaze me when I find satanic references in songs that were, in this instance, played for me as a child by my parents. Somehow this song jumped back to the Forefront of my Consciousness tonight, and after reciting the very first line in my head, I immediately recognized the reference. After wading through a dozen or so entirely Clueless and ignorant analyses of these lyrics, I came across your blog. Great job and thanks again.

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