Bible study ‘Gospel of Mark’ – Chapter 2 (part 1)


Dear brothers and sisters,

Thank you and God bless you for reading this weeks Bible study on Mark. We are now in the first part of the study on Mark 2 (NIV).

This week I will talk about:

  • Mark 2:1-12 (NIV) called: Jesus heals a paralytic
  • Mark 2:12-17 (NIV) called: The calling of Levi

Jesus heals a paralytic

Jesus has come back to Capernaum and a big crowd has gathered, so big that there was no room for new people to get close to Jesus. But then we are introduced to a paralytic man and his friends … it was so crowded so that they had no way to bring their friend to Jesus to let Him pray for their friend. But instead of giving up, they found a way to lower him through the roof so he came in Jesus pressence and immediately Jesus lets him know that his sins are forgiven. This story shows how important it is never let anything from the world let become God/Jesus and yourself. If you stay focussed on God/Jesus He will always forgive you, heal you and bless you!

While Jesus was doing His good ministery, there were also a few teachers of the law that were not so happy with Jesus, because they saw Him as a blasphemer because only God can forgive. Jesus immediately shows that He is indeed the Son of God by confronting them with their own thoughts! Wow! We should also be aware that we have not secrets for God so we should always trust Him and share everything with Him! He asks the teachers: what is easier telling Him that his sins are forgiven or say to the paralytic stand up and walk! And to affirm that He is really the Son of God He commands the paralytic to do so and he does! How wonderful is God/Jesus that he can do everything. We should always be careful not to trust God when He promises us something like healing us or blessing us with a prosperous life!

The calling of Levi

A while later Jesus meets a tax collector, called Levi, and He asks Levi to follow HIm and he does. In this story Jesus shows that He didn’t come to earth just to be there for the ones already being Christians. He goes to the house of Levi and joins Him and a lot of other sinners with dinners. Now the Pharissees complain how Jesus can join a bunch of tax collectors and sinners. And then Jesus rebukes them by saying:

“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

For us this is also very important. Let us not only surround ourselves with fellow Christians, but also that we go out in the world and be spending time with non-Christians. God wants us to spread his Word and make it possible for others to also find faith and become Christians. I believe that God will not like it if all the time we only spent time with Christians and don’t take any effort to bring His word to unbelievers.

God bless you!!


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